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Blood Red Rock

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Number of Players: 5
Balance: Unbalanced
Difficulty: Normal
Made with version: 1.1

Blood Red Rock

A name on a map- Blood Red Rock…A name which could mean many things. For instance, some thought it came from the color of this imposing sandstone column which rose high above the desert. Others claim it was because the setting sun bathed it in a startling, crimson light. But those who really know had but one explanation. The claim it was because the blood of many men had soaked into the sand around this evil rock, giving it’s frightful name.

The legends of the rock goes back over the centuries but the story which holds the interest more than the others told of a convoy of rich merchants bringing gold across the barren wastes. Acting as guards were several fierce mercenaries in the pay of a local merchant. Hamed, a commander in the gold escort was tired of looking after other people’s wealth. It wasn’t long before he had a small group eager to follow him. When the time was right, the traitors turned on the others, and a fierce no-quarter combat raged. That day Blood red rock lived up to it’s name as Hamed and his men slaughtered their way to victory. But he knew they must flee and hide until it was safe to escape from the area completely. The bulk of the riches were hidden where they could come back for them later. After the gold was hidden, disaster struck the party as arab after arab fell victim to a mysterious and fatal illness. Perhaps it was something in the water which had spread the disease. But whatever it was, all the rebels died, including Hamed himself.

Year 1015

The darkest day befalls castle Arath when your treacherous brother plots a scheme to stage a hostile takeover of your throne. As if your brother’s betrayal isn’t enough, a long-standing family curse dooms those who don’t fulfill their royal destiny. If it wasn’t for your loyal guards who uncovered the plot, your brother would have succeeded in his plan. The men escort you to a safe area across the country. Meanwhile it becomes apparent after a more hectic searching that something has gone very wrong wit the plan…your brother hires mercenaries to finish his job…. “ I want him dead or alive,…. I prefer dead!”. It is clear that your brother will do just about anything in his power to get your throne. By the time he is aware of your disappearance, you are far from the castle. Deciding east to be the safest, you start to head up the narrow, rocky tracks and into the desert. On the journey, you come across Raschid, an arab. He is a man of the desert, secretive & withdrawn but respected by other desert dwellers. He shows you a safe place to lie low for the moment, an oasis where caravans occasionally camp.

The sun is setting by the time you and your men reach the oasis. By this time your brother is well aware of your movement and wastes no time in sending more mercenaries your way. Sighing deeply you pause on a rock ledge before returning to the camp when a strange rock formation catches your eye. “ That rock fascinates me, though I don’t know why? Maybe it’s the suns dying rays caught on the rocks !” you whisper to yourself. “That rock will show you where to go from here. It has always shown us.”, explains Rachid as he trudges along the ledge. “ We call it the Blood Red Rock.”

Safe? Think again ! paid handsomely by your brother, some desert lords will be coming for you. And aah yes! The Blood red rock ! make good use of the resources nearby it. More mercenaries are headed your way and the few stubbornly loyal men won’t leave your side. Brace yourself and hope this wont be your last stand.

Author’s Notes:

Place yourself can place on either the north or south left corners of the map. Don't be alarmed, you can place farms over the haddes terrain. It's made to look barren that way. Player color is blue.

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
k4pod mean the hadies terrain can proudce farms. I thought you meant the small patch of oasis could support farms.
k4pod how did you make the player color change in your other maps. I am having trouble where the minimap player color changes, but not the acual color. Unless you used the template maps..
File Author
Hi K4pod!

I've noticed the problem too. I can't help u much here. I dont know how sometimes the color stays with the players and sometimes it doesn't. Yes i did use the color templates

[Edited on 11/05/06 @ 11:38 AM]

k4pod Hey, want to exchange ratings with my Black Gate map?
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
I've played against wolves and saladins and found out that if you ally with a saladin beside you and against a wolf in the middle,you tend to be able to kill the wolf easily with just a few assasins at the start. If you could just move the keep a bit further from each other,it will be better

Balance: 4
The balance is quite good,at the right side of the map,i tend to face some difficulties building stone quarries due to the height of the terrain

Creativity: 5
Nicely done,i love the part where you made the spotlike features.It took me awhile to find it,and i like the idea of putting a section of oasis on the bottom left of the screen.Makes the map look more realistic

Map Design: 4
The map design is great,great use of terrain tools although the ammount of stone deposites are not much at certain part of the terrain.But it does fit perfectly into the terrain.

Story/Instructions: 5
I played once according to the story,it proved dufficult as saladin and wolf keep blowing up my farms and quarries.I like the part particularly about the blood red rock it gave me some suspense and thrill

Additional Comments:
All in all,its a good map and i had a fun time with it.Good work surajsubba!
File Author
Thanks for the great review xflamex!

The position of the keeps were intentional. The three keeps to the right are meant for Ais. The Top left and bottom keeps are meant for the player(any one).

Thanks again
Happy gaming
File Author
Oh K4pod,Hi!

Missed your comment there lol...Of course! will download and play your map tonight. I'll review it honestly.
k4pod i can review The Mughal Empire if you want.. you already have a review for this one. But it doesn't matter to me.
File Author
Its really up to u. Whichever u enjoyed more.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
Ai works great, at least the ones I used. Would a couple wolf's castle fuse? I don't know. An fact that the mangonles are in range of your iton mines and farms is great. Fun stuff, at least as goo as skirmishes.

Balance: 5
Great ballance. I played aginst a coulpe of Lionhearts, and I can tell you it was quite difficult, especialy when they all attacked at the same time. Assulting the right keeps was hard, as they were so close together.

Creativity: 5
I loved how you added Blood Red rock in the map. And the hadies terrain to hide the farms...nice, although this has been used before.

Map Design: 4
Great. I liked how you used hills and rocks to limit mine production, while still staying in stride with the map. But when you think about it, some people belive you are mining people's blood. Creepy. On the minimap, the map looked great. But in the acual map, hadies terrain kinda fell short, looking wierd in my opinoin. This is unfixable, unless you put oasis on not so steep hills, like lower versions of the ones you put the stone on.

Story/Instructions: 4
A good story, some mistakes. Like spaces before periods. I know i'm being critical. But a simple spell check and a re-read will fix this.
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Map Design4.5
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