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Demier's Last

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal

The Carneith region of Demier has seen many conflicts of kingdoms. Every kingdom had different approach to the crisis, conditioned by experience and resources and how battles were mounted far from the stronghold.

Since the turn of the decade, there have been constant battles with the approaching Bolargian armies. The enemy had become a major threat even to the allied kingdoms. While to the north the Selier regions of Demier had become a cause of dispute. By the end of September 1299, the king of Demier declared “Tactical success” in the battle for the disputed land. Around 1500 enemy troops had died or had been wounded in the vicious fighting with the frontline forces supported by the allies. While improvements on the effectiveness of battlements were welcomed b new frontline troops, the long-term prospects remain to be seen. The campaign now enters a very different phase, with the desperate battles to sustain detachments of troops and support the citadel of Carneith.

Year 1300 Present day

The citadel of Carneith is under heavy attacks and with the delayed re-enforcements, it’s not long before it will be under the Bolargian authority. Demier is under real danger. An order comes from the king to send some troops and capture their castle located near the Gailre lakes and wait for re-enforcements from the allies. An attempt to bar the enemy’s way from the west.

This is a cede scenario. In order to capture the enemy castle, you will have to kill all enemy units. A few restrictions. The map might just be a little harder than the normal difficulty.

Suraj Subba
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Dark NeRo
Map Design5.0
Demier`s Last


The siege is easy to handle. I built more shields so until I had eight of them. I sendet my archers and xbow men with the shields near the outer wall and moved them around until all enemy xbow men and archers were killed. I managed to do this step without many loses. Then I sent 4 knights to a gate and let them destroy it. I sendet my archer xbows and shields to the towers and they killed the enemy sword-and macemen and the archers in the customised towers in the inner wall. Then I used the rest of my troops to finish the lord.
I slowed down the gamespeed and used all my wood to built woodcuters and placed a second quarry for more stone. After the green archers had arrived I had a good running economy and had double rations and the taxes were at –8. I started to recruit additional archers and xbowmen. When the first invasion arrived, I destroyed all farms, quarries and woodcutters to save some wood. I blocked my gates with stonewalls and brought my archers and xbows on the walls. The AI did a good job and attacked the castles with siege equipments and many swordsman. When the wall broke I sendet my knights out to kill the last swordmens.
After my archers had killed the last orange soldiers I started to rebuilt my economy and placed additionel buildings to produce xbows and leather armours and recruited many fire throwers and placed them on the walls. The second wave of invasions arrived and I had a strong army of xbow mens, firethrowers and archers on my walls and gates. The walls broke near the end of the invasions and my last knights killed the last enemies. I rebuilt my economy and my walls and produced more firethrowers. I recruited some additional sword and macemen and placed a lot of pitch in front of the walls.
The main part of the last wave of invasions were burned down by the pitch and the firethrowers and it wasn’t hard to kill the last enemies.


The map has a good balance. The calm periods between the invasions are long enough to improve your defence and increase your army, but still you have to hurry and plan your time wisely. The Invasions are huge and well timed and can bring you serious problems if you don’t use the calm periods well.

Mapdesign/ Creativity

The castle is really nice and I can see that lot of time has gone into it. The streets are looking very nice and I can see many uses of lowered walls, which are one of my favourite eyecandies. The surrounding landscape fits to the castle and it looks very natural. A lot of rocks have been used and the designer used the 1000 stone trick to get customized fences and customized wheat farms which are both looking nice.


The story gives you a good overview but is a bit short. I think a bit more time should have gone into it. I will still give it 4.5 because the downloaded file includes hints for players who have problems to beat it ( I didn’t read them but I like the fact that they are included)

Additional Comments:

A great map by Suraysubba. The author spent a lot of time into the map and produced one of my favourite crusader maps. The map is about 10 years long and gives you a nice fight and you have to built up a huge army and a good economy to defeat the enemy.
A great map. It’s a pity that I couldn’t give a 5 but I am sure the next map (which looks even more promising and creative) will be rated with a 5 =) – Any way the map is one of the best crusader maps available at Stronghold Heaven.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
The cede-vasion concept is addictive and fun. Add to it a beautiful design and a well-made script and you get most likely an awesome map, like this one. The gameplay is not too long or short - about 10 game years used properly.

Balance: 4.5
The difficulty in particular has a positive increase directly proportional to the time played. The map however starts a bit too easy and the siege of the big round castle should be harder. The player has some xbows and archers as missile strike and up to 8 maneuverable shields for a proper protection while the enemy has only some weak archers on the walls and fire-ballistas which can easibly be taken out of the game using the knights. Only time and avoid of stupid mistakes (like letting the archers without shields cover) is needed.

After conquering the castle the player is a little bit overwhelmed by gold, full grannary and full stockpile, but the resources will be used fast for hiring troops. Bigger and bigger invasions are going to attack the castle, and the few troops the player has must be used to cover a castle 1/5 the size of map and under attack from multiple sides. There are more strategies one can choose, but whatever the choice, fire is always needed.

Despite I won the map from the first try, it wasn't easy at all and in the final seconds I had the king's health less than a half, zero hand-to-hand combat troops and a couple of arabian archers only. I was really overwhelmed by the last invasions which consisted in ridiculously many swordsmen - the many fire throwers saved me though.

Creativity: 5
Everything is creative and original, a Invasion map which will stand in history for it's beauty terrain and the round great-looking stronghold.

Map Design: 5
The minimap itself is breathtaking but looking "personally" at the design one can notice suraj's incredible desert terrain style. The lakes, the oases, the sand hills are incredible natural-looking and reveals a realistic poor desert recreation. But the castle itself is a masterpiece - simple round shape but custom towers made by walls and lowered walls as pathways are used. A time-consuming work.

Story/Instructions: 5
Besides the story which is well-made, the author has taken the time to write instructions as well. There is only one strategy presented however the effort taken to write it must not be overpassed.

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Map Design5.0
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