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Author File Description
Pat Dark Knight
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
March 1180:

You have just recently entered the newly conquered town, Akola. You have moved all your troops towards the next town to assist in the next siege, believing that troops will frighten the town’s occupants. Obviously some of its men are happy to change from an Arabian controlled town, to a more European control, but some other are opposed to your arrival and conquer.

Some of them have left the town, hiding in the forest, and word is that they are starting to plan attacks against you and your men, if not to reconquer, to disrupt and corrupt the town’s development. There is not question that they will try to hit hard, and not give up too easily.

Your troops that you have already sent are too far to send back for reinforcement, which you feel you will eventually need. You are on your own, in a town where no one can be trusted, and resources needed are scarce. You will obviously need to try to work with these untrusted folks to save yourself, and them.

Although the odds are against you, some of the town’s occupants are ready to give their strength and soul to save the town. You must rebuild the town, create an army to defend it, and keep the moral high for you to survive the next years.

Your troops that you have ordered out have also their own problems. They are running out of food and need something to keep their moral fairly high. This is what they demand in the next 10 years:

81 bread
20 ale

In addition to this, your advisor has passed to work to you that you should obtain at all cost the percentage of religion at 50% in order to assimilate more than half of the town folks. The men have also warned that an uprising will surely happen if you become too cruel with them.

Your men can smell desperation and defeat whilst you try to hide it from them. Hours will seem as days, but work takes longer than expected. Can you survive the cutthroat town where nothing is to win, and everything is to lose?

Good Gaming,
Pat Dark Knight
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Dark NeRo I have downloaded the map but from the minimap i can see that there are many places on the map with no detailed landscaping. If you will improve this many more people will download the map
Pat Dark Knight
File Author
Ok thanks Dark Nero, what do you think I should put there?

Pat Dark Knight
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4.5
(A nice map with a solid concept. Challenging and fun to play)

Balance: 4.5
(Quite challenging. Exspecially the increasing invasions while the run down economy keeps you buisy. I do not fully understand why this map was rated "easy". This is not something for a beginner. Or are there any obvious tricks that slipped my attention ?)

Creativity: 5
(I like how the story fits the map )

Map Design: 4
(I like the village and I was impressed by the mountainscapes. What belittled the rating a little was that there are large gaps left unedited on the map. Perhaps some stones, cactuses, etc? )

Story/Instructions: 4
(See above. A good, solid shortstory)

Additional Comments:

A solid concept well implemented.
In every case worth the download and the playtime. I enjoyed playing it!

[Edited on 07/08/06 @ 05:54 AM]

Pat Dark Knight
File Author
Thanks Runetek for the review. I rated it 'easy' because I playtested it, and thought it good enough challenging, but I eventually found the way around it, and I didnt consider myself very good in these types of maps. Ill upgrade it to medium.

And your statement :'By no means worth the download and the playtime'. In which way do mean? not worth downloading, or other?

Pat Dark Knight
lollard97367 well im downloading and playing this tonight. By no means worth the time? wrong, pat makes good maps.
Runetek Oh I´m sorry, I think I used the wrong vocabulary. What I meant was something like "in every case" as we would say it.
That still happens to me sometimes :-)

Error corrected :-)
...wicked language thingy....

[Edited on 07/08/06 @ 05:55 AM]

Dark NeRo
"Ok thanks Dark Nero, what do you think I should put there?"

maybe you will add some other ground, a river or more farmland and a bit vegetation. BUt from your good review i can see that others dont think so, but my opinion is that you might add the things i mentioned before

Pat Dark Knight
File Author
lol Runetek. thanks, its just that you said it wasnt the time, but was fun to play - :S but yea I just wanted to check. and thx lollard for helping lol :)

But I'm really looking into adding stuff at the blank spaces in my map. I guess making it a 400x400 map is too big, but its too late to change it, since i dont want to lose some of my stuff in the corners. On the forum, all the suggestions I've had, was to add mountains, but I didnt know how to make it blend into it. So Runetek and DarkNero both say that I should put some vegetation/cactuses and watnot, and stones. Do you really think I should add another river? If so, I'll consider it.

But thanks a bunch for the review and the comments!!

Pat Dark Knight
Dark NeRo i think it isnt necessary to put in a river but a lot of the minimap looks empty. And this room might be filled in with sth for a better look. If you want i can change some terraining in the map i downloaded and sent it to you to show you what i mean
Pat Dark Knight
File Author
That would be great, if you're willing to do that. Thanks alot!

Pat Dark Knight
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Map Design4.5
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