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Tsunami, 939 AD and aftermath ~~ Updated!

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard

Map updated ~~~~ Pettingill and Lucifer factions now fight each other!! More troops added to monestary (see description). Pathways fixed and invasions worked on and improved. More starting gold. And you can hire slaves at the merc stand if you wish!! Updated ratings appriecated. Only 23 versions of the original map were issued, if you have one its already rare!! 9/14/06 ~~ Ver. 2 only

939 AD England

Without warning a medieval age Tsunami (tidal wave) of over 30 feet hit the coast of East Anglia (England). The resulting flood and high water killed hundreds as they were swept away by the onrushing waters. Local flood control at the time was minimal and local levies could not hold back such amount of water. The interior river system is destroyed and standing water is everywhere. Almost all survivors have fled to high ground, abandoning the flooded coastal areas. Only the desperate or insane stayed behind.

You are a privateer captain on the ship, Neptune's Greed. Its a small sailer, with a loyal and fierce fighting crew. Being out to sea you did not notice the tidal wave at all. The powerful waves passed harmlessly under your ship in the deep ocean. However, when you finally approached shore you quickly noticed the damage and loss of life.

The Privateer Small Sailing Ship, Neptune's Greed

9 Sailors (slingers)
4 Marines (pikemen)
2 Snipers (archers)
8 Slaves - not pictured
2 Engineers
1 Captain

26 Total Crew


1 Main Gun - (fire ballista)

Masts: 3

There is no constabluary or law enforcement of any kind after the disaster, as the resident lord has fled due to the tsunami. This has put the cathedrals and their treasuries in a vulnerable position. The peasants and local protagonists (Lucifer and Pettingill) have siezed control of the flooded town, and guard the only dry ground.

A group of armed religious zealots (player 2 orange) and their leader, Lucifer, have occupied the main town buildings. They sit in the walled compound with all of the bloodthirsty zealots in prayer. Inside their compound lies a cathedral full of priceless artifacts to plunder.

Lucifers Zealot Army (currently occupying the central cathedral walled compound)

Defending Force
10 Expert Zealot Archers
8 Zealot Infantry (spearmen)
6 Stormtroopers (macemen)
2 Zealot Marksmen (crossbowmen)
1 Personal Bodygaurd (pikemen)
11 Ordinary Zealots (engineers)
2 Suicide oilbombers (engineers w/ oil)
3 Messengers (laddermen)
3 Tombrobbers (tunnelers)
13 Regular Zealot Infantry (monks)
1 + 5 (new version) Deadeye Zealot Snipers (merc archer)
20 Zealot stoneflingers (slingers)
4 Private soldiers (merc swordsmen)
1 Lucifer (zealot king - player 2)

Total forces : 85

Along with the zealots, another group has stayed behind in the aftermath of the tsunami. A local druid (player 3 yellow) has allied with some monks of a nearby cathedral. They intend to stay and guard the treasures of their cathedral as well.

ArchDruid Pettingill (overseer) and Monks of the abbey

80 + 20 (new version) Regular brothers (monks)
2 Monk Cooks (slaves)
3 Red shirt squad (archers)
6 + 10 (new version) Perimeter Defense (merc archers)
1 God's Bow (fire ballista)
2 Engineers (monk scientists)
1 Archdruid Pettingill (local hero/freedom fighter - player 3)

Total Forces: 125

Tension is high as both camps nervously eye each other over the flooded paths and fields of the anglo-saxon town.

With two gangs and anarchy as the defacto governmental system due to the disaster and floods there cannot be peace. One gang must leave, by force if nessesary.

Your mission

Kill one leader (you decide: Lucifer the zealot leader or Pettingill the archdruid) in a quick attack. Then loot (destroy) one of two cathedrals and rid them of their priceless artifacts.

Watch out for Vikings who are invading eastern England at this time.

Thanks to everyone for all the downloads and input on the recent AD historical maps. At least one more is on the drawing board right now!

New Pic featuring my next map and snow!

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Captain Diablo I know for sure I'm reviewing this one! Will do so by tonight.
File Author
sounds good cap d, I see you have a new one out Ill take a look. I will be available today for quick response for ratings and comments left.

[Edited on 09/14/06 @ 05:06 PM]

Captain Diablo
Map Design4.5
Playability: 4.5

Setting up a fountain head for your settlement proves to have a quite dramatic opening and a fluent ending, but I've taken away one point for it's almost lackluster body of play.

Giving the player a choice of who and what to attack gave him almost two different games to play and there are multiple strategies for tackling each. You can, for instance, take your time and slowly build up a sizeable military force to lay siege on your enemy(ies) or can bask in the splendor of all that gold to buy a worthy (albiet narrowly chosen) mercenary fighting force.

I found myself wanting more slaves to set fire to the farms but wound up burning down the granary, a few houses, and destroying a few pitch rigs.

The down side to the playability is the odd placing of enemy buildings. The thing is that most of them were designed to get in your way, which proves to be quite annoying rather than crucial to success.


Slaves slaves and more slaves, what more can you want for your main defense force whilst your armored tanks break through the enemy's lines of defense to win the day? The pathing was redone and worked very well with little difficulty, the enemy chose up to three routes to your castle, which added a layer of uneasiness to the mix. Good stuff!

Balance: 4.0

It breaks down, sadly, not into three factions fighting each other, but into your gold versus the invasions and the opposing lords. Fighting was haphazardous because of the many fords that seemed to confuse the AI so much that they headed into dead ends leading to very tedious "babysitter battles". The odd huge invasion of spearmen, if you played the slow strategy, would set you back about 10-20 troops and if played the opulent way would decimate even the tightest regiment of Arabian Swordsman.

The good aspects of the balancing were the choice between the druids or the zealots and every little arabian archer that stood like cannon fodder between you and thier strongholds. It gave the player a sense of progression as they battled (messily) toward thier destinations and was done very well.


Ahh, it's good to see everyone attacking each other. Even better that your fights on the fords becomes exciting while you manage multiple defensive lines.

Although, after the main army of the orange team files out to attack the purple lord, it becomes rather easy to lay siege on his castle. I don't think this detracts from the experience at all however, as you are constantly being attacked by well timed invasions. Sha-weet.

Creativity: 5.0

Not many of these maps exist and this one earned extra points for the enemy stone walls, making it difficult to build on, the green coloring of the troops, the odd placment of buildings, the small self righteous beginnings from the ship to the flooded, forded area of land, and the various different names for each troops type listed on the map page.


Now that the lords attack each other, I wish that I could rate this higher than a 5.

Map Design: 4.5

As I said, the design was both creative and destructive to your efforts, the castle area was well done and the monks, although easily taken down, proved to be a sizeable gaurding force. The ship was killer B but again the pathings the troops take needs to be checked out.


Creative, destructive, functional, and not an eyesore whatsoever. Good job reworking the fords.

Story/Instructions: 4.5

Chiefly done, well done on the writings.


I still think it's a fitting story.

Additional Comments: This map proved to be a great play and offered many different strategies depending on your skill level and how well you cope with invasions. Good job, download is a must.


Nicely done Lollard, your handle on scripting never ceases to amaze me. Download is must, although I already said that. : )

[Edited on 09/15/06 @ 12:45 PM]

surajsubba downloading.....

supposed to take out all those troops??? hmmmm

File Author
Cap D thanks for the review. Other reviews appriecated.

Captain Diablo Will download and update when I get home, changes sound good!
surajsubba Fun map!

The initial stage to set up the defense was a little hard. The walls (enemy walls) around the keep complicated the setting at first. I decided to gather iron for that. because the invasions only lasted a few years, finishing the game was much easier.

Nice map. make more :0)
k4pod Sweet! The old map I I now have is rare. Anyone want it for a cool million?
k4pod how did you get the lords to attack each other?
File Author
Rare first draft of a map with signature of the cartographer? Ebay dude. LOL

you flip the map into a multiplayer and place troops from 6,7,or 8.

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Map Design4.5
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