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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Hello again! Note that this map has been updated! 25 July

There are alot of things that was originally planned for Rome that I used here. For example, the elaborate stockpile design, and also to play as red.

It's only an eyecandy map but it will maybe become an invasion map, or economic map.
For now, enjoy this freebuild.
If you haven't, check out Rome!

For pictures, look here,2636,,10


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MS13 I personally think that sometimes just designing a map without planning it is a good idea, and may result in good maps.

Ill download it, good God i have my final psychology exam in 12 hours, will i play it? can i resist?

MS13 Hey dougleass,
Turns out i couldnt resist playing :(,
Heres a review :)

Playability: 2
The map is already completed and theres nothing much to do, i just admired the map for a bit and then i quit, nothing intresting, no events at all, i played the map for around 10 minutes and then i got bored.

Balance: 3
Its a freebuild so i dunno what to write here much. You should have left some space though for players to build somethign if they want, personally i was running reallllllly low on food, and there was no place to build additional buildings to stop that problem.

Creativity: 3
Hmmm, looks a loooooooot like your Rome map, the roads and everything, which is not a bad thing, but just not new. Also the idea of a river running through the castle i saw it somewhere else, its in this new castle called Hardenbourg. The docks, people did it before, but urs look like a nice addition. So nothing new, except the big stockpile place which is really impressive, not enough for a 4 though.

Map Design: 5
The map is great. What i like about your landscapes is that theyre not really messy and not really plain like mine. I like how its mixed and looks realllly neat. I like these types of maps, yeah, so map looks really really neat and just beautiful.

Story/Instructions: 3
I dunno really, theres no story at all. I know its a freebuild, but u should have made up a story somehow, just anything.

Additional Comments:
The map is really good, however not good for freebuild, itl be better as an invasion. and u said ur making an invasion version, that will greatly boost the score, if and only if you make good scenarion, and place some archers on those lonely towers, they really look useless, archers would make them look like guarding positions. Also write a good story for the invasion version, that will be great, im sure u will though, ur rome instructions were amazing.
Dont forget to balance the food part for the invasion version, running out of food is annoying and theres so many things built that you wouldnt know what to demolish and where to place new things.
Increase troops, thats a must for an invasion, unless you plan on delaying invasions and allowing the player to create their own army which is a good army, i personally like training my own army.

OH, its really funny that you called it happytown (i see those dungeons and burning stakes, hahahaha) just kiddin.
I think thats about it, im sure this map will be a much better map as an invasion, freebuilds tend to be empty for players to build 'freely'.

P.S U GOTTA teach me the lower wall trick, i tried it, im terrible at it. Apparently ur king of the lowered walls!!!!!

I hope i helped!
Good luck!!!!
lollard97367 This looks like another hit from Douglass. Will download and rate. Check out my new map coming out

Thanegioth Archipelago

Coming soon

[Edited on 05/16/06 @ 12:04 AM]

File Author
Thanks for the review. Though, you seem to score creativity only on whats new and whats not. Creativity is also how the designer used the map editor, and whether he was creative....or not.

I think I remember WD complaining about that, when I rated his Helms Deep map as a newb, hehe. But what I just said is just as important as if theres something new with the map. For example, WD commented in his creativity scoring for Rome, how I used a midieval tool kit to make a Roman map.

[Edited on 05/16/06 @ 04:15 AM]

Mananana Playability: 4
As it is just a freebuild, there is nothing to say. Fun to play.

Balance: 4

Creativity: 5
This map is exploding with creativity! The stockpile is an eye opener, without doubt. The castle has, as you say - a very majestic feeling, or look. And the towers connected to the castle have a cool design.

Map Design: 5
Extremely nice/cozy/realistic midieval town, and the inside of the walls is not the only part made perfectly, but the outside as well. As MS13 said, the fields are not too messy. And nor too plain.

Story/Instructions: 2
Well...there's nothing. Except for minor instructions. Hopefully your invasion map of which you speak of will have a story.

Additional Comments:
A very sound map from the uprising map designer Dougleass. I'm definately not new to SH, but this is my second review... and I give both my reviews to you.

[Edited on 05/16/06 @ 02:19 PM]

MS13 To tell you the truth i spent a lot of time thinking about creativity and i knew you were gonna comment on it. So tell u what, ill play the map again and judge on creativity again, its just that i like seeing new stuff and thats wht i think is creative, u can never run out of new things.
Jasper Tudor Playability: 3
The map played quite well, but since everything was pre-built, there really wasn't much to do. And the replayability was a 1, which is sad, as the most enjoying thing about a freebuild should be that you can play it a great number of ways. Although I guess this was more of an eye-candy map (or completely an eye-candy map?), so I'll judge from that.

Balance: 3
As mentioned before, there wasn't much to do. The map proved in no way to be a challenge. The only challenge as I found out was to create an army large enough to conquer the city.

Creativity: 4
Very nice use of the lowered-walls trick. The stockpile arrangement was fantastic!

Map Design: 3
City - 2
Landscape - 4
(equals 3)

The city wasn't too impressive, IMO. There was a lot of lowered walls and other eye-candy, although I've never been a fan of that at all, in fact I try to avoid such things. And I have difficulties to accept the surrealism of the town. In reality, it would be impossible to run an economy in a town designed like that. Also, I've always disliked towers at the inside of walls.
The landscape however, was really nice. The mountains were pehaps a bit flat, but showed a nice level of detail, and the fields were awesome!

Story/Instructions: 3
Not much of a storyline really. A short description of the city and it's history would be good.
I'll rate this a 3 nontheless, as this is an eye-candy map after all.

Additional Comments:
Overall, a quite good eye-candy map, but give more room for the freebuild next time. Long live natural eye-candy.
File Author
Thanks for the reviews! The map was never meant to be a really playable map... Just an eyecandy... or really a timekiller (for me) o.o
Just consider it a second Dreamcastle. If you haven't seen that one yet, you should.
Though, I think the map turned out descent, and i'm going to use it in a invasion. There will definately be some adjustments to it.
Just one question, what do you mean with that it would impossible to run an economy in a town like this?

Anyways, I am seriously considering to make a campaign, and if so - this one will probably be the last map. Of course there will be a better economy as the food is a little scarce, and also changes in the map design and a story. And of course, more maps. Probably a 3 or 4 map campaign. Not sure about the idea just yet though...


[Edited on 05/16/06 @ 10:37 AM]

Jasper Tudor Well, I mostly reffered to the layout of the town. For example, a big block with gardens and fountains in the middle of everything isn't the most useful solution.
Towns and cities were (and are) constructed in much more complicated ways than it may seem to the viewer. But then again, Stronghold doesn't even feature half of the labours that appeared in medeival towns (shoemakers, potters, cooper etc.).
Anyway, as you're swedish, you could take a look at "Gamla Stan"/Stockholm here in Sweden. If you're interested in going deep with it, there's tons of litterature about it =P
File Author
Well i'm actually not so interested in going deep with it, but I have been in 'gamla stan' once.
And as you said, Stronghold isn't really capable of making it exactly as it is in rl.
And it's supposed to be a fairly rich town too, so fountains and gardens aren't too un realistic is it?
In either case, I was actually trying to make a sort of fantasy city feeling to it. So maybe I should find it a compiment that you saw it was slightly surrealistic? ;)
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