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Stronghold: Economic Scenarios
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Wyre Estate Shipment

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Easy
Now that you've settled down in a new estate, it's time to begin sorting through your Kings orders. In preparation for battle with Visigoths you'll need to collect mostly food and coin for shipments. In addition a small cache of Crossbows and Pikes is needed. The new lands you've settled on are free from real threats of war, however it is believed than a small band of thieves live in the greater eastern part of this area.

Wolves and Bears have also been sighted in the area so don't forget to prepare arms for yourself. The lands are plentiful on Meat and wood. Query scouts have yet to find any Iron or Stone ore for production so coin will have to be obtained else where.

This Economy Mission was built on Stronghold v1.2, and is Part II of the Wyre Campaign.


Part 1 (Free-Build

The Wyre Settlement
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God Avo Ah yes, I take it this is not another freebuild then :p Looks good, I will download soon :p
God Avo Yeah! I'm starting to like this campaign, I've currently saved the map and I'm taking things slowly and it's working :p
I'll follow this comment with a review ;)
God Avo
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
You could easily lead a good game in this map, you could either take it slow or just act on it fast. Well fairly spaced out scripting and it covers almost every aspect there is, so this is a well deserved 5. Although, fire & stronghold and never things I like to put together and smile about :p

Balance: 4
Very nicely balanced, the signpost was at the bottom left although i'm not sure if there was another one.
The was a nice amount of deer and trees and alot of farmland, but if you start and place your granary too near to the hills then there will not be very much space available as you would station your apple farms and cow farms near it :p I managed to make a good economy and started to make a small stockade and placed some archers and about 6 months later the bandits came and got killed ^^
One thing I saw was that in the objectives on normal mode you would need souble what is says in the text, so I set this to easy to go with the story :p

Creativity: 4
I never thought that an anglo-saxon map would be available for stronghold, still no-doubt someone would of done it :p I also liked the idea of a mountain valley on wither side of the big field :p

Map Design: 4
The sea was nicelt smoothe and such, but the mountains were just awesome, the trees are abit less thicker but you still need to wait for a full forest or such :p

Story/Instructions: 4
The story is getting really good, but I would prefer to some action too :p

Additional Comments:
A great economic map, it's obvious that you done alot of playtesting on this to keep a flow going on the script. Good job! I'm waiting for mission 3 :p
File Author
Thank you for your review God Avo! It's good to see that high of a rating.

I'm working on the trees, which you may take notice on in the next Invasion mission. Thanks again for the comments, will tell me what I need to improve on.

Map Design3.0
Playability: 5
It was very playable in the sense that it was easy as hell. It wasn't challenging at all. No time limit, and a few easily dealt with problems like wolves and bandits made it easy to play.

Balance: 1
Way too easy, no matter what setting you pick. I've played it both Normal and Easy. The only difference is the amount of goods you need to get. The number of events is so low, i actually wanted a fire to happen. It was boooring.

Creativity: 3

Map Design: 3

Story/Instructions: 4
Erle of Wales
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
What an excellent map to pass a couple of hours on,very playable.

Balance: 3
Not bad,just got a little boring between the main wolf attack & the bandit attack,a few more scripted events would have helped here.

Creativity: 4
Quite good keeps you thinking of ways to speed up production of meat & bread to meet your quotas,after making enough weapons for a small troop base I turned my weapons manufacturers into hunters & bakers.

Map Design: 4
Well laid out & realistic good job,It's always easy to tell when someone has taken xtra time on their terrain.

Story/Instructions: 3
Not overly imaginative

Additional Comments:

[Edited on 09/26/06 @ 07:06 AM]

Map Design2.0
Playability: 2

Following a positive review of this map, I was looking forward to an interesting economic scenario. It's a real shame that the map has some minor, yet ultimately serious flaws in the scripting though. The win criteria is set for the goods required on normal difficulty level, however the introductory page before the game launches states the goods needed which are those when played on the esy setting. The lose criteria is incorrect, and needs to be amended to 'Your Lord Killed' rather than the 'Enemy Lord Killed' at present. Playability is generally okay, you do have a huge and expansive landscape where you can choose where to place your keep, a feature I liked in the map. A sham then that most of it isn't really used. There are one or two other parts of the map design that need work, such as the option to place iron mines when there is no iron deposits on the map. As a result of the above, the scenario falls below the minimum standard required and I cannot award a score of more than 2/5.

Balance: 2

The economic goals are quite tough to meet, especially the food requirement. There was plenty to do at the start, with the absolute minimum of goods on the stockpile. If you prefer economic scenarios without the added pressure of a win timer, this may be for you. If you like castle building at a relatively slow pace, this may appeal. The scenario lacked all but a few events or triggers, with only one or two instances where you need to reassess your gameplay. Apart from the start, the map played well but lacked any real substance and ultimately didn't present much of a challenge.

Creativity: 2

Another area of the map that didn't really present anything new or interesting. What the author has done is okay, and could be the basis of a strong economic scenario. The landscape did take on the appearance of a vast, gently undulating area near the coast that could support a huge population and the stone outcrop was quite good. A shame though, as there's nothing really to grab you and draw you into the map.

Map Design: 2

The landscape is reasonably well modelled, a large, sweeping panorama bordered by a coastline towards the south of the map. As mentioned above, the stone outcrop where you will quarry looked okay. Functional rather than breathtaking, the author has attempted at least to model the landscape to a degree, although I suspect using the largest brush size. The map desperately needs some features to elevate it above the current score, and with nothing in the description to support the reasons why the landscape is as featureless as it is, I must give a score of 2/5.

Story/Instructions: 2

Relatively short, but reasonably presented introduction to the map when you launch the scenario. There isn't anything else to support the submission though, and is desparately needing some substance or quality to push the score higher.

Additional Comments:

-Events required, win criteria needs amending
-More work to the landscape (maybe start with a small size and build up from there?)
-More quantity required in the story, maybe some comments from the author on how they approached the design, what they wanted to achieve.
-A basic map, but could be the base for a very interesting economic scenario.
Lord Stafeft I am out of deer on easy!
Come on!
Waste of time.

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Map Design3.3
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