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Baghdad, Iraq - 1301 AD تل قرنفليّة

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
The region subsequently fell into a decline and came under the tutelage of various Persian and Seleucid dynasties for some centuries. The region rose in importance for a second time however with the rise of Islam. Muslim Arabs stormed Mesopotamia in AD 656 as part of their rampage throughout the region. The strategic importance of the region's waterways played a key part in the political consolidation of the vigorous new monotheistic parvenu. By 762, the Abassid Caliphate had moved to Baghdad, which - as the descendant of nearby Babylon - soon came to rival its progenitor's historical fame as one of the world's great centres of power, religion, art and learning. Baghdad remained a site of contestation for some time. The area now known as Iraq was dominated in the late 1300s and early 1400s by the Black Sheep Turkmen, until the rival White Sheep Turkmen took over in 1466. Finally the Ottomans established suzerainty over the region and incorporated it into their Istanbul-centric empire in 1534

There endith the history lesson for today.

You are the commander of a "mixed bag" army of specialists, irregulars, and infantry. There are also some mounted nobles accompaning the army. Attack the ancient and fortified تل قرنفليّة (English: Pink Sand Hill), named from the bloodstained sand permanently stained pink from the blood of many battles, outside Baghdad (now Iraq). The defenders are well armed and expecting trouble. After killing the local leader, insert your own puppet king and manage the economy for two years. You must withstand at least one major attack from the insurgents in the area to achieve victory.

This is a cede so have fun attacking and defending the place!


Dude Where's my castle?
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Map Design5.0
Playability: 4.5
Very nice! You must take advantage of every opportunity for success. Strategic placement and defense is key to winning this one, as a much stronger force will siege your keep. The first two times I played I was demolished! Then I wised up and used the very small pause after the cede to use existing resources to get what I need and place it correctly. Ceding was relatively easy with very few losses. I then destroyed the existing walls for stone to build a barracks and 3 tall towers near the keep, all the while providing ale and iron quarries to keep money coming in. I then bought extra crossbows, made as many units as possible, and crammed all my projectile units along with a few shields on the tall towers. I placed the fire throwers and 40 or so mace men on the keep. My fire ballistas, horse archers, and knights were at the keep's base mixed with the shields that were left over for protection. This time I won with very little losses!

Balance: 4.5
Balance was fine. You are given little bits of everything, it's up to the player to use it wisely. I wish you could have used pitch though. It was there but couldn't be traded or used.

Creativity: 5
Creative in both design and gameplay! The resources you see are misleading; you don't have any time to harvest them (except iron for extra money). Instead you must use what's already there to build your defense and offense - not your average cede.

Map Design: 5
Beautifull and natural looking. Flat maps can be mundane. This one definetely isn't. Designed as what you'd naturally expect in a real life desert environment - watch towers near the central town and the keep placed on a mott and bailey for protection. This is how they'd really do it.

Story/Instructions: 5
Not so much a story as a history lesson. You wrote the name of the hill in arabic, I like that. 1301 AD تل قرنفليّ&

Additional Comments:
Another good map from Lollard, as expected. This is one of your best, I think.

[Edited on 08/27/06 @ 12:16 AM]

File Author
Thanks for the 4.8 review! Good to see a regular on here give a high review, its a honor. There are a few red herrings on the map, I always try to incorporate little puzzles in my maps + fighting!

I have a stronghold 1 map in final stages right now...
Pat Dark Knight Wow. Real cool map design!

Just came back from trip, might rate it later

Pat Dark Knight
File Author
Thanks Pat Dark Knight, rumor has it that this is my best map ever, and I have a feeling that it is too.
pantel4you Lollard your map looks GREAT! But i dont now how to use this map. I download and then i dont now plz help me.
File Author
I dont work here. Search the forums link at the top left corner of this website, under the heading welcome. Check out the frequently asked questions, also there is a contact email for help from the managers of this site. I havent the foggiest on your problem, and cant start diagnosing it without knowing you or your system. sorry! hope you liked the map and were able to achieve victory.
dethrone666 Baghdad ??
File Author
I didnt see this post until after I submitted this map. Sorry if some of this is sensitive subject matter.

Sovereign (HG Seraph)
Location: Los Angeles, USA posted 08-22-06 11:26 EST (US)
I just want to mention that map makers should always be mindful of avoiding sensitive political issues in their map designs, descriptions and stories.
Please don't include anything that could be construed as "inciting hatred" such as setting modern day political situations in a medieval setting to advance a particular political agenda or belief. For example featuring modern day places/states like Israel/Iraq/etc. Anything that could be considered political symbolism, such as a star of David, swastika, etc., especially if used in a negative way, should also be avoided.

A map may be rejected if it is felt it contains elements that may be considered offensive to some players.

[Edited on 08/30/06 @ 02:30 AM]

k4pod Personaly, I do not think that your map in any way causes hate in any way towards any party. If anything, it informs people about the history in a controversial area. Thanks for your corncern.
Yasko I wouldn't worry, the story isn't related to any sensetive present day political issues. The only thing you mentioned correlating to present day was the location. Great map!
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Map Design4.5
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