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Mechstra's Siege Boxed Set

Author File Description
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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
Mechstra's Siege Boxed Set

Three sieges by me, of course:

Cogadh Castle
Bannockburn (a pitched battle, but it runs from siege mode)
The Siege of Halnad

All were completely designed by me, three of my best siege maps. Cogadh Castle is a beautiful castle built expressly for war, The Siege of Halnad is an island fortress, and Bannockburn is just a field with a river and marshes. And two armies battling to the death, of course.

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Map Design4.0
Okay, review of the mighty siege boxed set! Marks out of 5 are for all three combined and a relection of the collection as a whole. Also included marks and comments specific to each map.


Playability: 5/5. Absolutely brilliant stuff and a great laugh, if you can get hysterical over frantically trying to save your backside from being severely kicked. A top rate battle, done extremely well and very, very playable.

Balance: 5/5. It's not an easy map to win, the invasions are pretty formidable compared to the troops you have, but this is explained in the story. I get a real sense of achievement from playing siege maps and being able to win with a handful of troops left after a tough battle. Very well done and thought out.

Creativity: 3/5. A good rendition of a famous battle. Being half Scottish and half English, I have always had difficulty deciding where my loyalties lie!! Historically it's very good.

Map Design: 3/5. Some aspects of this map were of the highest calibre, namely some of the low level terrain. Generally fine, but personally I would have liked to see a little bit more rendering. Still, what has been done is good.

Story/instructions: 4/5. Well put together and well described, the story is more of a brief introduction to the battle, as you would expect, but done very well.

A great map.


Playability: 5/5. Yet again, a map that draws you in and a castle that begs to be sieged. I played this once on defence, and it is fine, but I have reviewed it on attacking. Took me a couple of attempts and again managed to string together enough tactics to eventually win. The long walk to the far side of the castle adds to the suspense a bit, not sure if the author had this in mind, but it worked for me.

Balance: 4/5. A hard map to crack, and played a few times. I realised that it was a little easier than I first imagined, but don't think this is a walkover! I think I was just lucky and hit the castle with the right combination of archers and pikemen. Good overall balance between attacking and defensive troops.

Creativity: 4/5. Set up a top rate castle that defends itself with very few troops (as the best castles did, namely Beaumaris and Harlech, both in Wales, to good effect) and the challenge is always going to be a hard one. Very good idea, works well.

Map Design: 4/5. Although I wasn't overly impressed by the terrain which was a little uninteresting, but not bad, the marks here go to the castle, which is excellently constructed, well thought out and very imposing. War-like yet some very nice elements in the walls and use of stairs.

Story/Instructions: 3/5. Good idea and story to accompany the map.


Playability: 4/5. Very good idea, a small map that demands your attention as soon as the game launches. You have to think quick from the start in order to win.

Balance: 5/5. I thought this was the toughest of the three maps here, and I played this a few times before winning. I found this to be as much fun as a defender as an attacker, which is always a bonus. Plenty of engineers burning their poor hands as per usual with hot pitch to keep you on your toes.

Creativity: 4/5. I think this is a fairly unique idea, having a small island and playing area, and credit is given for this. Ties in with the story well.

Map Design: 4/5. As above, unique. Some great elements of castle design, namely the very interesting way to get to the keep. Great use of terrain and although relatively simple, the idea is very well executed!

Story/Instructions: 4/5. Whilst not heaving in quantity, the story is fine and again, nothing that I have come across in other maps.

OVERALL SUMMARY: This set of three maps combine well to give a collection of very different levels of siege. Not repetitive, very good fun and very much a challenge. Definitely recommended, and a great way to introduce people to previous work that may have been forgotten and yet to be reviewed. Definitely recommended. Good work, Mechstra.
File Author
Thanks Sulis, great review! Hope all the people who downloaded this are having fun with it.
Map Design5.0
This set of 3 maps have got me hooked like no other map ratings are my general opinion regarding all three maps...after all they are part of a siege set.

playability : 4
These maps are highly playable works which have good castle layouts and troop combinations to provide an exciting and challenging game.

Balance : 5
the balancing seemed a bit off at lower levels it was too easy but at highter levels it was challenging and fun... overall all maps are balanced, the troop combinations prove for very entertaining and strategic battles. the ai attacks flawlessly and it shows that the author has taken timeout to thoroughly playtest the map.

Creativity : 5
well created maps with noticeably different layouts...specially the siege of Halnad, the island fortress. the maps have a unique look to them. good work here.

Map design : 5
Very good looking castles. i just loved Cogadh castle with its high walls and different levels and Halnad looked just like it was mentioned in the story. the maps have a decnt amount of eyecandy too (especially halnad) and overall look natural and realistic.very good use of the editor here.

Story/Instructions : 3
it should be 3.5 actually, but anyway...this is where the set loses out...all three maps ahave a decent story, but they are too short and don't seemed fleshed out enough to do the beautiful castles and locales justice...but its a minor grumble which can be very easily overlooked.

overall this set is a first class piece of work which deserves a mentioning in the "best of stronghold"...(which it will have now since it has got 2 reviews with overall rating over 4.0)...awesome work mechstra, keep it up. :)
File Author
Thanks talos! I was thinking of rating your Helm's Deep map, but I think Amon Nareth is in more need of a rating. I'll d/l it now.
Map Design3.0
Cogadh Castle
This is usual Castle so that good playablity.
Why don't i loose after my Load killed?

Good concept,but lower playable.
Particulary deffence Pikeman do nothing that is dull.
Need more construct on the whole.

The Siege of Halnad
Fine view.other my impression is similar Cogadh Castle.

Unfortunally I can't read story in my Japanese version stronghold.
You should separate upload those files and write story here.

[Edited on 07/11/05 @ 12:43 AM]

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Map Design4.0
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