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Kingdom of Resene

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Number of Players: 6
Balance: Unbalanced
Difficulty: Hard
The story of Resene is a very violent and unpleasent one. It all began in the year of 1092, where a few resistance knights fleed Europe to escape all fighting possible. The three of them, Paul LeDux, Pierre Xavier, and Tristan Franck were well respected in their kingdom, as they did after all, fought and lived in the Civil War of 1088 in the villages of France. All of their friends and family were kiled, burned, kidnapped or also ran away. All "La Resistance", as they called themselves, had were their horses, some money, their weapons, and small rations of food....

After a month or two, hunger got to them. Tristan was the first to die, and his two friends buried him somewhere near what is now known Andorra, in Spain. Pierre passed only hours after Tristan, leaving Paul and 3 horses, two of which Paul lost one night. Then as a miracle, in today's east coast of Spain, Tristan found an Island that seemed to lead back to France, but more importantly, was filled with fruit tress and resources. He also saw a small village nearby, and went in. In Francesco, he went for an inn, and ordered lots of food, enough for him, and his last horse. He rented a room in the inn for a couple nights, until he could find transportation to the island.

When he went out into the village, he explored a bit. It wasn't much, but Paul knew that the town of Francesco was built on ale. Then, walking down the street he saw the most beautiful woman he ever saw. He approached and using his courstsy as a Knight, he talked her up and convinced her that she should join him. They stayed together for nights on end. Jean St-Croix, explained to Paul what a fench woman was doing here. She had also ran away, like Paul. Her whole family was murdered while she was out, taking a walk on the mountainside. The two planned to get married after they build a new town.

With help from the rather drunk villagers, they built a small raft to carry them to the island. Once the two of them got there, they walked deeper into the island, but not long after, they realized that they were back in France, after they saw some downed swordsmen with France's Coat-of-Arms on their armour. But further through the island's sand dunes, they wondered why were sand dunes in France? As they followed the crude path through, they saw a giant blood-stained banner on the ground the faintly read, "For Resene". Jean and Paul wondered what that meant, so they continued on. Paul drew out his sword, and Jean, who was a skilled archer, drew out her bow.

The walk seemed long and dreadful, as dead French soldiers littered the path, until the blood covered it. Then it hit them. They weren't in France anymore. They were in a new land. After they discussed whether they should continue, ear-piercing yells filled the hot air. They got on top of a dune and saw many things. Beaches, grass fields, castles and soldiers. Then a wounded French soldier came up to them. "'re...LeDux!" The man said. Paul replied, "What? Who are you? What the hell is going on? Why is-" There's a massive war," the man stopped Paul. "many different countries are trying to take this...'Resene'...we, the French, we had it first...then the bloody English came...not long after, Arabians were here...thousands are dying...I will go soon..." Jean noticed there was an arrow sticking out of the man's back. "Are you okay? Do you need help?" She said. The man answered, " not waste time on petite moi...go fight! Even if you two are the only ones left after we need Resene! Do it for France!" The man then slowly died. Paul, fighting back tears, whispered, "I'm not a frenchman anymore...but...I'm...a...Resenian now. Come on Jean. We can do this." Then the two proceeded to the bloody battlefield.

After many days, the commanding knights retreated from the land to their own lands, after they seemed to realize they were fighting for no reason, leaving the minor lords, lowly villagers, and battle-hardended soldiers. Paul and Jean though, scarred and hungry, began the only thing left to do. Eliminate all remaining forces.

How will history go from here? Will Paul and Jean build their army and win? Or will the French or English win? Or maybe the Arabians? It all rests in your hands. Resene is waiting...

My third map, I hope you like it! Further instructions are in-game. This map is not meant for beginners! Reviews and comments are welcome.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Duc Camembert
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
fun map

Balance: 3
good balance

Creativity: 5
good creativity

Map Design: 5
good design

Story/Instructions: 5
long and good story

Additional Comments:
on more good map, good job !

[Edited on 08/10/06 @ 03:46 AM]

Pat Dark Knight
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
Map works real well. Nice work. All the Ai's i worked with worked well.

Balance: 3
I'll tell you why i think this doesnt deserve a higher number; I felt that it really was unbalanced, but more than just that. I hada vision that everyone would have their essential ressources, but the ammount that each have would differ depending on where you start. I was playing at the lower-right corner and felt that i didnt have any grass, since I had to pass through a castle to get to it, and almost no iron, since it was right besides the river, where archers will just kill the peasents. I'm just seeing this from a point of view from a newer player who hasn't played as much crusaders. That was the big thing. Apart from that, good.

Creativity: 5
Cool idea to have an island and all. Nice concept. Lots of places to hide and move. Real cool!

Map Design: 4
I would have given a 4.5 here, really. Since theres almost no land untouched and it all fits real nicely. Just try to put the trees in less of clump all togheter and more abit everywhere.

Story/Instructions: 5
Always a good story. Its amazing how better this one is than the others ones found sometimes on invasions maps!

Additional Comments:
Good map. Lots of fun! Make more and be merry! lol

Pat Dark Knight
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
This map workks alright with Ai's. but i had a wee bit problem concerning the mines. Most AI's couldn't biuld mines or quarries on the map..I think u should update the map

Balance: 3
Sorry man...Like i said AI's are clueless. the it was a good idea to pop little bits of iron and stone in several places, i like that in a map, rather than clumping all resources into a single area.

Creativity: 4
nice concept of a map here. i enjoy playing island maps. Not totally related to crusaders but hey......originality right??

Map Design: 4
The map design was ok. I liked the high plateu thing u did. But i didn't place myself on it. Probably the Wolf?.Those mangonels can give u a hard time. U could add more details on the map to make it more interesting.

Story/Instructions: 5
A good solid story here. So an absolute 5!

Additional Comments:
THis goes out to just Duc Camenbert(or something)---------> Seriously.. A 5 for this map??? and a couple of 5's for LordR's silly maps??? dude! i beginning to think! umm.I agree with Lollard i'm skeptical too!

[Edited on 08/11/06 @ 04:04 AM]

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Map Design4.3
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