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The Garden of Eden

Author File Description
Lord Jackob
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Number of Players: 4
Balance: Unbalanced
During the 10th century AD, a city, Tra'naagh, or the Light of the Sun, as it was called by the locals, was blooming on the shores of the river Hadi. Hadi blessed them with good soils and fresh water full of fish. The habitants, Tranians were well-known traders and craftsmen. They were in good terms with the other civilizations, with trade caravans transporting spices, silk, wine and luxuries between various major settlements.

Over time the size and power of the city grew, threatening the glorious West and mighty East. That is why the armies of the other empires marched day and night to lay siege on Tra'naagh. Alas, that was the time when the Tranians showed that they were not only good traders, but also fierce combatants. The siege lasted for five years. Foolishly, the leaders of the attacking armies sent their troops to certain death, for the dark clouds in the sky were nothing else than the arrows of the brave Tranians, raining death on the assaulters. It is said that twenty thousand men met their doom on the first night of the siege and the river Hadi itself turned red with blood.

Finally, the armies that first seemed to be endless, surrendered to the power of the Tranians, for they saw that no man on this earth could defeat them. Intoxicated by their power and victory, the Tranians started conquering neighboring territories. And then, overnight...

...the city turned to rubbles.

No one knew why and how. Most of it had just disappeared, only the ruins of the city centre had preserved. And the once so brave Tranians were lost too with no sign of them. Only a few items of clothing and children's toys were found on the streets.

An entire civilization disappeared... How?

There were many theories. Some said that an earthquake had destroyed the city, others said that the Hadi had flooded it. There were many people who believed that God had destroyed the city to punish the habitants who had grown greedy and violent.

There was one incident, however. It took place months after Tra'naagh vanished, in a village not far from the former city. A man in worn clothes appeared. He had long gray hair and wrinkled face. Despite his looks he was barely fifty years old. He had with him only a rusty dagger. When the villagers asked him where was he from and who was he, he did not say anything but his name, Darius. A kind woman named Anne let him sleep in her house, because the man had no money to get a room in the inn.

One day he was sitting and watching children playing outside the village. Suddelny a lion appeared from the bushes and stared at the children. It was hungry and the children did not know about the danger they were in. Darius shouted, but the children were too busy playing that they did not notice. He started to run down the hill, pulling out the dagger on the run. When he reached the playground, the lion was going to attack. Darius told the kids to run to the village and charged the lion with his dagger. The lion attacked too, pushing the man on the ground. Quickly, he forced the dagger into the beasts neck. It roared in pain and pulled back, breaking the rusty blade. The man was severly wounded too, but he had enough strength left to pick up a large stone and throw it at the predator, killing it. The villagers had gotten there too, and admired the bravery of Darius. He was carried to the village, for he was bleeding. Unfortunately, the healers were unable to do anything to save his life. He was going to die soon.

As Darius spent the last hour of his life in Anne’s hut, he started mumbling, waking up the woman. She listened him talking about Tra’naagh and then muttering about Tranians... he was a Tranian too! He talked about the war and how scattered armies of the East and West stayed in the valley... The sins and greed of his people had cost them their lives as one day the ground opened up and swallowed the city and Tranians, confining them into the fiery depth of earth. He was the only one to escape and has wandered around ever since... He had however redeemed his sins by saving the children and now he could die in peace. As he said that, he closed his eyes and never opened them again. In the morning his body was gone, no one knew how or where. Anne, schocked, did not tell anyone what dying Darius had told him...

Over time people forgot the city and its habitants.

Centuries later, crusaders, lords of Europe reached the place, but they did not care about the ruins, they needed the fertile land for buiding a castle. From there they could march foward to Jerusalem.


You are one of these lords, battling the Arabians and corrupt Europeans to gain control over the valley. You must either win, or die trying.


Finally finished my first map! Best suited for 2 vs 2 play, with the teams on the opposite banks of thr river. The players in the north have more land and resources available to them, but also more routes lead to their castles. The ruins provide the players in the west with the main stone supply. Good teamwork is necessary to win on this one. I hope you enjoy and please, let me know what you think!

oO Lord Jackob Oo
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
surajsubba looks like a good map.....
William Tell Wow!
Its such a nice map, really cool ;).
This is for me the second most beautiful map I have seen!
Good job making it, continue making this kinda maps :). very beautiful, nothnig else to say.
Sir William
Lord Jackob
File Author
Thanks for the great feedback! I have a few more maps in production, I will be posting them soon.
Lord Jackob
File Author
Uh... could anyone review it? :D
William Tell sorry, I'm not good in giving numbers to maps :p

[Edited on 07/06/06 @ 06:43 AM]

Lord Jackob
File Author
I meant the numeral score... if you did that, I am sorry for my impatience, but I just can't see it
Map Design4.0
Playability: 2
i though this map would be great to play... turns out it sucked. the Ai's on the bottom just seemed to resign or just die off.. and the keeps are placed at corners where ai's just dont seem to finish thier fortifications and they strike out.

Balance: 3
balance was alright .,sorta.

Creativity: 5
Well this map sure looks cool

Map Design: 4
not a bad job. actually quite nice.

Story/Instructions: 4
actually i didn't even bother to read the story... i dont read stories....

Additional Comments:
i must say i am pretty dissapointed with the playability of the map........
Lord Jackob
File Author
Sorry to hear that. Actually I meant this map to be played against other people, not against the AI. I tried it against a few friends and we had a lot of fun with it. When making it I wanted to make players to use their skills with limited space. In many mp games I haven't had a good experience with players who make an impregnable castle and undestroyable army. With this map they have to make the most out of the space to get the best possible defence and economy system. Plus, teamplay doesn't work so well with AI. Players were meant to support each other.

Still thanks for the review, I'll try to make my future maps more AI friendly.

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Map Design4.0
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