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La Muerte Negra

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
Made with version: 1.1

La Muerte Negra

A cede map. You play the bad guys, dressed in Black.

Take the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan by toppling the Emperor, Montezuma, atop his great pyramid. Hold off the the invaders, then slaughter them all, in time to deliver the Aztec gold to the King of Spain.

[Story graphic by Sir Ravenclaw]


You sit in a tavern in Hopetown awaiting reassignment following your last mission. You hear rumours of the brutal campaign being waged by El Negro (known to us as the Wolf) against the native civilisations in the South of the New World. As you sip your ale your mind drifts away to those far off lands. What must it be like to lead the ruthless army of El Negro in that campaign of genocide?

"El Negro! El Negro! Wake up!".... You shake the sleep from your brain. It is your good lieutenant Garcia shaking you awake. Your sleep has been a comfortable one in the Aztec Emperor's hospitality palace where you have stayed these last few days as Montezuma's honoured guest. Garcia stands to attention when he sees you are awakening. "El Negro. The scout has returned. He reports that El Serpiente approaches and he has enlisted the aid of heathen tribesmen!" As you stand and buckle on your breastplate you look into your black heart and find the resolve for what you must do next. "Garcia! Wake the men. We move on Montezuma at the great pyramid immediately! When we take him the city will be ours! Tell them: Look for the blue cloak! Assign men to eliminate the imperial guards and the temple acolytes. They are to show no mercy!". Garcia hurries away. You finish with your armour, strap on your blade and stride outside. As it always does, your nimble mind turns to the move after next. Garcia rushes up and salutes. The black-uniformed men are hurriedly mustering. You smile at your lieutenant's efficiency. "Well done Garcia! Look out Montezuma! And as for that slimy reptile, El Serpiente! If he thinks he will get his hands on one ounce of Aztec gold... We will secure the causeways and he can wait outside until hell freezes over!". Garcia grins in admiration. You smile in return, your confident features giving no clue to your own internal doubts: His Majesty, The King of Spain, will be impatient for his gold...


When the map opens you have two groups of troops dressed in black on the edge of town. Your pikemen and engineers are gathered in a small square with a garden next to two inns and a market. Your crossbowmen are quartered in the high-walled garden just beyond that. You must kill the blue Lord and all the orange troops that are on guard around the city.

You must strike quickly, topple Montezuma, and take Tenochtitlan. You will need to hold off invading local enemies and the armies of El Serpiente. You must kill all the invaders to clear the way for you to take the Aztec gold back to Spain.


    On Normal Setting:
  • 4700 gold
  • No enemy or invasions left
  • Game starts November 1519
  • Game ends June 1527 (if you don't win first)

    In other words:-
  • Take the city by toppling Montezuma at the geat pyramid and killing his Imperial Guard wherever you find them.
  • Hold off the invaders until you can...
  • slaughter all of the invading troops of the local Rat and that opportunist reptile, the Snake....
  • BEFORE time runs out so you can deliver the Aztec gold to the King of Spain.
  • Oh... don't forget to gather that gold in time ;-)

Hints for all players

I have categorised the difficulty level as Hard meaning an average player will find it hard to win on Normal level. I have balanced it for a challenging game on Hard setting for good players.

Like Cortez you will find that the Aztec population is soon decimated by disease, but maybe there is some way for you to lessen the effects. Take care of your crossbow-men, pike-men, and engineers. You brought them halfway round the globe. You will get no more. You will need to make do with hiring as many local, poorly armed, mercenaries as you can afford. -- If you are to satisfy the King of Spain's lust for gold you will have to do the Devil's work in Tenochtitlan. Go forth and crucify!

You might want to read the level 1 hints that come with the zip (See file ReadMeFirst.htm)

Author's Note

The scenario (the 3rd in my New World series)is loosely based on Cortez´┐Żs first capture of the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan in 1519.

The zip contains a set of HTML pages which document the scenario. Aside from the Story they also contain:

a set of Hints files;
a Note for those playing on Very Hard setting
a description of the Features of the Tenochtitlan map with Aknowledgements;
Facts about Tenochtitlan and Cortez;
and Pictures that provided inspiration.

I hope you enjoy playing this. It was fun to make :)

Eric of the Golf


Thanks to Sir Ravenclaw (God Avo) for making the graphic to illustrate the story.

See the zip for other acknowledgements.

The first 6 downloaders got an extra file in the zip, index.htm. They should discard that file. The file to open first is ReadMeFirst.htm

Edit 2
I have beefed up the instructions a bit to help players orient themselves at the start before the cede. Apologies to the first 48 downloaders if they found it hard to get started. Thanks Surajsubba for constructively pointing out the need for this. (Extra instructions added in-game, to the HTML pages in the zip and on this description page -see "Instructions" above.)

Maps by ericgolf:- The New World series: 1. May your god go with you 2. Little Keep on the Prairie 3. La Muerte Negra (This map) 4. La Muerte Negra (Eco) 5. Mined Over Matter. Also: my first map:Lost World

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Lord Karpathea
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5 That basically sums up my entire playing experience. This map was absolutly spectacular. I have no complaints at all.

Balance: 5
Lost three times. That's good enough for me. This map was very well executed, I thought. The starting placement was a little confusing at first, but I figured it out. Kind of nice; you have enough troops to take the city, but not enough to defend against the first invasion, which comes barreling in within the first, oh, seconds. You really had me on my toes.

Creativity: 5
Completely unique.

Map Design: 5
Top notch, it looked exquisite.

Story/Instructions: 5
You really take the "you have a whole website, use it." clause seriously. Awesome story, by the by, made me want to gold hunting.

Additional Comments:
Top notch map. If you haven't downloaded it yet, then what the HELL are you waiting for?!!!

Keep up the excellent work!
Regards, L_K
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Its Just So Awsome I Love It!

Balance: 5

Creativity: 5
Its The Best I Have Seen On This Site In A Long Time

Map Design: 5
Sweet Desighn!

Story/Instructions: 5
Awsome Story!!!

Html Files: 4
I Think They Were Pretty Good But Maby You Sould Use Some More Exiting Fonts.

Additional Comments:I Like Every Thing About This Map I Hope You Make More In The Future

[Edited on 11/29/06 @ 05:39 PM]

Map Design5.0
After finishing the solutions for "Stronghold", I took the resolution to try a lot of maps from "Stronghold Heaven", a long and tedious journey, because some maps are very difficult. Till now, I played on many maps, but I knew :this map for mounts. However, it's just today that I tested it. Well, I must admit this game is really very hard, like the two first maps of your campaign. Yet, I found this map more easy than the two others. I lost only once, finishing the mission in my second tentative. Sorry if I write some mistakes, this is what I think about this map :

Playability: 5
Well, I played on "Normal", I'm not crazy, and, after playing on "Little keep on the prairie" and "May your God be with you", I thought : "La Mano Negra should be another really difficult map". I saw in the objectives that we just have to kill the enemies and win some money, and not having blessing people, so I concluded that the assaults must be extremely difficult. In fact, the assaults aren't exceptionnally strong, but we can't close our castle, and we must fight with a few troops. Moreover, the enemies attack quickly after the fall of the castle by the Player... So, we can't putting quickly a strong defense. Well, everything is difficult in this map. We can use the crossbowmen to take the castle, but the crossbowmen have the habitude to kill everybody, soldiers or civilian. So, when we take the castle, if the crossbowmen have killed everybody, we can restart. I was really dissapointed during my first attempt. The enemies attacked from every sides, and killed my poor crossbowmen terrorized in the keep. A disaster. But, as I'm persevrant, I tried again, I made a better siege, and I can defend the castle, and every side by putting archers on the pyramides. So, I realized that the pyramides aren't only a decoration, but, in fact, the only thing to defend the castle against all the enemies. Well, it's was a terrible game ; the last assault frightened myself, but I finished by killing all the enemies. After the assaults, getting the money required was really easy, despite the negatives events.

Balance: 4.5
I already said a lot about the difficulty of this map, I think. Of course, it's a map really hard, not recommanded for the novices. Yet, it's a map more simple that the others. Only the beginning is very difficult, that is to say the assaults. Not having blessed people to do was for me a very good thing

Creativity: 5
In fact, this map is a rush. A rush we have to reject. But, without any walls to build, and a few money to begin with, defending th ecastle is quite difficult. It's one of the reason which make this map quite original. Yet, the major point is the pyramides. In a lot fo maps, the pyramides were just decoratives elements. In this map, they are incoporated to the castle, and used for the defense of the city against the enemies. A great idea. We really feel in the skin of the Aztecs.

Map Design: 5
Well, the aztec city is very, very, beautiful. The pyramides are sublime, and the global architecture of the map, the natural bridges who connect the city to the land were perfect. A great map, I just can say "Waouh !". The first time I saw the minimap, my eyes looked like those of a surprised manga character.

Story/Instructions: 5
With some pictures, you wrote a good story upon on historic events. The mission illustrates very well the scenario : the attack of the conquistadores against Montezuma's city, and a kind of competition between ourself and El Negro and El Serpiente. There's in the map a good use of the disease, but the disease isn't really problematic in this map. Yet, if the conquistadores eradicate a lot of civilisations, it wasn't really by kiling them, but because the European came with unknown diseases in this "New World", diseases which decimate the natives. But the scenario, and also the instructions, are really good.

Additional Comments:
To conclude, I must say "Congratulions !" The map is graphically impressive, but not only. The problems with some maps is that they are just beautifuls, but not really developed. It's not the case with "La Muerte Negra". So, what can I say ? A very great work.

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Map Design5.0
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