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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Number of Players: 8
Balance: Unbalanced
Difficulty: Hard

For years the southern county of Concord was the jewel of the kingdom. The once aptly named "Land of Orchards" was set amidst a lush valley in the middle of the arid countryside where a beautiful stream flowed, supplying the bountiful orchards there. Duke Longarm ruled those lands peacefully in those days, with you as his royal retainer.

But for fifteen years drought has ravaged the land. The stream has dried up to nothing but a single tiny oasis that shrinks with every year. With the desert encroaching, the once fertile valley is now reduced to a sterile, rock-strewn hardpan. Now nothing but cactus and a few stunted trees in the foothills can grow here. Having given up the Duke left last year, biding you come with him. But you, with an unwavering faith, stayed in the hopes that the rains would someday come back and renew the land.

"Here then", he said, as he handed you the deed to the estate, "If you must stay, I leave this all to you. The land is nothing but a shadow of its former glory, and I fear will only remain so." With that, he spat on the ground and muttering, "cursed desert", left with the last of his court and peasantry.

A year has passed and now even you must leave. There simply is no food left and the oasis will soon dry out completely. But as you sleep the night before departure, something strange happens.....

It isn't long after you've closed your eyes when you hear a distant 'thud' and a faint vibration in the earth. A moment later you hear another, then another, each time the sound seemingly nearer. The ground vibrates more and more until the earth is literally shaking, and the once distant thuds become crashing booms! Furniture topples, plates crash to the ground, and the building starts to cave in on itself. You race outside, narrowly escaping certain death. It is a moonless night and the only light afforded to you comes from two torches near your crumbled manor house door. As you look wildly about it's a struggle even to keep your balance, as every second there's a thunderous crash and a momentous earthquake. You look up, and in the torch's dim light you make out an enormous green heel hurtling towards the ground, making contact perhaps just forty feet away. The sound is deafening and the resulting collision shakes the earth so much your thrown completely into the air! You lose consciousness soon after you hit the ground, but in the few dazed seconds before you do, you swear you hear a booming voice, and the words were, "HO HO HO!"

When you come to the next morning the sun is already burning high above the horizon and your head is killing you. As you struggle to your feet, you can hardly believe whats happened, but when you see your manor house in ruins to your left you know this can't be a dream. That's when you notice the footprints. Huge footprints! Prints so huge, a wheat field could fit in the craters left by the big toes! When you walk to the edge of the nearest footprint you notice something equally strange. As you kneel down squinting at the ground, you see a few blades of grass growing quickly right before your very eyes! Soon the entire print is covered in a sparse, but healthy blanket of grass and weeds. "This is too good to be true", you think to yourself as you race to the remains of a nearby shed to retrieve some apple seeds. You sprinkle the seeds on the footprint and within the hour there are full grown apple trees with ripened fruit.

In the coming days you plant the rest of the footprint, producing the greatest crops you've ever seen; fields thick with wheat and hops, apples the size of chickens! And what's more, the food never seems to go bad. Soon word gets out of the great enchanted footprints, and Duke Longarm returns along with two of his allies. The deed was passed to you a year ago so your now Duke of the county, but you allow him and the others to stay. After all, there's plenty of foot prints to go around.

But four others have moved in also, and they intend to keep the land for themselves. Now both sides prepare for battle....


Another long story, and a silly one at that. Here's my latest map, an 8 player skirmish. I used a technique commonly refered to as "hades level" to mask the green of the footprints. Don't let their look fool you, you can grow anything in them (and yes, a wheat field can fit in every big toe!). The story suggests 4 on 4 battle, but ofcoarse, you can play it anyway you like. Close quarters fighting, should be good for multiplayer or computer AI.


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M1i2K3k4O Oooooh, that is sick! How long did you take to make it?
File Author
Hard to say M1, been dabbling on and off for the last three weekends on this one. I'd say a total of 4 hours on the map and 1 and a half for the story. Not very long when I consider some of the others I've done :)

[Edited on 07/22/06 @ 09:59 PM]

surajsubba Wow looks great !

I can tell that u're an experienced player. Almost all your maps are hard. This map's going to be quite a challenge, no farmlands available and keeps placed pretty close to one another.


[Edited on 07/25/06 @ 02:47 PM]

Hospitalier How did you make it so that farms can be placed in the footprints?
h1_longbowman What a battle!!!! My castle was constantly under attck..Will rate the map soon.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Great..! It even worked for some Ai's. well i dont play on a LAN, so i just play with/against AI's.

Balance: 5
Simply fantastic! iron + stone were placed on corners and edges makeing it even harder. Small portions of it was really a great idea. And oh! let's not forget 'bout the Miracle Farmlands.

Creativity: 5
The invisible farmlands were a really outstanding idea that fit perfectly with the story.i loved the whole idea. SOme farms could also be made on the Toe of the footprints. lol.very creative

Map Design: 5
Brilliant work. i liked the small oasis. a fine detail. great work. Of course it is a barren land n involves lots of work. Excellent design

Story/Instructions: 5
Was pretty long. i got a glimse of the words such as Drought, footprint, giant. Figured it myself. Pls dont mind...i dont read stories much.

Additional Comments:
A Brilliant idea captured on a map...n what a map...

[Edited on 07/27/06 @ 02:32 PM]

File Author
Wow, thankyou for the kind review, Longbowman. I really "pushed the envelope" with this one and was expecting mixed reviews. It's good to know people enjoy the unusual maps I'm creating these days.

For Hospitalier, and others who are wondering how I created the footprints, here's how:

1. Place a patch of ocean
2. Cover the patch with oasis grass

Yep, it's that easy. "Hades level" is a cool effect that can be used a lot of ways because the patch looks like earth but retains the properties of whatever you place over it. You can even make the appearance of flooded buildings and farms this way!
timeandahalf does ths map have invisible farms? i dont understand
File Author
yep, anything can grow in the footprints. I did it this way so its consistent with the story, which describes a flat barren land. Also, it was handy way to make the prints look like depressions in the sand without having to raise the land around them.
William Tell whaha!!! this is an originel map XD, very funny XD.
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Map Design5.0
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