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Stronghold Crusader: Skirmishes
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Emblem of the Gallant

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Number of Players: 4
Balance: Balanced
Difficulty: Normal
"Come another five years, and this kingdom from the west will rise into the horizon"

Cainears, a well-spring of civilization has been a force to reckon with the vast lands conquered over the past decades. With a kingdom this large and the lands that hold great bounty, comes more enemies. Your king knows this too well.

Over the years, he has escaped death on numerous occasions, each time strengthening his convictions that his path is divinely inspired and that greatness is his destiny. If he has a religion, this is a belief in the superiority of the people and culture, a tradition he is convinced will rise. He is a king respected by all, a natural leader.

Two years later, a distant kingdom declares war with Cainears. It's ruler known for his cruelty, creates waves of hatred and fear. The loyalty of those who protect him is based on fear itself. Heavy attacks begin a week later. Shortly followed by ground offensive. Thousands are killed. The war unfolds just as your king feared. Determined not to surrender to the enemy's cruel ways, he makes a last stand with a few soldiers. Three days later, during the second wave of invasions, the king is killed. Hundreds of enemies swarm into the castle. Defeated, you and a handful others flee to the north of the country. Time passes by: You have built a shrine in the memory of your king and all those who lost their lives. Avenge them

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lollard97367 cant wait to play this!!!
God Avo Wow! Great job on the evenness! That must of taken a long time!
File Author
Thanks. Yeah it has! i really must be rushing the maps

the holidays are about to begin and i have to get back home for the festivities. So a lots of map for all. Look for my last map "Fear of the Dark".

[Edited on 09/19/06 @ 04:51 PM]

God Avo My holidays have ended like a week ago ^^
But still, this map might just has almost everything.. enough room for Ai's to build, wnough resources, eye candy, great terrain.. It's just fantastic!
File Author
Here. Ours is just about to start. Like Christmas in our way.

anyways glad u enjoyed the map. I think this map's best for LAN players. Dont u think? a little too symmetrical. i dont think uv made skirmish maps hav u God avo?? ever plan to make one??
God Avo Oh sorry, I haven't downloaded yet :(
I haven't made any skirmish maps, but now you speak of it I have tried some small islands for me and the rat to play ;)
I guess I could make a skirmish map some time :p At the moment I'm working on a Stronghold: Invasion set.. Lands of Stirn. 6-10. They are harder than the first 5 ;)
File Author
i'll be sure to download them. Let me know your thoughts 'bout this map after playing it.
God Avo Ok, a great map.. Alot of battle here, especially across the rocky fields :p

I played with even advantage (2000 gold, normal game) against abbot, rad and sultan (abbot and rat to wear down my economy and sultan to attack with what little troops he had) as a test.. It wen't quite well, I built my economy first and started weapon production early on crossbowmen and built a few towers, I didn't bother building a walled castle and filled the towers with crossbowmen.

I first wen't across the map to reach the rat and killed him with 20 crossbowmen and 10 pikemen, I survived with 19 crossbowmen and 6 pikemen. I then went atop to sultan and used my troops on him and failed (6 pikemen.. not good xD ) but they destroyed part of his economy.

After that I realised that the abbot was sending in quick waves of 300 monks, they got to my lord but were stopped by the crossbowmen. I then bought maces and built macemen, in intervals of 25. After I got about 75 macemen and had over 10k gold left I then bought 50 swordsmen and 50 pikemen, and by then I had over 100 crossbowmen and like 60 spare.

So I went to the sultan again and charged him with 60 crossbowmen and 50 pikemen and 20 swordsmen. Not much losses; only 4 crossbowmen, 3 pikemen and zero swordsmen were killed.

I then built trebuchets (3) and shot at the closest ballista tower on the abbot and took it down, then I charged with 100 crossbowmen and 50 pikemen and 50 swordsmen, my trebuchets bought down the inner walls, and so my troops walked across the wall and into the keep and killed the lord. I lost in total about 70 troops overall, and killed about 1,000. I gathered over 6,000 food and 1,000 wood and about 700 stone and gained about 50,000 gold.
My skirmish score was 20,000 :p

I'll play later against harder opponents and comment on them then :p
File Author
The map WAS made for multiplayers. Since it's a little too symmetrical. Personlly i played aginst the Pig, and the wolfs. THe pig coz the melee troops keeo comming to destroy the farms and stuff on and on.The wolf's army takes time, coz he makes alot of expensive troops,.. it's challenging

Stone is placed at the back of each keep ( that way a stable economy can be achieved).all players will have to dispute a little for iron.

I hope the AI's didn't hav problems

[Edited on 09/24/06 @ 08:40 AM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
I enjoyed this map.It was alot of fun.

Balance: 5
As you said, it was symetrical and evryone had the same amount of stuff

Creativity: 5
Ihavent seen a map like this

Map Design: 5

Story/Instructions: 5
Nice story.

Additional Comments:
I played this map with the wolf,Emporer frederick and saladin.they all buikt huge castles with lots of took me 3 hours to beat them.
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Map Design5.0
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