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Andora chapter 1 The Prologue

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Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Normal

Here you can download the first map in my campaign; The Prologue.
Here's a link to the sixth chapter which then you can get linked to every chapter of the campaign.

I hope you will enjoy this campaign, I have worked alot with it. You will be introduced to some names, and a language from a book I am writing (I'm a writer) I have constructed a language under a period of 4 years, and you will see some here.

Here is a map that shows Andora. Each dot represents a map in the campaign. Each time a map is released, yet another dot will glow blue and the name of the location will be revealed. In The Prologue, you will see Bavelock.

Screams. Death. Fire, smoke... I was stumbling across the dead bodies scattered through the city… and the city was dying itself.
Death had reached Bavelock… death in the form of an evil king; The Snake. Or Gadoa as he has been called lately by those who know what he is doing, and has done. Gadoa…means death, simply - on the blessed tongue, known as Methalas.
Another tower fell and crumbled to dust as another rock had smashed into it. Trebuchets were everywhere outside the walls. So were the armies... massive armies. The gate was breached… There was no hope left for Bavelock. It was one of the few cities that were still free from Gadoa’s grasp, but for no more… This was the battle for Bavelock…

Andora was a free land. For 300 years, it had not known war, but peace and harmony was over the lands, and alliances were formed.
That was until Gadoa came to these lands…

Those I wish to thank - for the whole campaign - are:
Lord Gandor
Jasper Tudor

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AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
lollard97367 ill think about it. Thanks

Look for my new map coming out today in crusader

The Hatfield & McCoy feud
the big T um, minimap?
File Author
Well since there's an in-game picture of the entire map I thought I didn't need a minimap.
surajsubba WOw!! You really present amazing features for your stories. Will download and rate soon.

File Author
Looking forward to that. I hope you enjoy the map.

The second map will be released tomorrow.
WarLord_Designs Well after I finally found some time I though I should begin your campaign, I havent been able to follow every instalment and have only downloaded them all now. I plan to review every one. So here it goes.

Playability: 4

A strange begining to campaign for me, maybe its becaus it was so hectic but I felt it had a rush feel to it as though everything was happening too quickly. It was odd not to have objectives though what you have to do is fairly obvious. The map played rather quickly and left a shor feel in the end. Moving troops about is all you have to do but is no easy task as the enemy rushes in from gaps in the walls, using the fire to burn the enemy is a must.

Balance: 4

Mixed feelings about this, its hard, but winable though it took me quite a few attempts to get the strategy to win. A mixture of drawing troops in, moving troops back and retreating to make a last stand took some time to get right and in the end I thought it was a bit hard, overall the amount of times I had to try it had an effect on the score.

Creativity: 4

I though that more could have been done in this area that had been, the armies stationed outside could have been on patrol to give a more lifelike feel and the sieges were pre planed. There isnt much time to prepare and the city is suddenly inflamed. The overall design of the city is a rather straight forward design, however glimses of creativity in the roads and building placement can be seen. I felt however the 'Happy Town' look was too abundant for my taste. I feel a litle diversity in layout and perhaps some custom towers could have been used.

Map Design: 4

The terrain in this map is not to abundant as the vast majority of the map s taken up by fortified city, I do like how you blended from high plane down to the low greens around the ciy walls. Perhaps there could have been a few more trees stones and shrubs used to make the ground a little more interesting, overall a good solid design.

Story/Instructions: 5

Stroy gives an opening explanation of the siege and the history of evil prior to it. Theere is a diverse spread of information which is a bit overwhlming for a first map and there are a few misty areas in the story but overall i enjoyed it and it introduced the map well. Good Job

Additional Comments:

Well on I go, a good start to the campaign, I jsut wished i had time to review before you went on so that maybe some of what i sait could have been considered in the future maps.

Thanks for the map, a good bit of fun, now onto map two.

File Author
Thanks alot for the review. Personally I think this map is the worst map in the campaign to be honest. Its the map that I worked the least with too. I had the enemy marching around in the beginning(just for the looks), but they just stop didn't work.
As I said this isn't the best map, and I hope you will find the others, even more entertaing. Personally, I think the second map is the best.

[Edited on 10/02/06 @ 05:47 AM]

Dragons Rider
Since Dougleass kindly reviewed my first map, ill return the favour!
Playability: 5

This was an enjoyable map, since u had to be constantly on the move. I love playing in city hit-and-run. Therefore u get a 5

Balance: 4

The fact that they had so many more tropps was softened because they were slow, and archers could try and pick them off

Creativity: 4

This city had some very creative features, and starting off with a fire is a good idea

Map Design: 4

The huge city is a masterpiece, however it seems to have made u forgotten the rest of the terrain.

Story/Instructions: 5

In my opinion anything over a page and half is a 5

Additional Comments:
I might review the rest of Andora, depending on if I beat them!
File Author
Thanks for the review Dragon's Rider. I am aware of that the terraining is quite bad on this map. but I wanted it to be a 'field', with only grass. But it still didn't turn out so good I think.
Atrick (My first review, so please don't laugh :p)

Playability: 5
This map was very playable for me. I was able to move all my troops without frustration and the number of them was just right, so you could hang on to the end.

Balance: 5
Great balance here. I'm a strategic novice, so this really made me feel good when I beat it. The amount of troops coming at you made me feel as if this isn't an impossible task. Great job here.

Creativity: 5
Very creative to start the map in the middle of a battle and a fire raging inside. That helped kill some of the bad guys :P.

Map Design: 4
Castle design was great and the keep was situated on higher ground than the rest of the castle, which seems more realistic to me. The barren, grassy fields brought this down to a four though. Sorry.

Story/Instructions: 5
Story was excellently written. Kudos to you.

Additional Comments:
Great map! I enjoyed it through and through and will try out the rest of your campaign. Seems like a good way to waste my time. :p
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