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Andora chapter 2 The fortress of Nador

Author File Description
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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
I hope you will enjoy the second map in my campaign. To learn more about the campaign, and to play the first map, please go to the first chapter.

Here's a link to the sixth chapter which then you can get linked to every chapter of the campaign.

The city had fought for several hours now, and Malar was exhausted and wounded. I was one of the few still on my feet. The vast army of Bavelock was all but gone.
I was positioned near the castle. I had fought side by side with the king of Andora. Malar was right behind me when he spoke to me. “My child… what is your name.” He said; we were still facing opposite directions. “Teudor Ilídwana”. “Ilídwana… guider of paths” He said quickly. “Yes” I said. “Teudor, would you take the responsibility of taking the task… to kill The Snake. To do what I failed?” He asked. I didn’t answer; I was shocked. But the intensity of the battle had made everything felt so unreal… everything was enshrouded in dimness it seemed… this made the shock less intense, and I answered that I could. “Do you love Andora?” He asked. He seemed to realize that he would die, and I could hear great sorrow in his words. “I love Andora with all my heart” I said. I felt sorrow, anger and hate. Why did it turn out like this? Malar shouted for Lando, and told him to gather the remaining soldiers and then to make for the city Cuarna. It was the biggest city still standing to this day.
Malar turned to me. “Derth Lithele dwan algar itaro, Teudor” He said. “Derth Lithele dwan algar itaro, my king.”
And so it was. We gathered all we could, and took a secret passage underground, secretly used by the military. The operation succeeded. Lando was by my side, and I realized what had happened. The king had passed me his crown, his duties, his call. I would admit it for the sake of Andora, and I would do all in my power to slay The Snake, and succeed the mission my king had given me.

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lollard97367 Playability: 4
Like any good map from Dougleass this is very playable, as much fun as the maps that were included in the actual game missions. Good work on the map and how it plays. Its really a economic map, the invaders being bandits and then the forgone conclusion at the end. But, this map also has character because its a stuggle the whole way! You learn every ambush spot tracking those bandits that destroy your outlying buildings. I took off one because there is no market.

Balance: 4
Multiple goals makes this map pretty hard to complete in time for the incoming pikemen at the end. Maybe less goals, and same time allotment.

Creativity: 5
Dougleass shows off his creative talent with another masterpiece.

Map Design: 4
Expert level terrain and walled compound. Stockpile is a inconvient place, and its pretty crowded near the keep with other eyecandy.

Story/Instructions: 5
Nice map on the description page. Keep the campaign going!

Additional Comments:
Download and play this because it will make you feel like you are in the 600s and fighting off bandits all day with an occasional plague.

[Edited on 08/14/06 @ 09:00 PM]

File Author
Thanks for the review Lollard.

Avo... I think the next map will come the 18th. Since this map actually was released one day before it was planned to be. And actually, no there's not going to be any cedes =/
Which reminds me, it needs playtesting. I think it's ok, but I need one final testing. Any volunteers?

[Edited on 08/14/06 @ 09:19 PM]

God Avo I don't mind playtesting ^^ Not sure if i'm really going to be of much help, well I would but i'm not a seriously hardcore player :p

I don't know how that would work, so maybe you could reply to me? :p Or e-mail me, either way is fine ^^
FroobaChoob Hey Dougleass!

Been Away From Home For A Few days :(
So I Missed The Realese :(

But Anyway, I Playtested This One, But Found It Hard. I have read The Story And Nice.

Sorry i can't Play. I Think it Will Be A Waste Of Valuable erm.... 'Play' Time.

Anyway can't wait For Next Release
Until Then Bye
WarLord_Designs Playability: 4
Unlike the first map this one had a gentle flow to it. The map is quite playable as you strugle to get an economy and a few troops up and running befor the peasants turn nasty. I felt that you could have put some invasions in betwwen as the bandits were no as challenging.

Balance: 4
The map go a little too slow now and then and i felt it needed a bit more action, becasue you didnt have any real objective in the first map i looked in the editor to see if there were any invasions and noticed two large ones at the end. So I played thinking you had to fight them off. I feel you should be more specific with you instructions as sometimes i was confused and actually spent time preparing a large army to figh off the invasions.

Creativity: 4

A good creative layout wich means you have to focus on resources, mostly food in the early days and wood is also vital. The events were timed rather well and overall the game played fairly well

Map Design: 5
Top Marks here, it reminds me of a map i created so I could play against my brother. I liek the use of stones and hills molding their way through the map and the fort on the hill looks great. Well done

Story/Instructions: 4
The story was fine I just feel you should make a clear set of instructions, instead of having an invasion to kill off the slower players put a timer until defeat to make it clear to the player what is required. By the way I survived the invasions, set my city on fire and burned them all. lol I played it twice once this way, the second only to complete the objectives which i did rather quickly.


Dragons Rider Playability: 4
The bandits and wolves were perfectly timed, enough to keep me on my toes but not overun me in 20 seconds. But the annoying thing was every time they attacked they destroyed my mines and production was extremely slow. I took a point off for that.

Balance: 4
As mentioned above, the small attacks were perfect. However I felt the army was too much for me, since it took about 5 tries.

Creativity: 4
I liked the idea of the village, its a kind of a break from the massive city attacks in your other maps

Map Design: 5
The overall map was impressive, but my focus was the village. Im a geat fan of wooden forts, and yours was very good

Story/Instructions: 5
As always, you had a good solid story with a map included, which alone is worth a 3 or a 4

Additional Comments:
I like your maps, keep designing!
File Author
A very late reply, but I have alot of maps, and most importantly I haven't been very active here.
But two reviews, unnoticed! Shame on me.
Thank you both for your kind words, I hope you enjoyed playing the map.
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