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Oceanside Manors

Author File Description
Lord Rabadash
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Number of Players: 2
Balance: Unbalanced
Difficulty: Hard
Oceanside Manors is a tale of 2 rival cities who live on the outskirt shores of a foreign country that no one has ever known. These two manors are constantly battling for space, resources, and revenge!

Will you lead your kingdom to victory? Or will you be left on the shores with only the seagulls to keep you company?
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
apuya24 Playability: 5
Very playable. Neither player or computer have any problem building . Well except for when the wolf builds his massive castle. But thats different.

Balance: 5
Well balanced. each player has a fair share of resources.

Creativity: 4
i gave this a four, because not a lot people make two-player maps, and this one manages to be a suitable "practice" against AIs, while still looking realistic, or not having the players too close together. However, there's still not much creativity here, ( at least not enough for a five ) except for the ocean.

Map Design: 4
The map was well worked on from what I could tell, and you seem to have a good attention to detail. Probably the only reason i took off a point, was either the map was too big, or the giant ocean was too bare. If you added more rocks, some seagulls, or either made the map smaller, the map would look good. You still did a good job though.

Story/Instructions: 5
Nothing much. A few lines are good enough for a five here, since it's a skirmish.

Additional Comments:

It's a great map, and you did a good job here.


[Edited on 08/09/06 @ 08:39 PM]

Pat Dark Knight Playability: 5
Works fine. No AI bugs up. Good job! It's great that if you want more grass, you gotta cut your way through the forest!

Balance: 5
Well balanced for an unbalanced map. I feel it hard to rate this an unbalanced map because you can't always check every square inch of the map if its euqal for everybody. Thats just wrong, balanced is if each player has a fair chance to win, economicaly, or by conquest. And I think they all do. So I say its a balanced map. But i must say that it is quite easier to make it a balanced map with only 2 keeps to take care of, as opposed to 8, but its no problem.

Creativity: 4
Cool idea to have 'outskirt shores' and stuff. Kinda like an island where they must fight to the death (its an island, so no way out - no boat in crusaders lol) Yea but the only thing was the big sea where you have very little. I would add stones, and i mean big piles of stones and trails of stones from the piles and seaguls. I would maybe even add a small island with a tree. Check other sea-maps to know what other people add to their seas.

Map Design: 3
I think that the creativity shows abit in the map design, and the map design shows in the creativity. I see an absence of stones, which to me seems to make the map (not the game) abit less 'fun'. The beach, as I see you've added it to the map, I would make it bigger, as it is a beach, and its all about the oceanside theme.

Story/Instructions: 5
Small story, but still filling. And its a skirmish. We've been discussing it in the forums, and my mind has been changed on how big the story/instructions should be. You fill in the players to tell them exactly what happens before they starts, and what not to do on how to win or not, as its not an invasion.

Additional Comments:
Good job, and even though 2-player maps are uncommon, they aren't unheard of. Good job again!

Pat Dark Knight
Duc Camembert Playability: 5
i like to play it, fun, and good AI

Balance: 5
It very balance between 2 player

Creativity: 5
nice creativity

Map Design: 4
a good design. What i think about the large sea is ok. But you can make it 300 x 300 but 400 x 400 is ok.... i think i like this 1 vs 1 map. This is one of greatest one vs one map (but another still more good >.< )

Story/Instructions: 4
good story

Additional Comments:
good job. create more, ok ^^
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
Playability was very good, it works for both AI and multiplayer. Good example of a "build up and siege" defensive map, where large fortifications can be built for multiplayers. At first I thought left keep would cram with the large AI castles, but only the corner gets cut off so gameplay isn't affected with AI's. Still, moving the keep just a little to the right will allow large castle builders such as the pig, wolf, and Saladin to include their entire castle.

Update: Wolf can build the entire thing. Nice.

Balance: 5
The resource balance is as good as it gets. Not too much or too little stone, and I like that there's so many trees. Expect lots of wood traps!

Creativity: 4 (previously 3)
The layout is original, but has the negative affect of off-setting the overall aesthetics and balance. Most maps don't make it where you have to clear a lot of trees to plant crops, I like that.

Update: Added some animals, schrubbs, and bogs, and beach. Better aesthetics. Nice.

Map Design: 4 (previously 3)
The upper part of the map is great - it definetely has an island feel, which is confirmed with the sequal map (which I really liked). The lower however, is just bland ocean. Adding some eyecandy might be nice, but since you'd have all your attention on the top during game play, I don't know what good that would be anyway.

Update: I was wrong, adding a little something in the ocean really did help. Thanks for moving the keep over too, and I like that you added a little more beachland, it helped balance the map better.

Story/Instructions: 4
You gave a required blurb on the premise and instructions. I enjoy stories though, and a good one gets a 5!

Additional Comments:
You make good island maps, keep it up!

[Edited on 08/18/06 @ 11:45 AM]

Lord Rabadash
File Author
Thnx Yasko, I'm on it right now. I will work out the kinks in this map and make it better and repost it.
Lord Rabadash
File Author
Ok Yasko! Its been updated! If u talk to Pat Dark Knight, tell him to check it out cuz He had some suggestions as well.

[Edited on 08/16/06 @ 09:45 AM]

Yasko Cool, Lord Radabash, I'm flattered that you've taken some of my suggestions to heart and modified your map. I'm always a fan of the eyecandy! Pat, he's saying he changed according to your review, too. I'll modify my rating...

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Map Design4.0
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