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My Home My Castle

Author File Description
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Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Normal
I apologize for errors with (from) translation but I do not know english well < goods (right) > and I translated it translatorem

Great international competition archers. All have gone on him (it) obvious archers. Competition of organized that year and it can not reject on it of all seasoned archer.

So, county was favorite of this competition as that year send archers Augusta and as so, one of was supply pool of award oblige in competition beer sponsor part.

However, immemorial enemy in county imminent decide take advantage absence Augusta Emerald archers and however, does not have he (it) in this moment too decide subjugate he (its; his; it) land (earth) archers. Therefore, it is not prepared such siege on lands (earth) for attack too not expect hostile < enemy > August.

So, it will test (will try) to subjugate troops send for any (every) price imminent be more and more Emerald Augusta. There is in (to) about many worse (bad) situations not enough August that it must fight off (beat off) attacks ensue from agreement (convention) hostile < enemy > else must and supply beer on time.

It hold on attack for work hostile < enemy > August and it pile wanted amount of beer!

Indicators speed of production of beer is key element and troops. Initial attacks will be weak and then, they will last for 1200 year last biggest wave of attack be. Sale of metal will be helpful.

Good luck
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Map Design3.5
My Home My Castle – No one shall steal my riches

Playability: 4

Starting the map three things attract attention. The settlement is hidden in a rock sytem. After an outer ward, two gate houses make up kind of a hollow way towards the keep. There, the stockpile is of an immense size, provided by the mapmaker who knew about the narrow space being filled soon. At last, a good number of initial weapons is given. The initial gold is not enough to use it at once for training troops .. who are - only melees.
So, you can place the granary on one side of the stockpile, the armoury on the other. This symbolizes the two sides of the eco-invasion game. Protect your eco and boost your eco to get more weapons for a defending army.
As to the story, no ranged units are located in the dukedom right now. The corresponding workshops are disabled. Soon invasions arrive. Now, what to do for defence? Do you want to sit trapped and await your doom? Or do you want to go outside? In fact, best defence is attack here, at least not letting'em come to near to wall and moat. Wether you want to place some good things for attack bonus?
Only gradially, you'll find out that catching the waves from the signpost is not that hard. The bad guys approach in column. If you arrange your men in line they will always able to strike in fair superior number.
The first invasion may be comparatively weak. But the strategy of facing them will decide wether the following stronger troops may have a chance to overcome your walls and catch your Lord.

Inside the hidden spot you can happily build up a strong economy. Almost happily. The market is open for iron only which makes up an excited feeling in this part of the game, too. Everything is to be home made. The narrowness has its significant advantage: very short ways. Amazing, how many workshops und processing buildings fit there. At the market, most trading is canceled. Only iron you can sell, quite helpful at the start to set up some expensive workshops early. Step by step, more farm land will be cleared from trees, so you can grow a lot of hops for the high request of ale.
With wood in abundant supply I could also place poleturners. Repeatedly trained 6 swords and some pikes and sent them to join the line.

An event will happen (unavoidably) which will raise to question many efforts attained so far. No sword can remedy here, but very quick reaction may be necessary.

Altogether, I felt both tension and fun all the time. Medium players will be fully satisfied. Power players will enjoy “feel the power” of what they can achieve.

Balance: 4

If you can build up a strong and active defence from early on, the invasions should not cause a serious problem. If – maybe it will take one or two restarts. It's almost pity that I did not have to finish off the last big invasion.
In any case, the complete lack of ranged units is a perceptible challenge.

I recognized a special level of balance distinguishing this eco-invasion: Protect your eco, use the eco to get defenders. The almost complete lack of trading counts here. Food rations and taxes may be adjusted some times.
Great are the restrictions at the market. Not even wood is traded. Iron is what can help you make gold with and what you need to process into weapons.

Creativity: 4

Interesting concept to allow some melee troops only. It provides an unfamiliar excitement. Seldom swordsmen play such an important role like in this mission.
Inside the narrow spot, a straightforward economy unfolds. The feeling of “my home” actually attunes. It works like a good model which could serve as setting for a tournament of who can bring in the requested ale the earliest time.

Map Design: 3.5

Landscape design I find only halfway successful. It clearly follows the demands of the planned concept. Wide areas of the map are flat plain and not used by the people. Perhaps some wood cutters will walk to a distant forest.
A hideaway between rocks looks artificial but acceptable. Nature is established well there. The iron deposit is shaped very nicely, with dedication.
The big river system with islands looks attactive. Like on many maps, there is no greenery along the water. On an eco map, this is unexcusable for me.
It is clear that trees have to occur in limited numbers that a player cannot pave the map with wooden traps.
Useless and just therefore lovely are the spots of scrub around the two signposts.

The invasions come encreased in numbers and in strength of the units.
Few events happen, triggered flexibly (thus unavoidable).

Story/Instructions: 2.5

Don't know where the author comes from. Who is able to design such creative a user name should yet be able to provide a more understandable translation (or ask friends or teachers for help).
An understandable prologue could add to the atmosphere of the scenario.
At any rate, sending the archers to a championship is too funny and blue-eyed an idea to declare it unreal.

Some hints are included in the description (though selling iron should be last resort before processing it).

Additional Comments:

I experienced this scenario as a welcome diversion in set-up of defence.
If you like this mission, you'll also like the more radical concept of SnakeTHEhunterPL's „Swamp of Death“.

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Map Design3.5
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