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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
Hi again... I haven't designed any maps since the Andora campaign(except Valley of Valhorn which I worked 4 hours with). This map has been finished and untouched for several months now, intended as the eighth map for the Community Campaign - Which I can tell you, now is more or less officially dead.
Anyways, here it is, Duomo. It's a dwarven city, and exactly what role it had in the campaign I can't really remember...

'Duomo is a large dwarven city, embedded into the heart of the Ombro mountains. How old this extraordinary structure is nobody fully knows.
Its name comes from the king who first ruled the city, and the name Duomo has been passed on to the king’s heirs, and as always, there is a king named Duomo who sits in its thrown. And this one is greedy… The lack of food in these lands has been a problem since years back. The harvest is not enough to feed all people. The dwarves suffers from this problem too, and in the mountain areas, it is truly hard to find food. Their lack of food is significantly bigger than outside the mountain areas. They were greedy with food supplies in the past, and hunted too many animals. Now there are no animals left to be found in the area. They feel they can’t leave their area, as Duomo is the city of gods. It’s a religious place they cannot leave.
Duomo the king went so far, as to stealing food from your supplies! It has been reported that two soldiers died in the theft, trying to keep the thieves away. There were no dwarves who made this shameless act, but it was they who paid them to perform it. Some witness to have actually seen elves do this. Duomo’s choice of mercenaries was no surprise; elves can move quietly.
Stealing the amount of food they did is a crime, and the following winter, many people died. The dwarves suffered none that winter.
A message was sent to Duomo, and he was asked to apologize and pay 5000 gold pieces for their loss of people. If not done properly, they would attack Duomo for its crimes.
Duomo the king, now greedy and angry for receiving such a degrading letter and asked to these actions, tore it apart and sent a letter saying that he would not do this. His city needed food, and he did what he could to provide it to them. The dwarves know nothing about farming. The animals in his area were all hunted and dead, so there’s nothing left they can do.
When recieving his letter, you became aggravated as well. It had gone too far now. Does this mean they will continue steal food? You had no choice. Attack his city, or he might steal again, killing even more.
The choice was hard to make. This will also end more lives…'

There are three ways to reach the king who's castle is placed deeply inside the mountain. Not much of story or instructions, but as always I hope you have fun playing it. This was one of the most enjoyable maps to design of all i've ever made actually, so I hope that shows in a good way, when you play it. Have fun.

Bigger picture.
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Map Design5.0
You have reached 100 downloads so I thought I's give you a review. Well this was a very fun map to play.

Playability: 5
The terrian was used well to incorporate the big city. Very nice to look at, in fact I spent about 5 minutes exploring the map before I started attacking. This map provided many different paths to sucess, each path with it's own advantages and disadvantages. The map could be very hard to complete or not to bad, depending on your tactics, so the player had a challenge and had to think what to do. I will play this map many more times to fully enjoy it.

Balance: 4-5
I don't know if this should be brought down by my first shot at this map, as I used a cowardly approach by killing the enemy from out side the mountain. This made it quite easy (but took a while). But I played it again using different tactics and it proved quite difficult (but completable). The enemy couldv'e had more quick units such as mace men to charge at your crossbowmen. The player had enough troops to complete the map and there were only two different types of troops, making it less complicated for the player.

Creativity: 5
Your maps are always very creative Dougleass, and this one proves to be more so than your other maps. A huge city built within a mountian, you have pulled this off brilliantly. The front gates (my favortite part) looked great and did't look out of place. There were many different ways to complete this mission and the whole city could be used to do this. You used eye candy well-it was functional and wasn't just there for the sake of having it. The central square was good (what were those big square thingys in the corners of the square? -Pillars?) The fountains gave the impression of an underground water system.
Overall very creative.

Map Design: 5
Obvously only the city was meant for funtion but you still made sure the rest of the terrian looked great.

The hills were sculpted very nicely, I have always admired your hills and mountains. You could maybe ease out on the dirt tool abit as the lower ground was all one terrain type. I like the dirt tool but there is a change of colour between the lower ground dirt and the higher ground dirt. You could maybe blend this changein a bit more rather than having a line separting two differnt colours. Anyway that was only a extremely small issue, and not worthy to bringing the score down of this amazing looking map. There were no other problems, the rest of the map was perfect. I see that you have also made another stream coming from the lake making it more realistic.

The city was amazing as usual and you used bits of himalaya terrian throughout to look as if it is was built in a mountain. I like the little areas reserved for shrines e.g.

Story/Instructions: 5
Although there was meant to be a campaign story fo the map you, still mangaged to make another good story. It was long enough, it included background and related to the map. Again if this had been released with the campaign it would've been better and more suitable but I'll not bring you down on this as I brought you down on the balance. There weren't many instructions as there was only one objective.

Consider it 1/2 a mark off from balance and 1/2 a mark off rom story.

Additional Comments:
One of my favorite maps from one of my favourite designers. Well done Dougleass on creating such a great map!!

[Edited on 10/17/07 @ 11:09 AM]

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Map Design5.0
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