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Storm Castle Arsh`Nei

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Normal
I will brief here because the story behind the map is all typed out in-game. Some of you may look at the map and think that this wont be any fun based on how the terrain looks. The story explains a little bit about why the terrain is the way it is, but on a more personal note, I did not have the time to dedicate to a very detailed terrain. The seige itself is enjoyable, and can present quite the challenge if you are not careful. I hope you enjoy, and if you are wanting to try a more detailed map, try looking at "Battle in the Wilderness" for seige, or "The Great Pine War" for a 1v1 multiplayer map.

UPDATE - Improved upon the terrain of the map, and fixed a few problems with castle structure. Also, improved a few enemy troop types and locations.

UPDATE 2 - Slight terrain modifications, as well as adjustments to help with balance.
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coconutman111 ok i played it still didnt get the feel of a siege i expected
Sulis Playability: 3
This straight-forward siege map is designed to be played as an attacker, according to the hints in the scenario description page. You are faced with a long trek to the castle itself, followed by a reasonably well defended castle brimming with ballist and mangonels. Access is via the traditional route (take down walls and/or gatehouse), or by sneaking around the rear, filling in moat and launching a surprise attack, as it were. Generally, the map played well enough, improved by the added criteria that all enemy troops must be killed along with the Lord. The map is fairly basic, but works. A fair attempt by the designer.

Balance: 2
As a side point, I found this map much more of a challenge playing as a defender on very hard setting. However, reviewing the scenario in the way the author has designed it, I found the victory all too easy. More of a challenge can be had by playing with the default troops as the game launches (which include spearmen and archers, much weaker units and quite useless against the enemy archers defending the castle). Balance was on the weak side, but not to the extent that the map is unplayable.

Creativity: 2
Sadly, there isn't much here that strikes me as creative, despite my efforts to promote the map and look for elements of design that could be considered under this heading. I have noted the story which indicates, quite bizarrely, but funny in it's own way, the orchard planted by the enemy. You need to play the map to understand!

Map Design: 2
This is a large map with very, very little modelling done. Whilst I appreciate the designer's comments in the download description page, the truth is that under the review guidelines I cannot justify a score higher than 2/5, regardless of whether time constraints on the part of the designer resulted in the map we see here. The castle is quite well done, but easy access can be had to the inner bailey without tearing down a gatehouse due to the palisade walling adjoining the inner bailey wall not being placed correctly. My main concern is that the landscape is flat and featureless, with most of the landscape not used at all. I'm more than confident that the author has the abilities to produce a much more appealing landscape.

Story/Instructions: 3
In a bizarre, almost Monty Python-esque style, the story, which is solely included on the scenario description screen prior to the game launch, refers to orchards which caused some discomfort for you and your bands of mercenaries. In terms of content, this element of design is lacking, but for the sheer laugh-ou-loud effect, I think that 3/5 is justly deserved.

Additional Comments:
A basic, playable siege scenario played as an attacker. For the designer, here are a few pointers, which may help for future scenarios:

-Try to include some terrain modelling, as large areas of the map are redundant. Designing this on a smaller sized map would have helped avoid this problem
-Consider more careful use of the hot oil engineers. They can be easily picked off by attacking archers. More around the keep area would have been better.
-To improve playability, suggest to the player, by way of a short paragraph in the zip file, what troop combinations you should play with.
-Try to improve creativity by expanding on the storyline, adding more content and focusing your efforts on designing an appealing landscape.
File Author
Thank You for the review. I made some changes to the map that will hopefully improve the quality of the seige. I thought the story was amusing, and fit the map well. After the update, it would appear the map is somewhat of a valley in which the orchards were established, rather than a large open field.

I was wondering if you could possibly volunteer a review of one of my other maps?
arhurt Playability: 4
The map was very enjoyable and very straightfoward.You have an army, the enemy has a moat, a wall and tower and plenty siege engines on them.

Balance: 2
The map was, though, too easy. With 1200 gold I could build many trebuchets and just take down all the siege engine towers, the three gatehouses and then kill most of the defending troops with disieased cows. From there it was a simple moat digging, running, killing archers and the lord to do. Defending was trickyer as there are only a few troops, but the AI can't match person and they fell to the siege engines and pitch. For a newbie though, it's a perfect map.

Creativity: 3
I give you a 4 only for the funny aspect of the map with ll the orchards, and the clean design on the castle.

Map Design: 3
The landscape is not very polished, but I see where you are coming from and this is already a great improvement. Try using the lowest terrain tool to get rid of unwelcome bumps in the river. Use the vegetation more wisely and not just spread evenly trouought the map. The castle is clean and neat, but a few tricks might get you nicier designs. Use varied heights to get the castle to be more imposing.

Story/Instructions: 4
Again, you get a 4 for the comic relief monthy pytonesque story. But Who am I to judge if my stories are short as well eh?

Additional Comments:
Overhall a great experience. Keep working on, the problem is when there's no room for improvement, and you have many opportunities to do so.

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