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Jubal Al Waha - The Mountain Oasis

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Number of Players: 6
Balance: Balanced
Difficulty: Hard
Jubal Al Waha - The mountain Oasis

More oasis, more space, and improved AI performance

Welcome to my latest map, most detailed to date. Best for multiplayer as a 2 on 2 on 2 battle, but AI's also work well if you so desire.

Iron is plentiful so its a good idea to mine as much iron as you can, while stiffling the enemie's iron production.

AI's with large castles might cram ever so slightly, but not enough to affect gameplay. Look for ways around the mountain!

I'll update tomorow with a story when I wake up with a fresh imagination



I am the Vizier of Al Minya, protector of my home lands near the upper Nile, and commander of the army sworn to it's protection. It is the 547th year since the Hijra of Muhammad (1169 A.D.), and this is when my story of struggle begins.....

It was high summer when Jerusalem to the north sent large forces towards our lands. As of late the men that bear the cross have become more and more bold, sending parties past their southern borders. Their actions are cruel and hostile, pillaging all settlements before them. perhaps they would have reached our lands, were it not for the swift warning of our outposts. We rode out, our forces fleet and strong.

We met them far to the north, upon the flat lands near the great red Sea. I sent my messenger to their leader but he did not return. So....there was to be no meeting agreements or terms. Their only reply was an unprovoked attack. But they proved easy adversaries, as they journey unprepared and are unwise in the ways of desert travel. They adorned themselves in heavy raiment and the desert had sapped their strength and speed. Our mounted archers ran circles around them and our victory was sudden, our losses low.

As we rode back to Al Minya I decided to detour east, for this was a glorious victory worthy of homage to the holy mountain we call Jubal al Waha. Mysteriously the water that feeds it's great oasis springs eternally from the mountain, a most holy of places, for from where this water springs forth, only Allah knows. The eastward trek is long and grueling, a journey I thought no Crusader would ever consider. Or so I thought.

We neared the foot of the mountain, and spotted two settlements. More of Almeric's men from Jerusalem! They were more clever than I thought. Somehow they had found the mountain and the band we had defeated was merely a diversion. Already they had marred the side of the mountain with quarries and were beginning to build fortifications. To make matters worse, Fatimid forces of the Caliphate of Egypt, our enemies of old, had also set up two encampments on the other side of the mountain. But there was hope, for Saladin himself, our ally in Egypt answered our call for aid....

Now months later, the struggle for Jubal al Waha continues, and the three factions wage constant battle against each other. Our hit and run tactics that work so well on the open battle field prove futile against their fortifications, so we too must mine the sides of the mountain to build our own. I only hope we can end this before the beauty of the mountain is ruined forever. Saladin has proved a most powerful ally, and together may we save ourselves and this place from destruction!


TGIF, I finally have enough time to provide a story for this skirmish. As my other stories are written from the Crusader's point of view, I decided to try the Arabian's side this time. It was really hard! I had to do a little research (times, places, arabian calender, ect), so it's kind of merging of truth and fantasy: some people/places were real, other's were not. Tell me what ya think, and as always,



AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
apuya24 Playability: 4
I would have given this a 4.5, but i cant. :) This map is fine with most AIs, but of course, the wolf, sheriff, and sometimes even the snake had problems. I also found out that the player really doesnt have enough room to build a "typical" castle.

Balance: 5
The map is well balanced, each player has a fair share to stone, oasis space, trees, and iron.

Creativity: 5
This type of map is what we dont see often. In fact, i don't know if we've had anything like this at all. Very creative idea, and name! ;) What does "Jubal Al waha" mean? Mountain Oasis?

Map Design: 5
The map looks totally awesome. Looks like you worked on it with actual effort and took your time, unlike many other maps we see these days. I was wondering, were the streams on the hill or whatever ford or river? Anyways I liked the small eye-candy you included. The map looks amazing. Period.

Story/Instructions: 4
Well, there isn't a story at all (right now), but you included a few lines of instructions which is good enough for a 4 here. If your "fresh imagination" puts a story of some sorts, I'll change this to a 5.

Additional Comments:
One more thing i noticed on the map, was that groups of AI archers we're periodcally shooting at iron and rocks for some reason. Could you explain this?

A great map overall. One of the best I've seen.


[Edited on 08/13/06 @ 05:51 PM]

File Author
Thanks for rating Apuya!
Yeah, your right, thanks for bringing that to my attention. In hindsight there just wasn't enough room (I tend to cram a lot in my maps), so I leveled some of the hills and added a little more oasis around the mountain. I tested it with several AI's, and there's improved performance with no castle jams.

Anyway, "Jubal al waha" are arabic words, loosely translated as "Mountain of oasis". The rivulets running down are almost all river, with just a spot of shoals here and there so the illusion of running water is maintained while troops can move across as well.

As for mangonels and archers targeting stone, I not sure....what probably happened is a quarry was placed in that spot previously, and was destroyed but the AI's still think it's there. I notice AI's also do that to the statues that appear on the lord's keep when he's defeated.

I'm glad you like the map, this will be my last crusader map for a while, and I wanted to make something really nice. Expect a story in a couple of days, I'm really busy this week, and probably the next too.

File Author
Thanks for reviews everyone! I just wish I had posted the story earlier. I said previously I'm taking a break from crusader maps, but honestly I enjoy making maps so much! I'm getting quick at it, and since my weekend is free, I'll spend a little time on my next one. Stay tuned...


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