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Dig for Victory

Author File Description
Pat Dark Knight
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Number of Players: 4
Balance: Balanced
Difficulty: Hard
There is a troubling thought that is bothering you and your partner; the river, has stopped running along. This makes it easier for the ennemy to attack, as they can just dig their way through. But what you don't know is that they are feeling the same troubling thought about you and the possibility that you might do the same before them. It has been a peaceful month so far, and you seem intent to break the silence. The only question is if you will break it before they will?

This is a new type of map that I will be working on new ones constantly. They are basice maps in gameplay, but have a distinctive feature that is use as an obstacle. This map, for example, is the huge river. [I'm not sure if it has already been done before, but] You must dig your way through the river, watching for archers' fire. Your path might also be used against you, so watch out.

The AI is not able to dig its way through the river, so I would not suggest you to play a game with 3 AIs. It might be good to have atleast a human player on each team. For this, I do not hold myself responsible for AI bug ups that have anything to do with the river. Have fun!

~Update : 1/1/07~
I've added more Iron on the South side of the river. Seems like you could only build one of these buildings as opposed to 3-5 on the other side, since the elevation leading to the river wasn't favorable for building them. I haven't had many chances on playtesting this map, since I've pushed on the fact that it's a all human map (2 humans 2 comps ; 1 of each on both sides at worst), but I've had a few good solid runs since with humans over the internet, and it looks good. Many players disfavor this map since they prefer to attack rather than dig, but none has backed down my challenge.

Good Gaming,
Pat Dark Knight
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Lord Rabadash That sounds awesome!

I noticed that the colour of the water is darker. How did you do that?

PS: I updated some of my maps: "Royal Rampage, Oceanside Manors"

PSS: What did u think of "INto the Belly of the Beast?" and I added Coastal Invasion, Lost in the Forest, and my latest which is called Lake Mephistopheles. Check em out and let me know what u think

Fun gaming!
God Avo I believe that water is a moat ^^
This would be superb for me! I can hold off against invasions and start my economy first! Great ^^
Pat Dark Knight
File Author
Yea! the water is accually moat. So the thing is that basicaly you can avoid having attacks as long as no one breaks the river (as in makes a path through the moat)

Hope its good. Tell me what you think!

Lord Rabadash, I'll be checking your maps very soon.

Pat Dark Knight
dethrone666 that's really a lot of moat. why a sudden change of maps ?

Pat Dark Knight
File Author
Well, a while ago when I was playing Ages Of Empire online once, I notice that we were playing a 3v3 map, and the teams were seperated by a huge forest. I that game, when you put a forest, it's impassible and you gotta cut it down to go through it. So I thought about that, and I figured how i could make a map like that for crusaders.

Its not the best and probably below average in map design, but I just want to bring out new ways of playing crusader skirmishes.

Pat Dark Knight
apuya24 wow...that is one good idea for a map...ill give you a review on this one pat dark knight!

and ive reviewed your other maps, in case you dont know yet?

Pat Dark Knight
File Author
Yea, thanks apuya! Ive seen those reviews and I thank you for them!

Pat Dark Knight
Pat Dark Knight
File Author
Just came back from my trip. Could I possibly get a review past?


Pat Dark Knight
WarLord_Designs I wont post an official review unless you want me to, the reason for this is that i didnt have any human players, just three AI.

Playability, 3 On my side of the river the playability was mild, i keept the lion heart from farming and he only managed a few assults, none were successful.

Balance,3 again this is due to the stupidity of the AI, they shut down on the opposite side of the river untill you dig the moat which gives you the advantage of wiping out the enemy and then building a large force to quickly storm in.

Creativity, 5 i'll take into account that if it were played with a human player on each side their would be a definate strugle and a great battel to either cross the moat and protect it from the enemy doing so. In all honesty I feel that this is a really good battle for human players.

Map design, 4 nicely designed terrain with natural looking surroundings help you play with a great intrest as you hsape your castle under the ho sun. great stuff.

Story, 4 well perhaps a bit more could be said, but I dont think skirmish maps should really require a story just an explination or somthing short, you did that.

I think this would be a great map for human players, not Ai but unfortunately thats all I could get around to. Any way, I wont make it official unless you wish me to do so, if no and i get a chance to play online and use it i can write another review.

Good work. :)
This review is simply an assumption based upon playing with AI and is intended to reflect how a human battle would play out. Because I have not done this it can not be the most accurate however I firmly believe that this would be a great map battle for the human player to take on.

This review does not reflect the AI battle of this map, for that review please see above this comment.

In the above comment, these three categories:-

Map design-

remain the same, only the playability and balance have been altered to consider the human playing aspect.


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