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Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Normal
The canyonlands;
War is raging all across the lands and barbarian tribes and bandits are controlling most of the areas.Imperial army is cleaning these filthy rebels and is building a camp near the rebel villages so it can conquer this area back to imperium.You have been sent to establish the fort and your mission is to gather up enough resources and hold of the enemy attacks.

Do not camp in your little city, you will lose if you dont get the resources fast enough.Crossbows are usefull in this mission at guarding quarries and great at defence lines.Get your economy up and running as quicly as possible and start making army.
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Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
Well, while this map was mostly fun, there wasn't much potential for variation in action taken to win. This was mostly due to how much of the map you were cut off from. Walls of any kind were unable to be built, which was annoying, although it did seem to fit with the situation. Some of the existing defensive structures were built as the enemy's, so when I sat people on them they destroyed the bottom of a staircase on accident and almost my entire starting army was stuck there. However other than that it wasn't too bad. The literally constant attacks kept me occupied to a degree. Also, that little place with the tower on it looking over the wheat fields would create a challenge, because enemy archers would go up there sometimes. When I wasn't looking at the front I was mostly looking at the economy. That part I liked in a way, because I could build it up real big. Only, I could've done with a bit less starting resources because it was too easy to set everything up. Also, I like the fact that the attacks increase in difficulty, because eventually chances are you'll be overwhelmed (especially when the swordsmen start showing up!), so you're always thinking that you have to go faster. On the whole all the pluses and minuses seemed to balance out and give a pretty good map. I'd recommend opening up more of the map for use. Most of it seems to be wasted space. Oh, one more thing: The bandits scheduled showed up, all 40 of them, but they were slaughtered. Script bandits to come in when the area is clear of enemies or when the enemy is expected to be attacking the player.

Balance: 3
Balance was alright. Perhaps a bit too generous with the resources, as stated above. I beat this map in two tries though, so that's a bit of a plus. Try lessening the starting resources, especially the beginning weaponry. Also bulldoze a couple wheat fiels - there are about four to start with if I remember right, and four is plenty.

Creativity: 3
I liked how many bridges were in the map, and how the attack was always at you, and that it was made up of all the different attackers. I also thought the gradual increase in pressure was kind of cool. Really though it's just a timed resource collection type thingy.

Map Design: 3
Map design wasn't half bad. Playability was hit for it, but as far as aesthetics I thought this map reasonably done. The ruins and the scattered defenses were nice. I liked the river and the falls, and how the river used sea to make it look better. The bridge over the big river was real nice, with those waterfalls. I usually don't like stone roads but most of the ones on this map are alright. The blobs of iron and stone could be made to mesh a little better with the surrounding landscape. Try using the smallest brush and making specs around the patches. Make the specs fewer and farther between as you go outward from the patch, and maybe throw some dirt or rocks in there too. Pretty good use of trees and shrubs. I especially liked the max height area in front of the big bridge on the side with the signpost. The map needs work overall though on jagged edges and such. Don't go around with the set-height tools and make blobs of it. Usually cliffs aren't exactly smooth, they're jagged. So use the smallest brush to take little bites out of the cliffs, use the equalizer tool for a few clicks in some areas using a very small brush, etc. Try placing rocks around the cliff, on the top and bottom, maybe some bushes halfway between the bottom and top. Also, if you're going to use the big rocks, I'd recommend that you train yourself to get used to orienting them in a certain direction and placing them at the bottoms of the cliffs so they slant off it (not to say that's the only place to use rocks, but it helps with the cliffs). The river looks good overall, only the falls could be better - It's a bit big to be coming out of nowhere like a spring. Also the second level of the falls is a bit big. I don't really care much, but as some others might I should point out that the river does not flow correctly - Water drops down from the bridge and from the waterfall, so there should be a lake between the two, not a river. As a last thing, just thought I'd say that a few of your roads are redundant, although I didn't take off for it.

Story/Instructions: 4
It exists, and it's not bad if you ask me. Anymore it'd be hard to get a 5 on this because there's billions of maps out there, so I won't rate it too harshly. Fits the map nicely.

Additional Comments:
Well, I finally got around to playing it, so...reviewed ^^. Not bad really. It's not like your standard invasion, it's a bit different. Try to give the player a bit more of the map to fiddle with, or at least a bit more that's 'conquerable' if you know what I mean.

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Map Design3.0
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