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The Challenge

Author File Description
Captain Diablo
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Normal

The throne of Baldwin has changed hands multiple times in the last few centenials, not by the stains of civil war or by the hands of enemies, but by the way, nay, ART that belonged only to Baldwin Kingdom and looked down on by foriegn eyes. This way of secceeding the throne had been started by the nation's humble founder, The Rat,started because of a citizen's comments of his failed conquests and insults toward his appalingly poor military tactics. To prove this man wrong, The Rat carved out a piece of land to wage war on in a controlled environment.

In one corner, the heavily defended throne room, where the current kings sits and waits.

In the other corner, the Chellenger's Arena. Where the challenger builds up his strength to prove that he is the true champion.

The Rat had been easily defeated in record time by his challenger; The Snake. After that the throne fell to The Pig, finally The Pig succumbed to The Wolf, he is the current ruler of Baldwin Kingdom. All of these challenges had required massive amounts of time, strategy, and effort, so much so that it must be started when the challenger is at or around the young age of 14 to be completed in time.

At last, the challenge has fallen to you. To prepare for the horendous years to come, you started to review everything there was to know about the Challenge, troop types, terrain. Such as, you read, the Snake had won because he had blockaded the Rat's hunting with portable shields and archers, the Pig had won because of his fierce and quick attacks, and the Wolf had won, well, because of his uncaring attitude toward human life.

Was nothing sacred to the King? Was even the throne itself sacred? If not, then he does not deserve to be King! In your mind and in your heart you knew everything needed to be known. As such you set out to your arena, your home, your very life.

I'd like to thank Lord Michael for playtesting, yet again, lol. The text box for Netscape is a little wiggy so please bear with me while I fix it.

Hints are included in the zip file! Enjoy!
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AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Looks an interesting idea.

Dougleass, I think the King is the opposition waiting in the marsh. You need to build a settlement in the arena then sally forth and kill the King.... I think. Yes?

I like the story :-) Nicely done, Captain Diablo :-)

FroobaChoob The Map is Defenders Of Faith By Octavius Maximus

If flicking Back And forth Through Pages You Will See The Similarity
You mean it has a circular wall?

[Edited on 10/04/06 @ 03:48 PM]

Captain Diablo
File Author
Lollard, no need to be so blunt, please describe the problem.

Frooba, I have looked at that story, it's amazing, but I did not look at it at any time during the creation of this map. And really, I see no similiarities.

Mine is about a kingdom passing rite to succeed the throne, his is about treachery and religious deciet.

And yes Dougleas, you are attacking the king.

Enjoy, more comments welcome!
Maybe what Lollard is getting at is that there is a shortage of wood. But I imagine that that is part of the problem to be solved in beating this map. I am playing this on Normal at the moment. I had thought I had maybe foreseen the wood shortage and started by NOT cutting down everything but husbanding the trees instead. But then the drought came along. Grrrrr! ;-) What you are allowed to trade might be a clue as to what you are expected to trade maybe? It is a tough one :-)
Captain Diablo
File Author
lol, apparently this map is too hard for anyone but me and Sir Michael.

Will update later with reduced droughts and one more change.
Captain Diablo
File Author
Hmm, on second thought, I just beat it.


This gives you ample wood, in fact I almost ran out of space AFTER the droughts in my stockpile. Ended with over one thousand gold and with a large forest in the southwest corner.

Cheers, Captain Diablo
I was not saying it needs to be made easier :-)

I will try it again. One thing during my first play was that I was concerned about the game lasting long enough. So I was trying not to over hunt. But I was also worried about the opposition's hunters. They are taking dear too. So I was distracted and diverted a bit into trying to intercept the enemy hunters before they killed any dear. I think this caused me to take my eye of the ball in terms of protecting the arena and building the economy.
Captain Diablo
File Author
lol, then it works out perfectly.

Thanks a lot Ericgolf!
Hey! I beat it on Normal! :-)))

Playing level 5000
Troops lost 20% 8000
score 13000

My last save was Nov1066 and I had played on well beyond that. So it took me long enough.

You don't have to weather many invasions before they stop and you can concentrate on building up and assaulting.

That was great fun, Captain Diablo! Thanks :-)

Now. I wonder how big the invasions are on V.Hard?....

[Edited on 10/06/06 @ 05:18 PM]

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