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Kabira Aljabal-Siege

Author File Description
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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
Kariba Aljabal

For almost a decade the atrocities of the Nauri warriors on the people of Trikhar have created waves of terror and hate. Naurians often annihilate the entire village if anyone disrespects them or disagrees to their terms. This left hundreds to abandon their home. But those who plan to do so will have to cross the vast desert and the Naurians control most parts of it.

In a village near to Trikhar, the last of the caravan sets off. It had been four weeks since they had been dragged from their homes in Trikhar. Every day Trikharians die of hunger, thirst, heat or the dagger of a Naurian. In another village the Naurians have herd hundreds of villagers into a church. Suddenly horrifying shouts issue from nearby. Outside the Naurians are pouring oil on the church and sets it on fire, ignoring the cries of men, women and children inside. A woman emerges from the flames but a horse archer shoots her down. Soon the fire silences the voices within the church.

From hate & fear to hope

The caravan now reaches the middle of the desert. Grouna, a young boy settles down for a lunch of dried fruits with his brothers. Suddenly a band of the Naurian warriors come riding down with a roar. The frightened boys scatter, but many are trampled under crushing hooves. A Naurian horse archer starts to chase Grouna. The boy runs, but his legs are weak. His assailant catches up, throwing him to the ground beating him fiercely then stripping his clothes. Bloody and naked Grouna staggers behind a boulder and collapses. Just then with a roar, several knights pass Grouna and start to engage in a battle with the Naurians. Heavily outnumbered, the remaining ride away. A knight dismounts his horse and rushes to help Grouna. “Leave me”, he breathes. “I’ve lost my family. This is where I want to die.” He is fortunate that your knights were on patrol on the route. A series of such events take place over the months. This time a few of the Trikharian warriors decide to fight back. But the Naurians are at their hundreds. Deciding to end such heinous crimes and atrocities, you join forces with them to attack the Naurians castle on the high mountains of Aldurahn, the Kabira Aljabal.

This is a simple kill the lord scenario. Siege
A special thanks to Pat Dark Knight for playtesting the map.

Suraj Subba

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
I had a difficult time with this map. I suppose I’m not all that skillful then again I haven’t been playing Crusader that much. Anyway, I always have a great time playing your maps hard or easy.

Balance: 4
Every time I play this map I have the impression that I’m outnumbered . I guess I’m used to commanding giant armies of soldiers.

Creativity: 5
I don’t know how you accomplish these outstanding maps but their amazing. Such as the use of walls to build realistic medieval towers and perfect organization of terrain to create realistic landscapes.

Map Design: 5

Story/Instructions: 5
Great story better then what I can conger up unless this is history.

Additional Comments:
Perhaps you could give me some tips sometime.

Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
The fun and enjoyment I met in this scenario can break out any limits. The map has an incredible high replayability and it's extremely attractive. The small army that the player is given must be carefuly lead through map and castle to victory. It can be seen that this map has been careful and many times playtested in order to offer such brilliant playability.

Balance: 5
One can say about this scenario that it's way too hard to win and It requite excellent skills to penetrate the castle but with several restarts the map can be won. Myself I won from the third try and many saves. The fortress has many archers on walls but you have also many archers and crossbows and what's more important, you have shields. This is a very tricky map. Probably one of the most tricky that I've seen. Any attempt of siege the castle without shields will fail especcialy that the enemy has a crucial high advantage. His archers are often placed on high plateaus and that can make even the shields with archers attack to be hard.

I noticed that in order to beat this map there are 3 kinds of attacks: tricky, fast and combinated. The tricky attacks are are constituted by A. Archers, Crossbows and Shields. All three kind of troops combinated can be a deadly tool against enemy's archers. The fast attacks can be made especcialy by macemen and they help to clear all the way of enemyes. The castle has Swordsmen put in "Agrssive" and such kind of attcks can help your archers if they are attcked by A.S. Finaly the combinated attack is the decisive one. Combining the strenght of your rest of meeles with the arrow-power of archers and the defensive power of shields, the combinated attack is the most important however It cannot be used at all time.

With all of these, the balance is purely incredible. Congrats

Creativity: 5
The creativity is also incredible, offering to the player a lot of ideas, inspration and others. The creativity is met in the entire map, from the story and map design to the troops given and the challenge it offers. I can say that the map design is stunning. This landscape must have taken entire weeks or even months to finish such design. The story is also creatice. You write it by your own and that's excelent. The troop's position at beginning is very nice: all men are ready to fight!

Map Design: 5
Landscape... I simply have not words for this scenario. It is like an invasion on a freebuild. The whole map is filled carefuly with rocks, rivers, different grass, trees, bushes and not the last thing, the castle. The castle, which occupy half of map is more than stunning. It's shapes, corners, stairs and customized towers offers the impression of a real arabian castle. Probably the most realistic, complex and wild arabian place from crusader that I've ever seen.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story was excelent. Very detalied, compressive and easy to read. However it's not perfect as some points of history are missing. Probably you should update it with more details from past (kings that ruled, what enemyes the castle had, etc) and more instructions.

Additional Comments:
Congratulations and thank you for this stunning and challenging map. As for the ones that still think that the map is way too hard to be beaten, go to this link where is a screen just when the "victory" message appeared and when I won:


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Map Design5.0
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