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No Man's Land

Author File Description
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Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Hard
A collection of Journals from the battle of No Man’s land

July 3, 1078

John fletcher ( swordsman)
Early this morning the first batch of swordsmen advanced towards the enemy lines. I prayed silently for them as they disappeared into the morning fog. I’m in team 4, so me, and some other 20 swordsmen will head off towards the enemy after the three teams have gone before us. It is a hopeless mission, we all knew, but lord Crack-bone dismisses such talks and he’ll punish severely if anyone even mention the word “defeat”. Just two days ago scouts came back, panting and pale-faced, they describe 5 massive towers filled with archers and crossbow men and the brave ones who ventured further also spotted a large army of knights, swordsmen, pikesmen, and many other troops. Lord Crack-bone then decided to also build 5 towers to better support our troops when we go in. the scouts also reported finding thousands of killing pits scattered across the large patch of deserted, hilly land sitting between the two forests where both ours and the enemy’s troops laid.
After about half an hour into team one’s march, we heard something so horrible that many people decided to leave afterwards. It was screams, blood-curling screams of the first detachment of swordsmen, whatever happened to them unknown, but one thing is for sure, what ever they are experiencing is truly terrible beyond imaginations. I have to go now, my team leader is calling for our squad to form up. It’s almost our turn.

July 30, 1078
Timithy irons( Archer on tower)
The siege at the enemy’s camp has been unsuccessful so far, we have lost to many troops to be even counted and still Lord Crack-bone urges us to move on. I am so thankful to be taking a defensive position up on these towers, and I feel extremely sorry for the poor foot soldiers who go in the plains by dozens everyday and never make it out alive. From up here, I can see much further and from the observations I’ve made on the past days I’ve come to realize something. Our troops aren’t even reaching the enemy lines. Most of them are killed by killing pits and the ones that are left are picked off miserably by the archers on the towers. It was like watching a massacre, and I’m frustrated by Lord Crack-bone for his ignorance to the situation and his stubbornness for sending troops into suicidal missions. I heard rumors that some of the macemen are planning an assassination on the lord. Good for them.

Paul Crack-bone (knight)
The situation in the camp is getting desperate. Last night I was woken up by shouts and the sound of swords clashing together. When I got up, I was surprised to find that a number of swordsmen and macemen were attacking Lord Crack-bone. Of course I would have loved to join in and kill that pathetic man, but unfortunately he is my uncle and out of respect for my family I had to protect him. I managed to kill off all the swordsmen while uncle finished off the macemen. I was sent back to bed after a grumpy thanks from Lord Crack-bone. The next morning, that is, today, we receive word from an archer named Timithy Irons up on the towers that the enemy are finally moving in, so we all got ready real quick and stood in a line on the edge of the forest where we had a clear view of the enemy. It was both a magnificent and frightening sight, the enormous army of enemies slowly advanced, like waves at time of high tide, engulfing the sandy hills with a wave of yellow, moving armors. Lord Crack-bone emerged and told us to hold steady, his face pale and sweat is dripping down his forehead. I’ve never seen uncle this nervous before, even in the cruelest battles he had fought. That must mean that we are in a very desperate situation. God bless us and give us strength.

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
lollard97367 interesting format for the story, I will play this soon
dethrone666 very intersting story. Ur a very good story teller. But sorry the map looks dull.

File Author
yeah, i know, i didn't spend too much time on the map, but a lot of time on the story
Pat Dark Knight
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4.5
Works real well. You got all the right things so that the player wont run out of food, and has no wood to accually construct an economy. He also has money to buy guys and stuff. It's also good that you got the stockpile surrounded so that you can't expand your stockpile and get more stuff than needed. Good work, keeping the invasions comming.

Balance: 4
Balance is well, but the only thing is that your keep is surrounded by water, except for a tap hole. If u fill that with all your stone, and I mean all. You can pretty much just plant yourself in offence, since you huge wall is your sole defence. You'll never lose. (i just thought of that idea of the wall thing, but there might be others.

Creativity: 5
Obvious 5. Good idea. It makes me want to make one myself, but I've already got a 'no man's Land' out already - check skirmish.

Map Design: 3
Well, you said it yourself, its not your best map design. So i guess you know what to do? My main suggestion is to add rocks at the center in the moutains.. scatered, here and there...

Story/Instructions: 5
Nice story. Truly amazing!

Additional Comments:
Nice map. Keep me posted on your follow ups, and tell me if you need any help, or you want to make some togheter!

Pat Dark Knight
doomrocker Pretty Damn good

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Map Design3.0
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