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Final Rise: Chapter I : Lord's Revenge

Author File Description
Pat Dark Knight
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Hard
Final Rise: Chapter I: Lord's Revenge
Final Rise Video

You’ve just harshly woken up for yet another day of scouting. In the desert, it seems that only the nights - not even behind shadows of hills or rocks - you can keep cool. You can’t believe that it is already late in the morning, judging by the unrelentless heat and the smell of roasting cow and the unforgettable smell of a…

- “Put it out! Put it out! You know where not supposed too!” You yell jumping from the ground.

- “Hey Philips, calm down. It’s just for a quick meal. You know it’s been over a week that we haven’t been able to eat something cooked.”

You rub your eyes and focus more on what is over the crackling fire. It sure looks good though, you reason with yourself.

- “Besides, it’s not like it’s the middle of the night, with The Court’s gesters dancing all around with music playing, while we’re all laughing and singing…”

Your men start laughing, and you can’t stop yourself from smiling. These men take this task light-heartly, but you know they wouldn’t comprimise the task at hand for this mission.

Two months ago, a forward party of troops that were escorting your Lord and a few messengers to a far allies, were caught in an ambush 25 miles North-Est of the lands of your Lord. Tensions between the kingdom you call home and the one that, 2 months later, still have the prisoners captive, have not decreased and they have been threatening to kill all 37 of them plus your Lord in a matter of days.

- “Maybe they could help us by corrupting the inner lines?”

- “ That could happen, but lets not count on that” You tell them, clutching a chess piece in your fist. “They’ve been here for 2 months. We don’t know how fit they are”

Since the Lord has been taken away, his Son has been put on throne. Everyone says that he would make a nice Lord one day, when his Father passes away…

He has put you in charge of most of the troops in the castle, in a rescue effort to save the Lord. Now you were here, at the front, half a mile from all the other troops, planning a way to attack and free the prisoners. Killing the Lord isn’t planned for, but it would be a good bonus, you observe.

Suddenly John, you aid and spotter, freezes instantly, squinting into the blazing dunes towards the other castle.

- “Philips! Blimely – I can’t believe this. Look at that! They, they murdered! Almost all of them! They’re heads are on the walls. This is not good.”

You look too as good as you can. Unbelievable! Did they kill all the men? Did they kill you Lord? And just at the center gate, the biggest, straightest spike where rests your Lord’s head. Change of plans; killing the enemy lord is now your first priority.

- “John!” You yell, although he is right besides you. “John! Go get a runner and tell him to send the message to His Son.” No need to specify who’s son it was.

You start marching your way towards the backed troops, determined to make this work.

- “Philips, where you going? Are you sure it’s best to tell them all that He is dead?”

You turn back to John, fire blazing in your eyes

- “He is not dead! Death comes peacefully! He was murdered! We will fight in all our glory in the name of Him!”

Arrived at your troops, you quickly assemble them, and they all scury towards you. You tell them the news. Some kneel down, while other look towards the sky, to their mates, towards the slaughter castle, towards home.

You address the solemn crowd once more, before fitting up with your gear :” Those who are cowardly, who do not wish to pursue to avenge your Lord’s death; back away, and leave forever!". You tighten your grip on that King's chess piece even tighter. "We will fight in His name, for His Son, and for our Lord! We may not come back, and we will not surrender nor retreate before our job is do

~Update : 30/07/06~
I've made it abit harder by taking away a squad of archers and adding more units on the back walls of the castle. Time has also been reduced in order to make it abit more challenging. You can always ask me for the first one, which is abit easier if you want to play that one (is not included in the .zip file)

~Author's note : 03/08/06~
I'm finishing up working on Part 2, and I've had a few ideas that I would like to make part of, if anyone wants to know. Firstly, They will be episodes or chapter, not parts. I like the title Final Rise, so it will stay and such. Subnames will come i guess. And secondly, After episode/chapter 2 is completed, I'll start work on a video explaining the whole storyline. Well, its kinda like a theme song, and more (listening right now. its pretty good). If you played this map and saw the video (I've got it all planned out in my head), it wouldnt make sense, but the more you go thru the chapters, it'll make more sense. All I can say is that its a Coldplay song, but you probably didn't hear this song yet... Should be good.

~Author's note : 07/08/06~
Ok So I've finished working on the video. It's on the internet if anyone want to see it, and tell me what you think. here's the link :

~Author's note : 21/12/06~
The video hasn't been accessible for a while on rapidshare for a while. Only prenium members have access to everything. I'm trying to find a good file sharing site like that for free, of course. If anyone has any ideas please tell about them. My best choice is googleVideo for now :p

~Update : 12/02/07~
Fixed the link to the video. Feel free to add your comments about it, since it's another aspect that I'm planning to rework on.

Good Gaming,
Pat Dark Knight
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Lord Rushton
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4.5
Every thing working great but when i review its hard to get a 5 so 4.5 here

Balance: 5
After many tries i won the mission and with not many men left, to win you need plans

Creativity: 4
Higher then your everyday map and i liked the enemy's castle, it looked great but not fantasic

Map Design: 4
Like before the map isin't super but beyond normal

Story/Instructions: 5
Like allways he puts a story which is easy to understand and nice plot

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Map Design4.0
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