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Final Rise: Chapter II: Simply undetectable

Author File Description
Pat Dark Knight
File Details
Map Size: 200x200 (Small)
Difficulty: Hard
Final Rise: Chapter II: Simply undetectable
Final Rise Video

Aftermath of Chapter I:

The battle has been tough. More than many have died. You seem the only one still standing as your hear your victory battle cry.

You feel extreme pain, at many places, for many reasons. Refusing aid for your wounds, you walk slowly towards the wall where John had spotted your Lord’s lifeless body. Holding your chess piece tighter every step you take, like it was your energy source, you finally make it to the top.

-‘He’s not here…’ you tell yourself.

-‘Neither is their Lord.’ One of the warriors informs you. He too is riddled with bruises and blood.

You figure that they must’ve taken Him away while that bullhorn of a Lord ran for His life. ‘Damn.’ You murmur to yourself.

Walking back towards the ground, you pass for a second time the spike where you all thought was where your Lord was suspected to be – dead. You focus on that spot. Yes, there is something, or someone there. But who? Your eyes come in and our of focus and then, as you gradually approach it, it comes clear to you. It’s a lion. A lion?! Dressed in robes. Then your Lord must be still alive!


Coming back to camp, there seems to be an endless stream of men; alive, injured, and then the dead. You bring your scriptor to dictate to you the counts.

-‘Injured; 240 men. Dead; 53 men.’ He starts.

-‘Is that from our side, or theirs?’ You ask him.

He informs you that it’s from theirs, which give you a sign of relief. Surely there must be less than that from our side.

-‘We have 180 men injured whilst 24 dead.’

-‘Anyone important we know that we have lost?’ You ask.

-‘John for one.’

You sink in a nearby chair. ‘Not John.’ You tell yourself. He was good to you and you were good to him. But without noticing your pain, he continued:

-‘And Sir Nicholas.’

You caught the accent on sir. Sir? Our Lord’s son? ‘Bring me to him!’ you yell at your scriptor.

-‘We can’t. He was captured.’

You seem frozen on the spot, unable to command your body to move. He wasn’t supposed to be here. He was to be at the castle. You had guards on him for this particular reason. We could not afford to lose both. They might be both OK, where they could be exchanged for other prisoners, but worst case scenario, they might both be dead.

-‘Where? Where were they heading!’

-‘Near the sea. It’s all we know.’ He snaps back as quickly as possible.

-‘That’s where we’re all heading. Tell the troops, and bring me assassins. I want them now!’ You yell at him.

He scurries off and a dozen moments later your requested assassins arrive, at your ready. You tell them:

‘Our Son is their prisoners. I want him back.’ With a few more details, you and all of your remaining troops head towards the sea, in hopes of finding any trace of Him.


As you arrive at a crossroad, you see a handful of bodies lying in the ground. Yet another sign of battle. It seems that a convoy was ambushed. You approach a man, badly slaughtered, and barely alive.

‘Son,’ you as him ‘where have they gone?’ You ask him

He was unable to talk, and sputtered blood. He pointed west towards a formation of rocks at sea. ‘They must’ve captured both Lords’ you tell your men. ‘That is where we will attack’.

So you bring your assassins up front and tell them: ‘You will all be alone in this one. We cannot do anything. I want you to go get that bullhorn of a King and our Son.’

‘What about our King?’ One asks.

‘Mind that later. This must be done before they can reinforce their ground. I also want you all to be undetectable so that no alarm will be given. I fear they might assassinate them if they see you trying to rescue him. So no one gets killed not on both sides. But if you must, kill the Lord. He might retaliate, so you might need to silence him. Understand?’

They all nod. Yes, it’s all good. So it’s a go.

‘Good Luck.’ You tell them, clutching that chess piece.

~Update : 12/02/07~
Just fixed the link to the Video on the top of the page. Should work now. Have fun!

Good Gaming,
Pat Dark Knight
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
count_crackbone really nice story telling man, i'll download it and play it.
Lord Rushton cool, i download in the morning and review it tommorow.
Pat Dark Knight
File Author
Thanks a bunch guys!

Pat Dark Knight
Duc Camembert hmmm looks interesting, will download and play. And review my new map, Waiting for Hero....
Lord Rushton except my review this week,
Pat Dark Knight
File Author
Duc Camembert, which map is it? I couldn't find it. I'd be glad to review it for you.

And Thanks Rushton

Pat Dark Knight
Duc Camembert i don't know . i submited it at the same time with my new skirmishes map, but it's not available, i tried to submit it again.........
Duc Camembert
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
I undertand and i retract it ^^

Balance: 5
I think this should be balance because I only have 3 assasins

Creativity: 5
wow nice job. Very creative

Map Design: 5
This map is small but it's nice!

Story/Instructions: 5
wow nice story. I like it.

Video: 5
wow nice video

Additional Comments:
most of them is good. But i still confused about how to win >.

[Edited on 08/10/06 @ 02:49 AM]

Pat Dark Knight
File Author
Wow Thanks for your review Duc Camembert. For the playability problem: You'll see in the events that there really is 2 ways of dying; if anyone of your troops die, or if you kill any of the Wolf's ( which are in black).

The point of the mission is to get back the Lord. He is in yellow (so the snake). If one unit from the Snake is killed (aka the 'Lord') you win.

I made the Lord stand right beside the gallows, as he was going to get executed.

I hope this clears things up, and possibly enough for a 5 (?) for playability, if im not asking for too much

Pat Dark Knight
lollard97367 hello pat dark knight

Im playing this map tonight. Watch for my new one, The Hatfield & McCoy feud coming out soon. I will rate this honestly and maybe you can rate my new one if you want?

update: The video didnt work for me. I got to the gallows on my first try.

[Edited on 08/10/06 @ 11:05 PM]

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