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Exiled lands

Author File Description
Lord Michael I
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Number of Players: 3
Balance: Unbalanced
Difficulty: Normal
You are pleasantly sleeping in your stronghold when you are wakened up by a disturbing sound. A sound like a big falling object just landed near you. You give a peek through your window and there it is. A rock, a big rock. Someone is attacking your castle. You fastly get out of your stronghold and tell your guards at shift to wake up the others; in the meanwhile another you hear another sound and look up, another boulder is coming. You fastly get out of the way and go up to the highest tower, to contemplate the horror of a massive army ready to attack you. You see thousands of torches close to the horizon, and you spot the trebuchets. Another rock passes just footsteps away and falls on a hovel. Your peasants wake up and immediately starts running everywhere, without knowing what to do. You don’t have time to think because to more boulders pass above you and hit your home, wrecking it. When your army is ready, you man the walls and get your knights readied up, so they can go and take out the trebuchets. The drawbridges are lowered and 50 knights rush towards the massive army. Five more rocks fall before the stop completely. They hit some stables and bakeries, you know that the trebuchets are destroyed, but there are no signs of your knights. You don’t want to, but you know they are dead. It had to be a really big army to take them down, they were on the fastest horses and heavily armoured. You stay up all night, planning the defensive strategy and waiting for them to arrive. At sunrise, you can see with the light of the horizon a great number of camps, siege towers and more supplies. You order oil to be boiled and equip anyone possible with bows to defend the castle. But they still don’t attack. It is almost sun fall when you get news about your enemies, well, not exactly news, an arrow. An arrow swiftly passes by you and hits a swordsman behind you. They have started the attack. You call everyone to get in their positions, when a huge rock falls and destroys a tower. They spent all day making another trebuchet. You see the huge army approaching with everything they had. Ladders, swordsmen, spearmen, archers, knights, all at one charge. Under a rain of arrows the enemies start digging the moat, once finished, the ladder are put in position and start climbing the large walls. Your pike men in a desperate order throw down the ladders, but it’s hopeless, they are too much. They get to the walls and destroy everything at their path. When you have no army left, a shout is hear, and they stop raiding your castle. A man appears and hits you with a blunt sword and blindfolds you.

You have lost track of time. Seconds look like hours, days like years, you don’t know where you are, where are you going, you haven’t seen anything in a lot of time and struggling with your mind trying to know who on earth would do this to you. Then, you hear a door open, and a man saying “Stay there and don’t move!!” You have a companion. It isn’t too long after it happens again. Some time later the blindfolds are removed and you are kicked off a cart into a muddy swamp. You then see two more persons and tell them what occurred. They tell you that the same happened to them, and they didn’t know who they were and under what circumstances they would attack three different kingdoms just to capture three persons. With your hands and feet free, you start to walk around, finding an exit to this swamp. Then, a signpost is spotted, it is written in a weird language, and you don’t understand anything, but it’s your only hope. You follow the path told by the signpost and in some hours you reach a small village. It is night when you reach it, and no one is outside their homes. You split up to find information on where you are and how to get home. Some time later you rejoin with the other lords unsuccessful, nobody speaked your language. You start to randomly walk with your companions when a weird, old, man appears from nowhere.
-You lads looking for something?
Astound because he can speak your language, you tell him:
-Yes, our castles were attacked and we were thrown in some swamps around here, we want to get home.

The old man takes some seconds, deeply breathing before he speaks:
-You come from the north, right? I also come from the north. I was a soldier sent hereon a holy mission. We were supposed to take these people out of these lands… And claim it for ourselves. We were told we were going to be forgiven for all our sins if we did our mission. But it was a disaster. We starved to death; we died of disease or were slaughtered. I am one of the only left, and I had to stay here and live like one of them to not be killed. But you still have a chance. Follow that path over there and you will find some other towns before you get home. They speak your language there, so don’t worry, there you can grab supplies for your journey.

-Thank you, you have been very helpful.

-Oh, by the way, I know who did this to you. They are called the castle kidnappers, they just siege the forts and castle to kidnap the person who is ruling there and throw them in a far away land, giving them time to get the castle for themselves and establish their own kingdom.

The man then makes a greedy smile, but you, careless, go away and take the path he told you. Then one of the other lords tells you:
-He looked very strange you know, I think we shouldn’t follow his advice…

You say to him:
-We don’t have another choice, we have to.

Days have passed after you talked with the old man, and you have got through a lot of the towns he said you will go through, but something will change. The next day you end up in a barren desert, with nearly a tree where you can take some shade and with lions waiting for you. One of the other lords yells at you:
-You fool! I told you not to follow that old hag’s advice! Look where we ended!
You think to yourself that the man was part of that strange organization, and was sent there to find you and tell you to go here, to kill you and never claim back your territories.

The next day you wake up in the other side of a chain of cliffs in the desert, the other two lords are in one of the cliffs. One of them yells to you:
-You will pay for what you have done! We have done an alliance to take you out for taking us here!
You are too tired to tell them something, so you just lay down, thinking how to destroy them before they do the same to you.

This map is better played in a 2 vs 1, you situated in the upper left keep while to AI’s are allied in the two right keeps. You can play with any lord you please, but I recommend a combination of the Marshal and the Wolf. If you don’t have warchest, substitute the marshal for the snake. I recommend you play in crusader type, and with equal amounts of starting gold.

Have fun!

If the map needs anything, just tell me, I'll be happy to hear your comments.

Just added a readme to the file. No need to download again.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
lollard97367 interesting use of elevation
Lord Michael I
File Author
Sorry I couldn't post anything, an unexpected trip came upon me.
Any comments, reviews, or changes you want me to do to the map, you are free to say them to me, I will gladly accept comments!
SSJ Gohan Great Use Of Elevation Mountains :) Looks Great Im Going To DownLoad And Rate :) Great Idea.
k4pod Playability: 4
This map was a chalange after chanage, and each obstacle could be overcome in a number of ways. Will you buy food for your pesants, or get them so drunk they can't tell they are starving? I used your advice of a Marshal and a Wolf, and they turned out to be nice opponets for this map.

Balance: 5
This map is more diffult than most, where you can slect indivual enemies and take them out with out worring about thier allies. Attacking one castle meant defending your troops from archers from the other one. I had to build up a force almost twice as large to attack one castle. While I never was defeated on this map, it deserves a five due to the diffulty defeating your enimies (and the fact that it is a skirimish map. I never lose skirmish maps).

Creativity: 3
I'm running low on creative juices myself. ummm... This map deserves three out of five for creativity. There we go; on to the next catogory.

Map Design: 4
It isn't often that you see a map without oasis, and it is a nice change. This map's lack of oasis is blended nicely into the story. The hills divideng you and your enimies is realistic, and the variation of the land terrian gives it a nice look. There is plenty of romm for compuers to grow, and their completed castles end up bieng rather close together. However, the low hills close to your keep gave me trouble when placing gates, towers, and iron mines. This may be pourposly done, but I did not like it.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story was long and detailed. That is all you can realy say about stories, except I would perfer it if you used quotes instad of "-" for speach.

Additional Comments:
I would recomend download for other players.

[Edited on 09/04/06 @ 11:49 PM]

Lord Michael I
File Author
"However, the low hills close to your keep gave me trouble when placing gates, towers, and iron mines. This may be pourposly done, but I did not like it.
Yes, the hills put where the iron is put on purpose, that cuts "usable" iron very low, making you not to depend on iron as an economy.
The other part of the hills annoying when placing towers and gates were not intended, as I forgot (oopsie) that people have different strategies than mine. When playing in these desertic maps I just put a tower or two. No walls or anything else.
Thanks for your review!
Sokrates Oh, i love this story! U must write a book about revenge to that organization! It will be a bestseller! :D
Venomrider Interesting and long story but the only issue I have with it is that real armies would never kidnap the king of the castle they just sacked and throw him into a swamp in a faraway land,good map and great story.(comment not meant to be offensive)

JuBuOrangie I did not play the map but read the story and here are two suggestions. One dont use fastly use quickly in fact I dont think that fastly is a word at all. Also "castle kidnappers" is not the best name for a bad guy.

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