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Knights of the Temple

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Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Hard
Knights of the Temple

Historical background:

Our story starts in the years just before the third Crusade (1189 – 1192 A.D.), somewhere in Western Syria. A few small Christian cultural centers had been established over many years there, being tolerated by the Syrian natives in those peaceful times. Peace however, is a complicated affair, and the conquest of Jerusalem by Sultan Saladin in 1187, gave all Christian kings the reason to take up their arms once more. So the third Crusade begun.

One of the most famous commanders among the Christian armies was the king of England, Richard Lionheart who finally succeeded in reconquering the City of Akko in 1191. This military triumph caused a temporary protection along the coastal strip from Tyre to Edessa, well knowing that this hollow peace would not last a long time …


After these short historical basics, let’s come back to the actual situation on the map:
We are at the bottom of the Christian monastery St. Albert once founded by Italian monks living an ascetic life in absolute seclusion apart from occasionally staying Syrian traders. These peaceful times are slowly fading away, and economically the monks are increasingly short on everything.

In direct vicinity to the monastery, there’s an antique Syrian temple situated on the other side of a wide valley. Sheikh Abdul, one of Saladin’s dubious commanders gathered his men there and erected an outpost near this strategic spot. Now he’s watching “the activities of the infidels” as he says and without batting an eyelid he adds: “These strangers are going to desecrate this ancient sacred place … that’s unacceptable!”

While Sultan Saladin’s hordes keep on terrorizing and raiding through the land, King Lionheart is about to arm for war. He has charged you, a loyal and brave knight also a friar of the so-called “Templar Order”, to protect the local Christian community and to restore the former trading routes.

These are the tasks for you to accomplish:
Up on the coastal mountains you will find plenty of iron resources, which you should use to your advantage. You are short on diverse foodstuffs at the moment. The royal troops are going to devour loads of provisions, and the food stocks in the granaries are in danger of running out, slowly but unstoppably. Try to get out of this mess, and you will have to make much money in order to buy in all necessary goods and weapons (longbows) for a secure position. King Richard himself has charged the best fletchers of the land with the production of longbows exclusively for his own war plans. You’ve got just one single fletcher left, but he’s an old grey-haired man walking with a limp …

The monks of St. Albert are also famous for their skillfulness of brewing ale. Therefore, produce 20 gallons of ale in order to strengthen the fighting spirit of the Christian allied combat troops. Beware of roaming lions and plundering bandits, they are hungry and insatiable …keep brave and withstand the enemy at all costs! Scouts are reporting that Saladin’s army is on the march, each day getting closer and closer … be prepared and hold out to the end! Shall it really be your inevitable fate either being killed by Saladin’s warped sword or being subjugated and taken prisoner for the rest of your life?

Good luck and enjoy!

Your comments and reviews are always welcome.


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Dark NeRo One word: wow!!!
This looks pretty awesome Stratego
Will download and rate
doomrocker nice map pretty friken hard though. Nice mappin effects on ur mine. Wit da tunnelur guild andsiege tower
lollard97367 Im playing this today and I saw that you locked it. Interesting. Ive seen more locked maps lately and I dont know if that is a good or bad thing.

Strangely familiar landscaping. Beware of lions in big prides.

[Edited on 09/28/06 @ 01:33 PM]

File Author
Hi folks,

well, as experience shows, locked maps do have a specific thrill. All kinds of events are not predictable, and may happen surprisingly; therefore,the most calculated measures/activities are impossible. That's a convincing and very challenging aspect, in my opinion, and I admit that this fact requires a lot of skilfullness and abilities to get through a scenario. So don't get annoyed about it, enjoy the humor and challenge of maps like this one.

Happy gaming!
;-) Stratego
Dougleass You seem to have two word files that are exactly the same in the zip. I'll dl and rate this map.

[Edited on 10/01/06 @ 09:52 AM]

File Author
Hi Dougleass,

that's right, but the alternate one is a "Rich Text Format" - file (so-called rtf.file).

Thanks a lot for rating it!
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4.5
Well, now i've played it. It was a real challenge! I had to replay it, and play it faster. The first round, the fire in the beginning really screwed it up for me. The lions were killed quite easily. Anyways, all that will be discussed in balance. You get busy as fast as the map begins. You have to kill off all the enemy soldiers, and that was fun. You had something to do right from the start.

Balance: 4.5
As I said before, it was very hard. But I like maps that you have to play twice. The lions weren't much of a problem, but the bandits and the invasions were really hard. The second try I had managed to build some blacksmiths, so this time I could beat them, but barely- each time. You need to act quickly, and there's many things you have to do, and supervise. You can really see that the designer took time to playtest it, and make it hard to the max! Its good.

Creativity: 3.5
Not much over the ordinary. It has some unique features, like a well designed enemy base, the story and other small details gives it a 4.

Map Design: 5
I love the terraining on this map. I've never been fond of the Crusader map editor, but this map looks really good. As mentioned above, I like the enemy castle, or monastery or whatever it is. The ruins on both sides are well made too. It just looks nice overall. Well done.

Story/Instructions: 4.5
A long interesting story, but not enough for a five. I never say much here... Not much to be said.

Additional Comments:
A map for the more skilled Stronghold Crusader players (not saying I am one >.>) You need to act quickly, and take care of forces much bigger than yours, and at the same time you need to supervise your ale stock... Its a good one!

[Edited on 10/02/06 @ 05:05 PM]

riderwinz I've been going back & playing earlier posted maps. This was well worth playing... difficult in the early stages & any fires are devastating.

Some tips: Build a quarry before any mines as towers are needed for defense. Later, ballista towers will be needed to take out the stationary troops. Sell all iron production till well past half way. Iron will be your main source of income besides taxes.

Once you have your defenses organized, the invasions are manageable, although the last one will need lots of archers.

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Map Design5.0
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