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Downloads Home » Stronghold: Invasions » Lord of the Rings - The Siege of Minas Morgul by M1i2K3k4O

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Lord of the Rings - The Siege of Minas Morgul by M1i2K3k4O

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Impossible

Beginning Notes:

After days and days of endless playtesting by me and other kind-hearted people, I believe it's about time for it's release. If you've been active in the forums lately, you may have heard of this project. I have spent all my spare time trying to perfect this one heck of a map to its finest. And frankly, if you don't like it, well then at least I tried to make it enjoyable.

The map is mostly based on the playability issue but maybe about 2/5 or so is looks-based. You judge. But I needed this map to also fulfill the fun factor that human beings always desire. Sure, you can take in a good eye-candy, but nothing's better than a good old nervous feeling of losing and a bit of sweat drops around your armpits.

And now, presenting, my most recent map to date...

Relive the days of war. Relive the days of the battle between Good and Evil, Light and Shadow, Harmony and Agony. Relive...

Author's Notes

You will find a full story in the ZIP file including a History document. They are all in .pdf format. But first, to clear things up, you control the forces of the Orcs and the Nazgul, not the Men of the West. This map is definitely not a sit back battle where you just watch everything happen. You do that, you die. You must be quick and position all of your men to the walls at the beginning of the game. Slow down the game speed, if you have to. This is basically an evil imitation of Minas Tirith but with only one level to retreat to should you lose the outer level. Try to maintain it as long as you can. I designed this map to be a tough map with many people attacking you.

There are several groups of enemies aiming for you, three to be exact. They are The Forces of Gondor, The Rohirrim, and The Elves of Middle-Earth. I changed their color to the proper ones and changed yours to black. You must defeat all of them to stand triumphant.

Now, I move on to details about the map. I based Minas Morgul solely on the Minas Morgul you saw in "The Return of the King" when Frodo, Sam, and Gollum were overlooking it from the distance. Plus, I got some information on the inside of the castle from another game (BFME2). There are some slight changes I made to the castle, though. Take the outer walls, for example. They are very tall in the movie and the big "spikes" (or triangular towers) extending from the walls gradually rose up in height the more farther it went. In my map, they are flat because I needed to have some siege towers in the battle.

There are also some catapults on top of the upper spikes. But you will have to man them yourselves. I pre-placed some engineers for you right beside the siege engines. The reason for this is because there was a bug in which the catapults fired by themselves, wasting stone, and destroying the lower level. Make use of these vital keys to victory.

The other fictional part of Minas Morgul that I must point out is the keep. It was not in the movie but if I didn't put it, then of course the enemy won't attack.

Also, don't hesitate to make some more troops in the barracks. You have several weapons to make either macemen or archers but not enough gold to make all of them. Choose wisely: range or melee?


Minas Morgul comes with special sound files that I installed. When you unzip the file, you must, I repeat you must view the Readme before installing the sounds, because otherwise... bye-bye Stronghold Sounds.


I suggest you try this on Easy, first. Unless, of course, you consider yourself brave, then by all means, go ahead and go for very hard. But I guarantee you won't win.

ZIP Contents:

- Minas
- Minas Morgul Map View.jpg
- The Siege of Minas Morgul.pdf
- Dead City - The Real History.pdf
- Minas Morgul.png
- Minas Morgul Credits.txt
- Sound Files w/ Readme

By the way, I'm really sorry but the ZIP is 6 MB only because of the sound files. Do not download if you have a "cluttered" computer.


I will not post my usual screenshots, but instead, here's an aerial map (there's a bigger version in the ZIP). Take the screenies yourself:

Credited People:

I would like to offer a special thanks to the following people for their endless support and tremendous amount of help:

(listed in alphabetical order)
- brandonlavoie
- crazygungan
- Darkslave Master
- Dougleass
- Duc de Noisiel
- Lord Ako
- Lord Gandor
- Warlord_Designs
- younghappy

Before you comment on anything or rate the map, please comment about the difficulty, first. I am not too sure, even with the playtesting, but I think this map may be a tad too hard. Even though I meant for this map to be difficult, it might've crossed the line an inch or two.

Good gaming!


Check out my other maps:

The Assault on Longleg's Fortress:

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AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
you had good gameplay on this map but its a little too hard you barely have enough soldiers to kill them even if you send them all to the front wall

Balance: 4
quite balanced except the 10 to 1 odds of troops and they have swordsmen and pikemen i have macemen and archers

Creativity: 5
excellent map creativity

Map Design: 4
an almost perfect reconstruction of that map

Story/Instructions: 4
it has good info and story just its really long

Additional Comments:
Duc Timothy
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
This map is amazing, and superbly crafted. The only reason this is not a 5 is the glaring AI bugs I noticed, not once but twice! That really isn't your fault, but it did take just a little away from it.

Balance: 5
I know it can be beaten! I know it! I just can't do it above Easy level just yet. The fact that I have this feeling is more than enough reason to score a 5. It's that feeling that you lost, but if you had just tweaked your strategy here and there... if only... if only...!

Creativity: 5
I don't see too many Minas Morgul maps around here, do you? Pure originality.

Map Design: 5
Your exquisite attention to detail and "historical" (quoted since we ARE talking fiction ;) ) accuracy is compromised only by what is needed to make the game behave as needed. I salute you.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story is excellent, and obviously the much-needed instructions for the sound are clear, concise and... well, just what this scenario calls for, which says a lot.

Additional Comments: If you'll remember this line:

"A work is at it's greatest not when nothing can be added on, but rather, when nothing can be taken away."

This accurately describes your scenario. It is indeed a spectacular show, but I can't think of one thing that can be taken away without ruining the experience. And that shows that you didn't waste time with *unnecessary* flair, such as deliberate eye candy. (I'm probably insulting a few people saying that, but I would rather have eye-candy look natural than just "there") I truly appreciate that you made it look good without trying to "punch up" the area around it.

Of course, to say that you didn't take the time to lower the walls, raise them, or do other cool effects (like Cats on the walls) would be equally unfair. I know it's a real pain to do that just right.

In summary: I love this map. More maps like this on this site and I'll never need to go anywhere else.
Dragons Rider
Map Design5.0
Playability: 3
Yeah, you overstepped the line by an inch, then by another 10 metres! This is the weakest part of this map. It's darn near impossible to win. I've only won twice, once on normal and once on easy, after about 20 goes. They just simply swamp you, there is simply way too much going on. I found it very discouraging. The map is also kind of glitchy, although I think I worked out causes them. The Knights would just hang around, until you lost some men trying to kill them. They will only attack once you've got so and so many troops left or so and so troops leave a posistion. Although, its not completley bad. It's sometimes amusing to watch 10 macemen get trampled by 30 knights. Anyone who simply cannot win this map, here is a strategy that(sometimes) works. When the game begins, get a load of macemen and send them to the front walls. Delete all the bad things, since there is no point in keeping them and they make life very difficult for you. When the siege towers come up to the spires, get a couple, no more, to go down and destroy it before the army arrives. Once that is done, get archers concentrating in groups of 10 on single targets. This will weaken them alot more then just firing willy-nilly. The same goes for the crossbows. Concentrate fire on those attacking the gate. Ignore those that try to attack the walls. Have those not protcting the gate shooting ladders. The catapults should shoot in the vicinity of the blue engineers, which should eliminate some battering rams. When another siege tower comes, Send doen 12 macemen. 10 of them will fight off those trying to get up the tower while the other 2 destroy the tower. The gate invetibally be broken. Before it does delete some wall so you have stone in the stock pile. Use it to build stairs to the spires on the second level. Get all the archers up on it, raining down on them. This may or may no ensure victory.

Balance: 3
Again, just too hard to play with such odds. Outnumbered about 5 to 1, this map is junping off the deep end. The quantity and quality of their troops far suprassed yours. They had every type at their disposal, while you almost exclusively had macemne and archers.

Creativity: 5
A map in which you can finally play as the evil side! Horray! Not to mention its the only Minas Morgul out there. Very original idea, keep it up. Not to mention the special sound files.

Map Design: 5
I'm speechless in this degree. A lovely attention to detail with a very spooky atmosphere that feels dark and forboding. The moat looked great and the city was superb. Nothing I can say to this guy.

Story/Instructions: 5
A lovely story, with so much background information. Although the cede thing that someone mentioned, although I'm a devoted LOTR fan, I cant pick up the connection with the story. Can you help me out.

Additional Comments:
Great map!

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