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Holiday at Black Crater Lake

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard

at Black Crater Lake

IN THE BEGINNING a old cratered volcano was discovered by the first human explorers. It had always been there, timeless, strong, and dormant; Yet the mountain was new to the humans. They found rich sources of iron and stone close to a fresh water volcanic lake. They walked in the fields and found patches of an extremely rare herb, Wolvesbane. This herb grows wild around the lake and is unique to this mountain chain. The explorers decided to name it Black Crater Lake after its clear water and black soil. Eventually mining men followed and settled in base camps (player 6 & 7 & 8). Since the area was wilderness and without law, relations between the camps eventually fell into chaos. A mining war sputtered to life and the bases became walled camps. Each camp was only as strong as the greed of the individual lord, and their intestinal fortitude to continue to mine and live there. Houses and Keeps were reinforced with stone walls and towers as each mining family slowly developed their defenses. Each castle can control its surrounding area from the high ground and ofcourse any tourist princes and farmers are fair game.

900 AD, January

You are a noble prince of the County of Deschutes sent to the area to visit your distant relatives in the middle of winter. Your relatives have done well managing their own mining and weapons manufacturing camp at the lake (player one - red). They have lived most of their lives at the lake and have built a well protected castle surrounded by a "Battle Ditch". This new "Battle Ditch" is a early version of the classic trench, and is perfect cover from arrows or crossbow bolts. See castle of Player One for this defensive ditch.

Since you are just on holiday, you want to proceed with the normal tourist activities like getting souvenirs and other time wasting activities like being over run by barbarians (more on that later) and hanging out on the beach to pose for anyone who is there to watch.

Firstly you decide to acquire one bushel of the rarest of the rare herbs at the pinnacle of harvest, the dreaded wolvesbane - which only grows in this area of the mountains at night. Use the land owned by your relatives (player one) to farm one bushel of wolvesbane (hops) and bring it back to the stockpile.

As you are a visiting noble (prince) you have all the normal tourist type indulgences and vanity, just to the extreme. You care not of the mining war or the struggle of the smaller mining operations. You just want two expensive mementos of your visit to Black Crater Lake to take back home to the Palace.

You hear rumors of a rare oil that only forms in pools on the floor of a natural cave located in these mountains.

Use the Player One pitch rigs to scoop out some of this grooming oil (pitch) and bring it back to the stockpile. Then you will be in possesion of the greatest lotion (pitch) of the known world, and will be the envy of all the other pompous fool tourists in the kingdom. Get these two items and you will achieve Victory and be the ultimate tourist snob.

Watch out for the barbarian hordes from the north. These barbarians are the locals who despise tourists and like to trample on wolvesbane and wreck mining camps, but mostly they like to get tourist princes and wring their necks. So hurry and get your herb (one bushel of hops) and some lotion (one jug of pitch) and leave Black Crater Lake like a good little tourist prince. This is my first map with snow, look for some of it near your granary. Enjoy and as always all comments and ratings welcomed.

New map coming out in STRONGHOLD 1, Invasions

Here is a sneak peek:

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William Tell As always, beautiful map, one of the best mapmakers on stronghold heaven.

File Author
cheers..hope you get the victory
Stratego Wow, creativity never ends, looks great, lollard! What a bizarre landscape ... will try this one ...
Stratego Hi lollard,

nice and witty idea, these two victory conditions (1 hops/1 pitch), however, I wouldn't allow to buy hops in this case.

It took me 11 game years to complete the objectives, and it was't that hard as supposed to be...

;-)Keep up your ingenious work!


[Edited on 09/25/06 @ 05:21 PM]

doomrocker Well... I played this one all of yesterday cause the minimap looked O.K but... The real mission isnt that great. Why is there only wone assasin over south of the green round tower/Why does green ot have a home base. And that "real nice" battle trench u was talkin bout. It aint so great. YOur crossbows cant fire out of it. I HATE the fact you cut the pikemen. And Why does the purple guy have absouloutly no troops and just sits there. Great snow efects though will rate soon
File Author
Dont be a hater.

FOR THE RECORD: The map plays fine and doesnt have any errors or problems.

I may update with everyones input. Or not. Some troops have individually been placed to stand guard against attack from that direction by assassins or other threats. Im glad that you got to play the map for "all yesterday", sounds like you had a positive experience for the most part, if not then you should play it again for another whole day then you might change your mind.
doomrocker K fine i was a lil over the top.. a lil.

The trench wasn't that good though, No offence

Liked the snow effects though
File Author
other comments and ratings encouraged.
Dougleass The minimap looks terrific. I'll dl and rate.

How do I get hops?

[Edited on 10/01/06 @ 05:01 PM]

File Author
unsleep the farms on the side of the map. However I left hops turned on in the market if you want to skip that part of the mission and just get the pitch requirement only.
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