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The Oasis Fortress *Updated*

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
-More knights, who'll bash to the gatehouses of your 2 walls
-More crossbowmen
-More macemen
-More pikemen
-200 slaves
-No siege weapons, they do nothing and only causes lag

Ok, this is my first attempt on uploading an crusader map, and I would thank a lot of people who make it possible to do this. More about this you'll see in the credits below.

The first stronghold game I bought whas simply Stronghold 1. After being so obsessed with the game, I whas searching on the internet and I found 2 of my most favorite websites: StrongholdKnights and StrongholdHeaven, where I learned so much, about invasions and triggering and map design. My most favorite sort of map is siege scenarios, where you have to build a fortress, garrison it with defenders, specify the attacking army and hold the castle or take it.

Then I bought Stronghold Crusader, and when I installed it I saw that the game sadly didn't allow you to create siege maps anymore. So I did an attempt to big sieges: I builded a castle, made a stablelized economy, didn't allow players to build, train or trade anything. This worked very well, until the granaries where destroyed. I didn't knew what I had to do until I learned something VERY important in Stronghold Heaven: the attackers always chose the shortest way to the Lord. I made use of this by placing the farms and granaries behind the Keep. This allowed me to create Siege Scenarios with massive sieges! Now I will tell you about the scenario itself:

You will have an arabian fortress with two layers of walls, the first is low and the second is stone wall. You can't build, train or trade anything, so you'll have to defend with your only initial army. here are some tips:

-Set the game speed on 20 and quickly retreat your bowmen on the low walls to the stone walls. The low walls will fall to the first cavalry charge.
-Keep an eye on your towers and gatehouses your bowmen standing on. Retreat the bowmen from your towers when they are falling.
-Don't worry about your economy, just survive!
-garrison your swordsmen inside your keep until the macemen will massively charge.
-Your army is outnumbered 10-to-1, but the enemy is weakened and your army has technological improvements.
-Use the shields to protect your bowmen from crossbowmen.
-You have some horse archers located on the right flank of your fortress.
-When you fended off all the invasions, destroy the rest of siege equipment and the generals, located near the signpost.

Storyline and further instructions can be found in the map.

Thanks to:
-StrongholdHeaven and all the forumers who inspirated me.
-StrongholdKnights, where I learned about scenery design and downloaded the Cede Utility Map with the Arabian Lord.
-All the makers from the maps I downloaded (Especially the Helms Deep Redux in Stronghold, this map helped me so much about how to make thos map hard)
-The store where I bought the two games: Stronghold 1 and Stronghold Crusader.

If you think this map isn't worth to have such a long story, I accept your comment, because it makes me challenged to build better maps then ever before, and you can always write your negative comments in your posts to me :).

And again: excuse my English, I come from the Netherlands.
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File Author
After about 50 downloads I'll update this map ;)
Grand duX Nice map man,but u didn't have to put those catapults on the end :P

[Edited on 09/15/06 @ 11:33 AM]

Grand duX Playability: 3.5
(Insert Playability analysis here)

Balance: 4.5
(Insert Balance analysis here)

Creativity: 3.5
(Insert Creativity analysis here)

Map Design: 4.5
(Insert Map Design analysis here)

Story/Instructions: 5
(Insert Story/Instructions analysis here)

Additional Comments:

nothing special just another big invasion

[Edit – This review has be retracted by staff as part of a retrospective moderation of reviews. This was carried out to deal with the issue of some reviews not meeting the minimum standard. The content of the retracted review has been left to stand as a comment. The author is welcome to contact staff about this. Edited by ericgolf]

[Edited on 11/21/08 @ 01:04 PM]

Lord Rushton Playability: 4.5
good but when all the invasions are on the map it starts to lag because of to many troops

Balance: 5
wow, on my first try i had only needed to kill 4 swordsmen and them siege towers and i would of won and your tips did help, who would ever have thought around 380men could take one like 3400 well around there

Creativity: 5
very eyecandy in the keep, nice castle

Map Design: 4.5
good near the castle but most of the map was desert but oh well
Story/Instructions: 5
brillant story, and the story in the map is fab!!
Additional Comments:
really good for invasions, and if you love sieges, then this is the map for you!

File Author
I'm very glad to see that you all like it. In my update I'll do more with the desert, such as hills and more eyecandy ^^.
Lord Rushton i can't wait for that!
also you shouldn't make them catapluts at the end since i have no idea what their purpose is and you said the knights would take down the low walls which they didn't in my attempt on this map so maybe make knights charge harder and a few less troops to the defender.
Lord Rushton i just wrote some but oh well,
1) there should be more knights and macemen,
2) no catapults at the end,
3) less defending troops
File Author
Ok then I'll make no mangonels and siege towers, they only cause more lag. And what about a charge of 150 knights? And with 60 men less defenders?
Lord Rushton
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4.5
great here but there was crowding.

Balance: 5
very hard, i completed in my 1st go, with a lot casulties, so many troops to fend off, yet the defender can actully fend them off.

Creativity: 5
the castle design here is magnifercent, if it wasn't for it then you couldn't have cpmpletedit.

Map Design: 5
absolyult great for a desert

Story/Instructions: 5
great story like last time,
Additional Comments:
File Author
Thnx for your reviews can anyone give another review?
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Map Design4.5
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