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Desert lords

Author File Description
Lord Michael I
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Number of Players: 4
Balance: Unbalanced
Difficulty: Normal
You are sitting on your improvised throne, inside your newly built stone keep, in a newly found land, rich in resources, trees, and some grassland, it is a lonely desert, so you were sent by your king to conquer the land and add it to his kingdom. A river streaming down the lands enriches the lands and gives it fertility. It’s an oasis. You are thinking how to settle, build some farms, maypoles, everything to make the view prettier than it is already.

While you are thinking on how to expand your newly found territory, a peasant enters running to your keep, tired and panting, he
takes some seconds to take some air, and hardly says:
-M’ lord, m’ lord! , I… I… was taking a walk, you know, to loosen a bit…and then… then…I saw this caravan… I got closer to see the banner…and…they are…enemies, m’ lord, enemies!
-Thank you for your news, John, go and take some rest, and say to the others that they can not go beyond the river, it would be dangerous-You say to the peasant.
A little time later, another peasant comes streaming into your keep, while you are thinking on how to deal the problem.
-M’ lord! I found two more caravans arriving and settling in these zones!
-But, how did you see them if I ordered that nobody could go beyond the river?
-I didn’t go further from the river, m’ lord. I went to the northern lands of the river, and I saw them, they are allied, but, not our allies.
Astound by the news, you say:
-Thank you for your news, go and take some extra food from the granary, and remember, do not go beyond the river.
-Thank you m’ lord, but, how are we going to get out of this, my liege?
-I don’t know, tom.

After the peasant leaves, you start to think on how to deal the problems, maybe, diplomatically? If you go and talk to them, you can get to an agreement and divide the lands. But, there were clear orders by your king, he wanted the whole territory. So, you decide to send your king a letter.
My liege, I have arrived to claim your new territory, but, three enemy lords, two allied, have arrived today, also to claim these lands, I request your advice on how to deal this problem.

A day later your king responds with this letter:
These enemy lords were not expected, thus, I order you not to deal diplomatically with them, I do not expect only a part of these resource-rich lands, since, if all is in my possession, we can have a greater economical power. I give you permission to use military forces to take out the other lords, have luck on your task.

You start pondering on how to take your enemies out, you think:
Two are allied! , how am I supposed to eliminate them if I don’t even have an armoury built? And, if the other one allies to them too, disposed to get rid of me?
On night you can not sleep, thinking the enemies are already at his keep, and trying to kill him, you are afraid, you think hardly on how to take this task.

It is your job to take out the enemies, by war, and claim this rich territory to your king. Good luck.

This is the first map I "Seriously" make, so, comments are welcome.
If you want to play as the story tells, the two northern lords are allied, the south-eastern one is playing alone, as you are playing alone.
Good gaming.
I updated the map, minor adjusments.
-Added some scrubs, and mixed different types of soils to give a better appearance to the map.
-Added some desert shrubs and cactus.
I have updated the map again, this update includes:
-Moved the north-eastern keep a bit to allow a the AI's with large castles to run the castle correctly.
-Added a bit more plants to give a better appearance to the map.
The keep in the south-west part of the map is made for you to be there, don't expect AI's with big castles running correctly there.
-Added a readme file.
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
M1i2K3k4O Um... I don't wanna be rude (trust me I don't) but the map looks kinda plain. If you meant for this to be a "lonely desert" then at least add some of the earth and stones land tool or little bits of thin shrubs here and there.
Lord Michael I
File Author
Yeah once I saw the minimap I also said tha terrain was a bit... plain.
I already made a new version, the terrain is a bit more "rugged", I added various types of soils to make it look better in the minimap, also added some cactus, a few because I reached the sprite limits of trees, so I am not allowed to make much.
Thank you for your comment.

The new minimap is on.
That's the best I can do on landscap in 15 minutes :)
Just a tiny bit of cactus, the sprite numbers didn't allow me to do much.

[Edited on 07/08/06 @ 11:53 AM]

h1_longbowman ummm......lord Michael, i think the top right keep is placed a little too much to the corner..this might affect the playability
Lord Michael I
File Author
I'm not sure, I playtested it twice, once with the pig and another time with the caliph in that area.
Maybe if you choose the wolf it may bring problems.
I think I'll move it a bit and update the map.
Thanks for the advice.
Lord Michael I
File Author
You were right, longbowman, the wolf and saladin have problems in that area.
Moved the keep a bit, playtested and thw olf neither saladin have problems.
Thanks for the advice.
BTW, a nice rating would be accepted.
M1i2K3k4O The map still looks plain... Add more! It's just a bunch of sand...

Just kidding! Hahaha.:D:):P It looks real good now! Like really good! Downloading now.

[Edited on 07/08/06 @ 04:50 PM]

M1i2K3k4O Playability: 5
The playability was real good, you had and equal amount of space (kinda) and had to deal with what you had. You can attack different ways with teams or no teams. All good!

Balance: 5
As mentioned above, the resources you had were what you had. EX: some players had a lot of oasis but no boulders.

Creativity: 4
Map was creatively good. Just missing A BIT of that "flare" that I always look for.

Map Design: 4
Great map design, but like I said, missing the flare

Story/Instructions: 5
The story was long enough to get a 5. I enjoyed reading it!

Additional Comments:
I don't know if Im nice or anything but I really think this map's got that "potential" thingy. Great job, Lord Michael!
Lord Michael I
File Author
Playability: 5
The playability was real good, you had and equal amount of space (kinda) and had to deal with what you had. You can attack different ways with teams or no teams. All good!

Well, the only unbalanced space I see is where you are, in the story, I didn't want to put the river too much into the center, that way the river wouldn't do a decisive role here.

Thank you for you Ranking!!
dethrone666 Playability: 5
I like maps which provide an open space for keeps. Good playability.

Balance: 4
balance was good

Creativity: 4
This map looks a bit too ordinary. and mostly a bit empty.

Map Design: 3
it was ok

Story/Instructions: 5
nice i enjoyed it

Additional Comments:
alright for a map..good job

[Edited on 07/09/06 @ 05:09 PM]

Lord Michael I
File Author
"and mostly a bit empty."

Um..It's a desert, it's supposed to be empty.
Thanks for your rating!
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