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King Bret Popo
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal


This map has been around for quite some time now. It was originally conceived way back around a year ago now on a little known Stronghold forum site called “Stronghold Innovations.” You can find it here:(
It was a place for designers to come together, make maps, play test them, and do everything else that designers do. This site did great for the first few months, we even had to change to a new site, however after some time its members lost interest and since then has pretty much died. (Except for Spinzels and I posting “shout outs” back and forth to each other).

The map made progress. Many designers (including Spinzels, SimRPGman, and Yoda48) gave their input and things were decided. A few (before people lost interest in the site) helped with the designing; well one did as I remember anyway. I originally made the mountains and the circle wall of Isengard. I believe Yoda48 did the forest and that is all that was done. Some time after, the site died and people did not care anymore. I waited for the designers to do their part, but they never did. Except for Yoda48. Therefore, I gave up and did the rest myself.

For the longest time I wanted to get the map done and release it, but I had nobody to play test it. I was told to look for people to play test the map here on Stronghold Heaven, but whenever I tried to log onto the forums it told me that my name was wrong! Over the summer I messed with trying to get onto the SH forums, but with little luck. Then recently, about 2 weeks ago, I realized that my name was spelling King Bret Popo (with spaces) and not KingBretPopo! My problem had been the spaces in-between my name the whole time!

Now with it finally play tested and looking pretty good, here it is!


Special thanks to everybody who helped, whether with your input and ideas or your actual work.

-ParaClaw Designs
-The SH forums and SHI

There is a story in the game, so I will not put it here.

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Lord Tanthos
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Enjoyable siege from either side, to be certain! Lasts a perfect amount of time as well.

Balance: 4.7
Hard from attacking side, but a little easy from defending side. A small bit of tweaking of defenders and attackers would bump to a straight 5.

Creativity: 5
First Isengard map I've seen, and using the sav_to_map trick to make woodcutters chopping Fangorn was ingenious!

Map Design: 5
Excellent design work, especially on the workpits and the dam!

Story/Instructions: 5
Well done summary of the whole precedent to the assault. Definate 5.

[Edited by staff as part of a retrospective moderation of reviews. In context this review is deemed to provide sufficient justification of the category scores. In this case and in this context the review is allowed to stand. The author is welcome to contact staff about this. Edited by ericgolf]

[Edited on 12/14/08 @ 11:55 AM]

Dragons Rider
Map Design5.0
Ok its Reveiw time! PLayed (once on normal,twice on hard and once on very hard both attacking and defending. It was good to play! I lost just once; the time I defened on very hard. Approx 15 macemen left.)

Playability: 5
Now this was one good map. Took you 10 minutes, involved a general slaughter, great fun to play. When defending, it wasnt just a sit-and-watch thing, I was moving troops the entire time, trying to hold off the enemy, making lightning attacks through the gate, pulling back when they got through. On attacking, all I did was plonk a load of x bows, get a couple of battering rams on the gate and I was home free. Yet at times I thought it could have more difficult. It detracted form the experience, but not enough to bring it down a point. I enjoyed the way that you could admire the look of the map and yet be able to play at the same time.

Balance: 3
Yeah well I found just a tad too easy sometimes as mentioned in playability. The trouble was that when attacking, take down the gate with a couple of battering rams, having xbows covering them, then do a big macemen and pikeman rush to the keep, with some of them taking down the ones on the walls. In defending, using some tried tactics I abandoned the bits of wall closest to the mountains and massed them together. I then gave them volly after volley. None of them got past the tower of Orthanc, simply because I massed my troops together. The gate is the main problem here. Maybe placing less defending troops and acouple of towers either side of the gate could fix this?

Creativity: 4
Liked the way they were cutting Fangorn, also I dont think theres ever been a Isengard map here before. Very original mountains as well I've never seen that before. It creates a very good atmosphere

Map Design: 5
Phew!! It just blew me away. I really loved the barren plains where the trees had been chopped down it looked so realistic and natural. The forest was good as well. The dam looked good and the mountains wre very interesting. The way made it all seem crude and barbaric was very nice, although pits shouldn't have been grass, they were underground! Pebbles would have been more appropriate

Story/Instructions: 5
A very nice summary of the history of the map, pus a good briefing on the story, although there were a few punctuation and spelling mistakes.

Additional Comments:
A great map on the whole. Bravo!

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Map Design5.0
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