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Fist and Glove

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Number of Players: 4
Balance: Balanced
Difficulty: Hard

After much warfare, you, a great lord of the north have been ousted, and you now escape to the wilds of the south. The winter was long and harsh, but you have held fast and settled your manor house in your vast new kingdom. With the last frost you sent your trusted cartographer and a group of scouts abroad to survey and map the land. Now it is May. Lush grasses have returned and the fig trees are once again green. The bounty your new land holds exceeds your wildest expectations, and so you have decided to hold a May celebration feast while you await your royal cartographer's return. As luck would have it a wandering troubadour is passing through. You request him at your celebration and he performs a poetic song of a valiant king and a strange troubled kingdom.......

"Sing for us a song befitting of our good fortune and the tidings this land has yet to hold, good minstrel," you say as the feast continues.
"Very well Sire", he replies, with a strange smile and a knowing look in his eyes, "good fortune must be can be fleeting."

"My lords and ladies, a tale of a King;
And deeds of bold and chivalrous things.
In war he was daring
His sword was most feared;
Yet fair and wise his countenance endeared.
For in peace his wondrous kingdom grew;
Yet his envious neighbors, they did not eschew.
They saw the great kingdom and bounty therein;
And sought for themselves his fief to attain.
Unbounded and jealous their ranks they did send;
United in purpose to plunderous ends.
Valliant he fought against scurrilous kin;
But alas, together proved too strong for him.
He and his cohorts escaped in defeat;
Never again to set foot in his keep.

In exile he fled to the wilds of the land;
To start anew in the regions of sand.
Where the lions and camels do roam atop high;
A great mountain was there where the cliffs reach the sky.

But Frigid was winter
It's grip would cling to thee;
But the tidings of spring not far there would be.
For spring brought great rains, and water did flow;
The figs bloomed anew, and the grasses did grow.

And little he knew that far from above;
his land was by form in the shape of a glove.
And betwixt the fingers of such gauntlet's splay;
Strangers awaited, in the grasses they lay.
Not kind, or fair these callous brutes be;
Among themselves even they'd quarrel with thee.
For the greatest of bounties was not in the hills;
or vales or dells or watery stills.
Nor grassy glades or copses of figs;
Tis the palm of the hand where the true bounty is.
For They sought after quarries of iron and stone;
To rule it themselves.
To rule it alone.

They plotted and schemed, readied horses and men;
But the king knew them not, not yet until then.
Till his messenger came, riding frantic with haste;
Wounded with arrow and bloody in face.

In dying he uttered with last of his breath;
To his liege, a warning foreboding of death -
‘We're beset on all sides by foes mad and dire;’
‘They covet the land your rule has acquired.’

Forthwith from his hand, he showed the great king;
a map of the land and of foes time would bring.
With that he departed to the great blessed realm;
In the Lord's keeping, his duty done well.

The king now was brooding, he had to prepare;
‘Again must we fight! To arms!’ he did yell!
‘Fist and glove’
‘Tooth and nail;’
‘War we must wage, this time we prevail!’

And now Lords and Ladies, I must take my leave;
I imploringly ask for this moment's reprieve.
Whose victory I shan't say which that war so did rend;
I leave it to you
To conclude this tale's end.”

The manor hall was silent. No more was there merriment and the clamor of voices. After a few moments you break the silence, "Minstrel....I wonder....just where did you hear this....story."
Just then someone from beyond the room yelled "Make way!" The hall's doors burst forth, and guards carried a wounded man to the table. An arrow's shaft had pierced his chest, and a wound on his head had left his face covered in blood. He was your cartographer!

"I'm the only one left....had to ride", he uttered, "Sire....there are three other kingdoms, and people....all hostile"
"And the land...the mountain...peculiar.."
He uttered a few stuttering breaths, and finally died, his body falling limp as a piece of parchment fell from his hands. You bend down to pick it up, and a cold feeling in bottom of your stomach grips you like iron when you realize the blood flecked paper is a map. There's locations of rivers, hills, vales, and yes, the mountain in the middle is shaped like a hand.

You quickly look back to where the troubadour was standing. He's nowhere to be found.


Woohoo, finished my latest maps, quite possibly my most detailed yet.

the first is a high resource entitled 'Fist and Glove'. What you just read above is the story behind this one. It's primarily a multiplayer map, and I imagine it's an intense one. You're one of four lords located in one of the "splays" of the mountain gauntlet. You might notice I've marked this map as balanced, and heres why:

The terrain is unbalanced, so I offset the resources to balance the gameplay. The two outside keeps have more trees, grassland, and room to build. The two inside keeps however, have much more stone and iron at the ready near their keeps. Then ofcourse there's the "palm of the hand where the true bounty is", hint hint.

If you want computer AI skirmishes, try the other map, a five player high resource entitled "Tooth and Nail". This one is marked unbalanced and you have the option of being the king on the gauntlet mountain. Keep placement, resources, and terrain lend to a better skirmish game. No 'castle craming' showed on my tests (although it barely showed up on the other map anyways.)

FUN FACT: The gauntlet shaped mountain in the game is the exact shape of my own left hand, and it's scaled to 1:1200 life size!

So how do I know this?.......

To make the gauntlet shaped mountain was simple: I first traced my hand on an 8" by 8" piece of paper that had a diamond shaped grid. I then made an identicle grid on the in-game 400x400 map, and superimposed the tracing. Each diamond of the game grid is 50 x 50. Each of those 50 squares looks to be about 2 feet in the game. That means for 1 inch of paper space, theres 1200 inches of ingame space! Cool eh?



AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
lollard97367 Extremely Cool Design and college level written work!!! Well done. Will download and rate.


[Edited on 05/14/06 @ 04:39 PM]

Lord Ursus Interesting...
lollard97367 I played and shared this map on gamespy with in two games. People liked it, some comments on how you did it. Good map.
File Author
Thanks for such immediate play-testing for this map Lollard. I don't have the means to test this online, so again, it's much appreciated! If you have any suggestions for making this map better, please don't hesitate.

Duc Camembert wow look very good i'll download and rate....
dethrone666 alright for a map i guess. but i must say your stories are much stronger than your maps. looks like cartoon though...

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