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Siege of Anxor

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Number of Players: 4
Balance: Unbalanced
Difficulty: Easy
Hundreds of years ago, the once great race of Shadons left their homes, in search of lands of peace, away from the suffering of the known world. After years of searching they came across an area so beautiful and peaceful they called it Serenity. Here, they decided, they would make their home. A spot was chosen, and the efforts to make the new Shadon capital, which was called Anxor, after the great sword of old, began. Many years were spent building this great city, which was, after the fashion on the Shadons, a great castle. But this was no ordinary castle. It was built by the Shadons, a race long considered greater than the race of men. Its walls were high; its towers were tall and proud and it was said no enemy could walk beyond Anxor's gates. And by a secret known only to the Shadons, archers could fire valleys of arrows without exposing themselves. Upon the completion of Anxor three Fountains of Wonder were placed outside of Anxor. Great grassed sprang up from these fountains and people rejoiced, dancing in the grasses and farming them. The Shadons expanded the borders of Serenity and grew wise and strong, discovering many things once unknown to men.

Then, five years ago, your father became king of Serenity. His reign was short. He was killed by an ambush while touring Serenity. Little known to the Shadons, the world of men had grown jealous of Serenity's wealth. They now united under on banner to destroy the Shadons. One by one, each Shadonan city fell to men. Finally, the eyes of the men turned to Anxor. The Siege has begun. They have taken the Ridge of Anxor that we have defended ourselves with for many a year. The Siege has begun. The men have taken the Fountains of Wonder. The Siege has begun. They control the plains of the Mirror. We cannot get out.

This map should only be played three vs. with computer advantage on. I gave this map easy only because most people will be playing against computer enemies. However, during play testing, I played against humans, and it was an intense map. Unlike my old maps, this has been play tested and works for every computer opponents I tried. If you have any problems, please leave a comment. Download now and get FREE!!! a map where computers can play inside Anxor. But wait! There's more! You also get this map where Anxor is less finished, allowing more customization and a harder difficulty.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
I played it with 3 AIs like suggested and it was easy with computer advantage. The computer opps didnt maximize their resources efficently and quickly, while the castle is packed with premade mines and quarries. Also the number of preset houses bring your maximum population to 400+. You need all the stone and iron coming in to your stockpile to sell and buy food if you want any food contribution to popularity. But keeping 400 people fed requires alot.

Balance: 3
Comps work but not as well as boasted in the write up. Also the castle has mass amounts of starting reasources preset (but not working because this is a skimrish). Dont worry about stone or iron.

Creativity: 4
I would give you a 4.5 on creativity but that is not possible. But really this isnt a five because its a plain ole skirmish. I would wager that you could make a great invasion with preset armies attacking a new castle. Good work on this story and background details. You have the talent to write and make maps! Just spend more time on blending the map terrain features to make it look less blocky. And work on your landscape layering. Looks pretty splotchy with the small clusters oasis grass.

Map Design: 4
Its a cool castle but it plays quirky with the high wall. Sometimes there are problems moving troops (ballista and horse). I also found some of the crossbowmen locked in place near the keep. I had to build stairs to get them out of the front raised towers. A 4 is generous, I like more control of the resources and defenses also.

Story/Instructions: 4
Creative Writing: B
The story is good. You should use a word program and spell checker to write your description if you can. I will watch for other map descriptions of yours in the future and see if you improve.

Additional Comments:
Average map with a story and somewhat lazy comp AI behavior against a over stocked and almost ridiculously populated castle. This map would be good ok for a 3 v 1 in gamespy multiplayer play.

[Edited on 09/05/06 @ 01:36 AM]

Lord Michael I
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
The map is played really nice when you are the lord in the pre-made castle, but, I didn't give it a higher score because the AI's can't build freely under such conditions in the pre-made castle, even still in the AI version of the map. Some advice would be eliminating the fountain that is in the pre-made castle (In the AI's version), since it may obstruct the way of the construcion of something more important for the AI's like a barracks or a granary.

Balance: 4
The map is unbalanced, but the distribution of teams, grassland and other resources evens up the odds.

Creativity: 4
First design I see like this (Well done). I am sure there are others but this one is nicely made.

Map Design: 3
Some shrubs and adding some different types of soil would be helpful to make the minimap and the map itself more attractive. Well done.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story is great, but still has mistakes, they are just minimal mistakes that you shouldn't care of. Everyone makes those kinds of mistakes so this will not affect your score on the story. The instructions are also complete and say exactly how to play.
Additional Comments:
Well, a nice made map, nice story. Don't have any more comments than the ones I said before. Well done!

[Edited on 09/05/06 @ 09:32 AM]

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Map Design3.5
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Size:1.42 MB