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Fortune seeker VI

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
The 6th part of the campaing...

The story:
-Quick!To the towers!- Victor shouted
-Victor,I think I have a plan!
-We have no time for this marco!
-Snap out of it!It's the only our hope!
-allright...What's your plan?
-It's too much of them.we should send a false massage to stop the siege.
-Just like you did in the outpost eh?
-yeah...I think so...
-Look marco,I know that's a good Idea but... how should we do this?
-It's simple...We just need to kill the leaders...and the guard as well.
-Right.What do you want?
-I think 50 soldiers should do it.
-well eh... this is too much...We haven't got so much...
-Damn!Then give as much as you can!
-I don't have much... our main defence is archers....
-...,- Nothing to say for me.
-I'l give you my best infantry.It's not much so be carefull.There is many guards there.
-...,-Nothing to say again,-How should I do this!? there's more troops than I have!
-try to attack them from the back!
-Allright...I am on my way!-I said and left the castle.

We managed to attack them from their back.They were vanquished like bugs.
We crushed everybody exept two...
-They are runing!I will stop those two and you brake the siege!
-C'mon we can get out of here!-Roger said.
-Urgh,-The "Mage" cryed.
-What's with you?-Roger said.
-Arrow in the back!-I shouted.,-So it's you!I will kill you right here and right now!Just like the "Mage".
I Aimed and arrow left my bow...
And one more time...My hands are Bloody...

Good gaming - SinisterWing
All ratings and rewiews are wellcome.
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Pat Dark Knight I'll make you a deal. If u fix ur review on my map, Last Charge: Frontal Assault (, Ì'll review your map. Deal?

Pat Dark Knight
File Author
Deal :D
I think story should be a five right? :D
Pat Dark Knight
Map Design3.5
Playability: 4
No screw ups during the game. The invasions were good, and the last ones with the assassins wouldnt just put all the assassins to attack all at the same time. They'd send a dozen at a time, through-out the game in order to catch you off guard.

The only problem is that you have many archers, and they have many troops to attack with. The problem with this is that you can just move up all your archers from the back (that are idle while there are invasions) into the front walls to cause more damage. I was able to keep my casulties pretty good, which left me with lots of free archers to just pin-point and attack the yellows ('wolf'), to weken then and just send my pikemen and macemen.

But appart from that, nice use of invasions and catapults. And having buildilng out of your castle adds to the climax of defending your men even better.

Balance: 3.5
I thought that the balance, was -sumwhat OK-, but I would take out some of the archers on the tower in order to call it hard. Maybe medium? I know I'm not the best in crusaders, so when I can beat a map easily, i know that if i can beat it, more can.

Creativity: 4
It is a nice idea, to defend, then assassinate or kill all thats left. Good job.

Map Design: 3.5
Ok, thinking time with Pat Dark Knight! (i dont know what to call it, but ill give you an example - like a gameshow :p ull see): Imagine you had a pizza with cheese and sauce. Its good, right? And I know I'd eat it. But if you add peporonni, and green pepers or watever (bacon! maybe), the pizza gets more exciting and it seems that it has a better feel to it than -just- sauce and cheese.

So I see your map as sauce, cheese, and peporonni, u know? Everyone likes that, and they don't complain. But I want all the stuff:p, understand? Talk to DarkNero about adding texture and wat not at your map. He can take your map (as he has for mine) and turn it around. Add clobs of stone and cactuses and all that. It makes the map more worthwhile.

Its not to critisize, but more of constructive purpose. I see that you got real good maps done in crusaders for invasions, and i want them to get better. I've done lots of skrmishes and a few invasions now, and I can see the difference between those 2 in its map design, and let me tell you that in skirmishes, its alot less tough to get a good design. But invasions are tougher generally in its designing phase and so I believe that you should work abit more on that part.

Story/Instructions: 5
Good story, I like when theres dialogue. Good to see theres also an aftermath part, to read after the story. Good! :)

Additional Comments:
Good map. Make more and you'll get better (Im not saying this in a way that i feel superior to you. On the contrary, I am trying to get better in my maps, so I'm trying to get other people to do it at the same time). Its good to see maps with multiple objectives, such as defend then attack.

Pat Dark Knight
timeandahalf Great map!! Fun to play

I'm a generous man............So i'll rate the map .................................

Map design:5

Additional comments:5
God Avo At above post;
Try downloading the map and playing it next time ;)

I would say that this map is decent, not hardcore and not too easy, but I think that it would of been better if you had a few less archers and/or the invasions were larger ;)
For this to be labelled 'hard' it would have to imvolve some more strategic routes of play ;)
Overall a good map, I enjoyed the campaign up to this point ;)
File Author
thanks for your rewiews and coments :D
Actualy I have no Idea about next map :D
So I think I will upload some "OUT OF CAMPAING" maps :D

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Map Design3.5
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