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Dawn of a new order

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Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Hard
Dawn of a new order

- The Assassin Chronicles Part 5 –

Escaping the camp was not such a difficult matter. At least easier than getting in. You slipped into the armor you stole from one of the tents and escaped into the night just after alarm was risen. Someone had found the prince drowned in his beloved bathtub in his private tends. The golden one he would never travel without. Too bad he insisted on privacy at such bathing sessions and could not stand guards within five feet of his noble self. Well, a great tactician he was, relentless and cold, but no skilled fighter. And a bad diver it seems… too bad he could not hold his breath for longer than a minute…

Of course you knew these things. Information of all kinds of people had been gathered or bought from observers, servants or merchants over the years by the shadow people in case they might come in handy. Well, they did.

Until sunrise, the camp was more of a hive than of something square.
A headless giant unable to move without new orders from the caliph.
The ride back to the fortress took longer than usual.
Memories of the recent events haunted your memory like uninvited guests enter a house always lurking at the doorstep ready to set a foot into the door whenever you would open it.
In a certain distance you dismounted and hid between the mountains.

Well, here you were. You practically broke every law of the shadow people, dishonoured their traditions, disobeyed their orders and betrayed your comrades. You could not help but feeling guilty, like betraying your family. In fact the clan had been your family for a very long time.
Revenge was none of the shadow people. Yet you could not help that burning feeling deep inside you that made you tremble.
You had been used. Or better: abused. Something told you that the elders knew who your father was and still sent you to kill him.
A bitter taste in your mouth made you spit on the ground.
The elders would pay for it.

Well, practically you had no idea how to get into the fortress and somewhere near the elders.
Of course you knew the fortress like the back of your hand but some traps were changed daily and the guards changed their routes every hour.
Very careful they were. You needed a plan. Like going in, killing the elders, feeling fine, walking off into the sunset…
Or maybe something more cunning. Your only advantage was that the guards were not prepared to fight someone of their own.
Perhaps if you were quick enough you could ambush them and get away with it.
First you would need a way in…

Emptiness filled you as you stood by the flames, slowly, as the anger faded, you realised, what you had done.
The elders had had a secret meeting. Most likely they were deciding about your fate and how to dispose of you… how ironically.

They felt secure. As you entered the room, veiled, you bowed averting your eyes, like the rules of obedience demanded. A good tradition it was for your eyes would have given you away. One step, maybe two. You would have to be fast. Very fast. A sweet smell from the hookahs filled the air. The elders became silent as they noticed you. A messenger you could have been, or a guard. One of them waved you closer.
“Come closer. What ails you, child ?”
With a single motion you unveiled yourself. Never again you would wear a veil yourself and be one of them.
“You, if I am honest. You used me like a puppet!” No time to think forward, just moving intuitively, breathing.
Surprise was the last expression of the first elder who just let hear a gurgling sound before he sank to the floor. The others jumped up drawing their daggers. You knew that the blades were poisoned and a single scratch could be deadly so you had to avoid them carefully. The second and the third elder, however were too slow and went down before they could fully rise from their pillows.
Someone cried alarm. The hookahs fell from the small table as the remaining elders tied to lunge at you.
The burning coals set the carpet and finally the tent on fire. Everyone flinched from the flames blazing up. The heat just seemed to swallow you and just in time you managed to dodge an attack. The second however attacked from the back and threw himself at you so that you both went to the ground. The scabbard bored into the pillow next to your head and as your attacker tried to pull it out you kicked him so hard with your knees into the chest that he fell back, whining. The body crashed against the wooden tent pole and a creaking sound could be heard. Just as the burning tent collapsed, you managed to roll yourself sidewards to the exit and with a last effort just managed to regain foothold. You whirled round to see the big tent going down in flames. The cries from those trapped within nearly made you sink down. Behind you running steps were coming closer, everyone in the fortress came alerted by the fire and the cries but as the first had reached it, there as hardly more left than a burning something where the tent had stood. The cries had faded. You turned and prepared to go down fighting but everyone just stood there, stunned, staring.
All your comrades looked at you in silence. They had seen what you did but the elders were dead now. No one could undo that. And you had been one of them.
Revenge was nothing of the true way. Like you they had learned to foreswear revenge because it obfuscated the mind but unlike you they were born as shadow people like their fathers and grandfathers and did not feel like breaking the rules and disobeying the traditions.
They just did not know what to do now. Like puppets with their strings cut.
So you all stood in silence watching the flames fading slowly.
Finally one of your comrades stepped forward and spoke:
“Who will lead us now? Will the shadow people still prevail or shall we perish so that just the wind will know what we have been once?”
You shrugged. Actually you hadn´t thought that far. And it was none of your business anymore.
Another one of your former comrades stepped forward
“The strongest one shall lead us so that we will survive and still follow our traditions like our fathers and their fathers before. A change is needed. Always in time when there were great changes, we followed and suited. That is the way of the shadow people.”
Only as he bowed to you averting his eyes, you realised what exactly they had in mind.
Stunned you took a step back but the second bowed, and the third and before you could detain them, all of them bowed to you, their eyes averted like they had done to the elders before. The way of the Assassini was your fate, or so it seemed.

Alone you stood on a hill within the fortress and faced the mountainside.
A wind came up. A wind of changing it could be called. As the sun set behind the mountains you veiled yourself. The dawn would bring changes. A new order rising.
But first the night belonged to you and your people.

This is the last part of the Chronicles. Hope you enjoyed playing it.


Traps you remember in and around the fortress can be bypassed without harm. But beware since you have been away from the fortress for a while and are an uninvited guest other unseen traps are likely to be near those you know !

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God Avo In my army list it says that i've got 1 assassin, but I can't find it. Could you tell me where it is please :)
File Author
The Assassin is behind the small rock formation with a tree in the lower part of the screen the map starts with ;-)

[Edited on 07/21/06 @ 04:47 AM]

God Avo Well, I found him.. but here's the funny part :p I never really got past the first set of towers xD
Oh well, I liked the series.. not that I completed any of them lol
File Author
Well, perhaps you should search for another way in...;-)

I tried to make this series a challenge for the expierienced players. All parts are not straightforward but need a bit of planing. I suggest that before moving the assassin you first look how the guards move, where you can enter the keep, if there are any traps or Bowmen within reach...and then make a plan of where you will move.

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