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The quarrel about island

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Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Normal
Hello! Its me Best Willis, I did some good maps long time ago and this one is my comeback. Enjoy and rate!

Your name is Sir Alvin Livelot. After your fathers death, as the youngest son, you inherited only a small island called Temptation island. You left England with few servants and after a month arrived on the island discovering, that it is an untouched wilderness. There is only the keep and its governor and few sick souls. You spent some days on the island, but found out, that the governor doesnt like the fact, he must serve you. Things ended up in a complot against you, but thanks to your knights, you survived and hanged the conspirator. Unfortunately his name was Robert Duffont, nephew to Victor Duffont or the Snake. After few days Snakes messenger arrived demanding the island as a compensation for his nephews death. You knew this was only a guise and having nowhere else to go, you decided to defend the Temptation island as your one and only home. On the next day your engineers worked out a plan. they believe a huge round tower on the cliff could stop Snakes troops...t
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Captain Diablo This looks, interesting. Will rate later!
God Avo I love small island maps! I just absolutely love them! I will definately download this map!
Dougleass Yeah, I love them too. You know, I searched your name and found this map. It has the same name as you.
File Author
Yes, because, Best Willis was my old nickname here. I did that map. As well as all other maps with Best Willis nick :f)
God Avo
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
I enjoyed this map to an extent, but playability gets a three because:

The marshland left hardly any space to build, and there was extremely little space to build on the cliff with the keep.

You couldn't rebuild stockpiles, so I was limited to 1 stockpile after placing a brewer where a previous stockpile once was.

You could build farms, but there wasn't any room to build a farm at the start of the map. I needed to place a woodecutter close to some rocks to delete them, then place a farm.

Limited resources such as stone and oil, and also some useless resources (iron) on the map. Iron stoped some valuable building space on the map. And there was pitch available to get, but no iron to build an oil smelter.

It was hard to get money, as the fire and plague were consecutive (one after another) and left me penniless. But I guess that is the challenge afterall.

By the time I finished all of the above, I got invaded (playing on normal mode) and died because I couldn't make any troops by the time of the invasion. And the journey for the poleturners to go from open land (far away) to the stoickpile to the armoury I would of got about 1 spear per 6 months or so.

Balance: 3
There was alot of wood avalable, which helped to start hunting + hops + brewers + mining.
Although it lacked almost every other resource, although still possible to get most of it.

It was hard to get troops, as you have little gold and resources. And you could only make spearmen.
And well, you couldn't make burning oil so that really doesn't help in defense.

Creativity: 4
I like the idea of islands, and also seagulls. So good job there.

Map Design: 3
I thought that the map in general was good, the river was ok. Although in the lower part of the map where the stone is, that just looked bland. The stone seemed to come nowhere (mountains, or hills..) same with the oil patch. Although you did use Shrubs, and a nice forest was put into the map ;)
But you could of worked more with the sea, just a fes seagulls and rocks didn't really appeal to me :D

Story/Instructions: 4
A great background, and some nice vocabulary.

Additional Comments:
Keep going! Your previous maps were great, and this one was abit under what I expected. But still, alot of aspects of this map was good ^^
File Author
To God Avo:

You see, thats what reality is about. There is not always a beautiful island with lots of food and resources or space to build (btw. the space to build a farm is on the beach). The iron was just an eye candy for this map. Somtehing like rocks. The secret of this map is not to train troops as you may be used to, but to use pitch ditch and killing pits and to build the tower before the first invasion. Map Design: What do you want me to do? Put a whale into the sea? :f )) And while we are talking about the realistic look of the map. Please, look at your isles of fanarchy or lands of stirn. I really feel you did me wrong at least here.
God Avo In reality, if there was a small island with little space to build the land owners wouldn't build buildings in a too awkward posistion. Take the stockpile for example, why would you place it close to the sea? Where it would take a small trek to reach the chains.

Ok, they're might of been some room for a farm. But if you needed food, apples and bread wouldn't help as the journey would be too far and the food stocks would just dwindle to nothing. Or to keep your people happy and raise gold, you would chose hops. But again the same problem of the journey's length.

And with the resources, you just blotched them into the lower section of the map, the boulders just appeared on the ground from nowhere. There was a cliff nearby, let them run down from there.
And the oil, you had some marsh land that runs through the upper land, then why did you place a blob of oil in the lower part of the map?

And with the sea, what I mean't was that they're was only a few rocks which had fallen into the sea. Create some small islands and more rocks, the sea isn't only calm but full of dangers.

And what does my 'Isles of Fanarchy' map have to do with this? MY map was an economical map, meaning the main challenge of the map was to gather the resources needed to complete the map.. whilst in your invasion map, you get a long time span to protect your small settlement, leaving the main focus on:
Gathering Resources
Stocking food
Keeping people happy
Making money
And after all that, using your available resources to defend against a wave of 40 troops.

And I have learn't since my 'Isles of Fanarchy' map, and I am putting forward my opinions.

[Edited on 09/20/06 @ 05:19 PM]

Steady on guys :-)
We are or should be all friends here.

Lantis (Best Willis),(Nice to see hear from you again BTW :-) why not email God Avo and suggest a different side to your map? Maybe if he were to agree with you then he might alter his opinion. Or maybe you two could discuss how a hints file might be made to help players beat the map if they are stuck. Ofcourse God Avos opinion is his own. I know what it is like to have someone attack a review and it is not a good feeling... :-)

God Avo, Hi :-)
Please realise not all map makers are as ready to take on board and react positively to criticism as you are. I am sure you realise that many of us are very attatched to our maps:-)

Why not discuss by email and then look again at what you wrote at eachother.

I do not mean to be patronising. I just don't want to see two map designers that I respect argue in this tone. :-)
God Avo Oh, ericgolf - did my last post turn out to sound abit nasty? Oh sorry, it wasn't supposed to be like that. Sorry if it confused you.

Hey, ericgolf :)
I understand that both you and BestWillis have been around a long time, whilst I'm still fairly quite new. And well I wouldn't try to disrespect any mapmaker (unless they are seriously abusive or such) in any form ;)

In any respect to Lantis, I hope that my last post didn't offend you. (Ok perhaps the last part of my post was going abit overboard, I'll delete that part).
Well, all the best wishes to Lantis and ericgolf :D
File Author
Heeeey what seems to be the problem here? :f)) See? Thats why the map is called the quarrel about the island :f) NO really, its all right. Btw. I only put marsh on the track so player cannot build a stone wall there to stop the enemy. Maybe you can try to start like this: build two woodcutters on the small "penninsula" next to the keep, than one hunter post and finaly the apple farm. When you have enough wood, build quarry + ox :f) and than try building wheat farm, mill and some bakeries. You should also try old trick - task switching and putting woodcutters just where you need them most. The only thing that I was unhappy with was the map design rating :f) I really think 4 would be enough.
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