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passing the line

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Number of Players: 2
Balance: Balanced
Difficulty: Normal
When you were yound,you heard a prophecy.It was foretold that at the age of 28,your country will suffer the largest defeat of the century.The lord,took the prophecy seriously and had made prepartions for what that had been destined upon these lands.Your parents dukes of the country had provided great help to the lord.

At the age of 25,you were brought into the castle to meet the lord and join his massive army.

"M'lord,i have come to aid you in your conquest" - you said

" me what you can do boy" - said the lord

He summoned two of his guards and they charged at you.You noticed you had been drawn into a duel,despite the heavy armour they were equiped with,you were able to take them down due to the ammount of training you undergo since the age of 20.

The Lord clapped and said - "Bravo dear boy,those were the few of my best"

you bowed and helped the guard to their feet and gave one of them his sword back. "It was my pleasure m'lord" - you then said.

"I shall grant you the post of assisting commander" - the lord said after thinking for awhile.

You bowed once again and thanked the lord for his decision.Years had past since then,you had been promoted to commander for your outstanding performance in planning strategies.You saved many lives and had became a man of fame.

28 years flashed past since you had borned.No one had believed the prophecy as the kingdom had never faced any defeats before due to your clever and cunning talents.

Until one rainy afternoon,a scout,partially injured riding a horse arrived at your doorstep.He asked you to take him to the lord,you had responded by giving him a coat and sent him up to the castle.People had stopped in their tracks when they saw the scout,nothing much happened until he had spoken to the lord.When the lord had heard about the news..

"My faithful commander,the prophecy had been true,this scout claimed that he saw a vast army of soldiers rising from the grounds at daylight and they attacked his master's keep" - said the lord calmly

"M'lord,i am at your command" - you replied and knelt before him

"They had already pushed past the canyons,and are heading for the lines.." - the lord spoke again.

"Then i will head there and bring victory to these lands again" - you said loyally.

The king granted you with provisions and you a along with your army marched silently to meet the enemies that have been destined to destroy what you have once kept alive.

This is no time for cowardice,you will need all the bravery in you to live on,to protect.Win the day,and return as heros,lose and be buried alive underneath these lands while the kingdom fall into the hands of these shadows...

- update -

* equalized ammount of deers on both side
* extra trees
* realigned top castle
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
I played with the enemy lord in the top keep as the story suggested. He was the wolf, and did not come close to finishing his left side of the castle. Also, he did not use the ample iron and stone given to him. Because of the little room, I doubt any ai could finish thier castle in the top keep. This is a quick fix, move the top keep down some, and they should start functing properly.
Top keep works beter, but still refuses to build iron mines. This cannot be fixed, as moving the keeps any closer would be insane. I blame bad ai. Sutpid ai.

Balance: 4
The map had equal recorces on each side, but with more deer and space on the bottom keep. Again, easy fix.
Edit: Deers equal on both sides good. Were the lions there before? I always like lions near valuble recorces, except when they attack, which kinda ruins it.

Creativity: 4
good job implementing the story with use of the clifs. Missing some other eyecandy

Map Design: 4
The map was pretty good, especialy the cliffs, but you could have added ponds (not the ones they give you) to the patches of oasis. Also, the map kind of remnded me of the Firefly maps, with lots o' recorces in the middle. Also, I'm trees like to live inside inside the oaisis. Put them there.
Edit: More trees. I was glad to se I had the ability to gain wood without buying or slicing down forrests in a second. But still four. sorry.

Story/Instructions: 4
A good story with bad convenctions.

Additional Comments:
Did you updsate your story? I didn't check.

[Edited on 11/06/06 @ 10:45 PM]

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Map Design4.0
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Size:444.62 KB