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A keep for life !

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Map Size: 160x160 (Tiny)
Difficulty: Hard
In 985,you(Duke of Lovenartic)start searching for new lands beacause you have lost the last town. In 999 you found a keep at the nord of Africa . All is perfect . But wolf is on the way to you and you don't know how big is his army ! You should prepare for the worst.Tis is the first map but there will be others in this series . ENJOY !!!
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Sir Ravenclaw
Map Design2.0
Playability: 3
It was ok to begin with, not much to do at the middle of the scenario either.
The trees made it kindof hard to build almost anywhere, I placed my keep in a place where anything placed beneath it would be blocked out by the signpost so that wasn't very clever at the start, but late on it proved quite handy.

Getting gold was not a problem for me, I placed around 13 hunters posts and +8 rations and -8 taxes kept me going from start to finish. The goals were abit simple but for the average player they were ok, I quite enjoyed watching the breweries pile up the 30 ale objective :)

The first 2 attacks were well timed with the playability and the second attack with the swordsmen kept me kindoff thrilled and as I had only used archers I had to send them out to attack the swordsmen!

Balance: 3
The main purpose of the trees was to obstruct the players building abit and it had achieved this, albeit only having 3 woodcutters throughout the whole mission had cleared me enough room for everything I needed. The tree's had worked well keeping me waiting to place buildings :)

Meanwhile you have the issue of resources, the wood was plentifull aswell as dear. But alas, the hop and ale production was at a deficiency due to the limited space available.

The first attack was easily repelled in about 40 seconds with around 24 archers (normal mode), leaving nice long gaps between invasions.
The second invasion was abit harder albeit having around 40 archers, the swordsmen still proved a minor problem as for the range for them to walk from the signpost to the keep (with my stupidity) so I decided to send out my archers to meelee attack them ^.^
Alas came the final invasion with around 300 spearmen, as you can guess what happened that lowered the final score to 3.

Creativity: 2
I gave a 2 due to the creativity in the story kindoff setting the scene and ofcourse the restricted buildings aroused the feeling of the story.
A small area with 2 hills and trees I would think didn't take much thinking about ;)

Map Design: 2
Ok, let me start with the basics:
You had used the equalizer tool and high plain, so you didn't leave the map too scarce.
You had included trees and boulders too, although the sense of realism was not there.
It looked like it was settled around a dense forest. Some wolves would of then spiced things up and ofcourse some dirt and stones using the second smallest toolbrush definately added some extra appealing attributes to the map.

You placed a boulder patch in the bottom right of the map in one brush, but you could not build any quarries or oxen to mine it.
If you had allowed that along with buildings inns I would of given you a 3.

Story/Instructions: 3
It's short and it sets the scene, it used a nice amount of description relavating to the map itself. Well done a deserved 3!

Additional Comments:
Search for landscape pictures in google and try to learn from them, grasp the amount of detail there should be and you will become a good mapmaker ;)

Good luck and please continue making maps!
Der Postmeister
Map Design2.0
Playability-3- Good! but the hills got in the way some, you didn't leave enough space flat to make any buildings without having to first hunt through the hill a minute or two for a spot that you could. Other than that, it was good, so I gave it a three.

Balance? (3) Not really sure what it is, but if it's what I think it is, then you did pretty good. There's just a wee bit too much time between invasions.

Creativity-4- I like the idea of finding a keep and going "Yeah! lets live here forever!" It's neat, but the story could use some development. For this level then again, maybe that explanation is enough.

Map Design-2- The map was ok, but I'd advise you to maybe try to blend things together and make them look more real. Put in dirt on the hills maybe, scattered rocks(the ones you can build on) to cover up the wierdness of dirt on hills, maybe some other un-build-on-able rocks at the major elevation variations. You might also want to flatten out the ground a bit more where the player puts their castle. Also, what's with the stone that you can't use, and the ale requirement? You might want to make the stone blend in more if you're going to keep it in the level.

Story/Instructions-4- Brief, but it suits the level. I think you would mar the effect of the level if you had a long explanation.

I ended up with 76 archers and 16 spearmen. Neat level!

-Average wall thickness after all of the attacks-> 5
I stuck my keep on the taller hill so that the stockpile hung out over the edge and couldn't be reached. Good thing you gave me five stone or I would have been toast.

[Edited on 11/28/06 @ 10:51 PM]

Hylian Swordsman
Map Design3.5
Playability: 4.5
It was very fun to play. The Wolf's swordsmen made me have to keep a large force of archers.

Balance: 3
The balance was alright, but why let you build stone walls and put boulders on the map, but not let you make a quarry?

Creativity: 3
The scenario's creativity was all right but nothing unheard of.

Map Design: 3.5
A little generic, but I liked the way that I had to clear forested areas to expand my lands.

Story/Instructions: 3.5
The idea of traveling people finding a keep and just staying there is pretty funny, but the rest is kind of bland. Also check for misspells.

Additional Comments:I really enjoyed playing your map and am looking forward to future scenarios.

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Map Design2.5
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