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Stronghold Crusader: Economic Scenarios
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Sand in the Wind

Author File Description
Lord Gandor
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Normal
My first crusader map, enjoy. I'm not used to Crusader so be fair, how did I do? Story text is inside, I'm in a bit of a hurry right now cause im reformatting comp so...gotta go.

Here's a bit of a teaser...

The great expanse of the desert, rolling with heat and shifting sand,
is perilous, unhospital, and deadly. Ahib looked out across the waste with
wonder. His father had told him they were to visit a seasonal camp soon.
It would be nice to be out of the wind for a while, even if it would only be to
gather food and supplies for the next trip.
They had been travelling between several cities, trading tiger skins,
jewellery, and trinkets. Ahib's father had bought him a dark green sash at the
last time they had visited the bazarr at Ankara.
"Remember, Ahib. The next camp is in a little known part of the desert,
very dangerous. If there is any trouble you are to go inside and open the door
only for me or anyone else in the caravan," His father warned him, "Sleep now, son,"
He soothed, "We are Sand in the Wind."

Proud product of L_G
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Map Design2.0
Playability: 4
Close to perfect but there is authors imagination missing.

Balance: 3
Balance is kinda bad. Maybe you should make lion attacks more rapid with less lions. when i restarted the game for the fourth time i realized it is not so hard to win due to starting money.

Creativity: 3
Map is something new, there are no eye candys and invasion -> castle line is a straight and short line. And a map problem..

Map Design: 2
.. that only thing making this map VERY bad is a fact that two thirds of it are useless (only for hunters maybe).

Story/Instructions: 5
Looks like you took most of the time to make a story? It includes far history and close history, book-like descriptions and makes you feel you start playing where the story ends.

Additional Comments:
I dont know if you noticed, but winning this game is easy if you hire some arabs..; why is there well in game but no fire? why are there so many hovels at the beggining of the game? there is no way to win if you do not see them and delete them soon enaugh..
I dont know about others oppinion about this, but i think story is better in-game than a .txt file in rar?
This is my first review so please review my review ;)

[Edited on 11/02/06 @ 05:36 PM]

Map Design4.0
Sand in the Wind – a small jewel

Playability: 4

This is a real economic mission in that it focuses the attention of the player to nature and the required goods. In the seeming middle of nowhere, it's all about food production, staple food (meat), goody (cheese) and joyful stuff (ale).
And I found the mission a real good one because most requests and the ability to defend the village against several challenges are reasonably interrelated to one another (in a supporting or contradicting way). The player needs to considerably expand hunting to serve extra rations to get gold for mercenaries and inns.

Of importance are already the first steps. It's a PYOG "Place your own granary2 mission, so: Where will be the shortest ways? Can the wood cutters be more helpful than just chopping wood? So, where to place the first huts?
When the first loads of wood come in, placing a mercenary post must not been forgotten. The initial gold will be enough for 2 Arabian archers and some – slingers. Slingers against lions? See how it works!

Bad events will affect all the food types in question. Provisions will pay off, likewise staying undeterred and choosing the right moment, for example for when to start the inns.

Found it helpful to maintain the population of 40 and occuypy many hunters, to give extra rations for training a small but encreasing army.
And wow: With some knowledge of the events to come, it is possible to achieve an - employed - population of 96 in this corner of the desert.

Balance: 4

The mission requires decisions of how to meet the requests (which farms, how high the population). Difficulties occur numerously, in form of bad events from inside the settlement and in the shape of hostile figures (lions! and bandits).
Within a short time given, there is enough trouble to deal with, even some possibilities to loose the mission due to a relentless time limit (in general necessary for every eco mission). Considering that short time, nothing but expensive desert mercenaries are at hand.

Creativity: 4

Maybe none of the elements of the mission is uncommon. I liked how all the chosen elements of buildings, requests and events are
related to one another. The atmosphere of the scene becomes dense. The player has strict targets and difficulties, but there is also enough room for various choices and for being tricky.
(Which farms to place where, wether to get more greenery cleared from trees, how many archers do I want to buy. And, to which help is the wooden trap left in?)

A big surprise was the beauty of the desert surface.

Map Design: 4

From the minimap, the landscape does not look exciting. The more it does in-game. The surface is shaped by using all the different types of grass and soil, the result looking very fine and tasty. This desert caught my eyes.
The same applies for the oases and the settlement. The occurences of greenery around the two ponds appear really natural. Much of it is not meant to be farmland. This partly has to be wrested from the oasis.
At the viller, ruins count of history. The stockpile is separated, making the simple scene look more vivid.
Also the rocks in that area are arranged in an original and interesting way. A few big rocks are surrounded by lots of small ones, which are also spread all over the place.

Many buildings are restricted, some are allowed, reasonably and most times fitting to the scene (only the well is left in without purpose).

Scripting significantly raises the tension of the mission. From above the screen, a time limit line lays pressure upon the scene. Bad events and hostile creatures heavily endanger life and work in the village.

Story/Instructions: 4

The story has already been praised by bbezja1. It is lively indeed and introduces to both the landscape (where dunes are lacking) and the situation at the start. The wording is not long enough, however, to make it outstanding, or exciting enough beyond a higher average.

Additional Comments:

An eco-mission well entertaining and fun to play.
Challenge can be increased here by raising the population.
Never used slingers against lions before. Seldom stop bandits by using ... (find out yourself).

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Map Design3.0
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