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Starting Anew Ch 1

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
The year is 1182, and the Lord Maier, (I made him up, this campaign is not historical.) has set out from the port of Palo, in Austria. After sailing for a week down the coast of Italy to raise more men, Maier decides to sail across the Mediterranean directly, and land in the Venetian port of Banghazi. He plans to meet two lesser lords in Malta, and sail on with a party of three ships to Banghazi, and once there, set up an encampment and train an army and economic force. However, upon arrival in Malta, he is quickly forced off the island, and could not get the wood, stone and other supplies he needed. He changes course and goes instead to the Moorish city of Sousse. Upon arrival, he pays an extoritionate ammount of gold to the Vizier there, and secures and alliance with the General of Affairs in the city. Maier is still without many supplies, but he does purchase some heavy arms and european longbows before setting sail along the coast for Banghazi. The voyage to Banghazi was initially set so that Lord Maier would arrive in the city with three ships, in January of 1182. However, he does not arrive in the city at all. A winter storm dashes his ship on the rocks, and leaves most of his men's hope of a new, promising land in ruins. Lord Maier however, quickly leaves the beachhead with most of his heavy infantry and explores for survivors. He leaves his smaller force of men by the ruins of his ship. Maier comes across a small town of Sicilians who had been stranded on the beach many years before. Although their economy is nothing to be admired, and food is always scarce, Lord Maier assumes control of the town. Soon after, he plans to make the town his new home. He sends two messangers to his men at the ship to retrieve them and relocate to the town. However, soon after leaving the dorf, one messanger returns with the hand of the other messanger and tells Maier that Moorish raiders are on there way to retake 'their' settlement. Maier quickly asks the village leader what they mean, and finds out that the Moors in the region have taxed the town heavily because the Europeans built on their land. Maier is faced with no choice, he decides to mobilize and fortify the town as quickly as possible. He sends the messager with a bow back to the ruins and writes up plans to arm the entire region, and to build a caravan able to travel to Banghazi. He raises the alarm and prepares for a battle that seems impossible to win...

Hints and Notes:
Because your keep will be cramped, and small, be sure to prepare for fires. Also, build as fast, and as big as possible. Trees grow very fast, and that means Oasis space will be limited. I recommend placing your archers on the top of the hill between the beach and the keep, and from there, move quickly to block access to the lower farmland with your archers depending on which signpost the enemy comes from. Also, build at least five polearm building, but after building at least two quarryies and as many woodcutting huts as possible. I'd say that building lots of wheat farms, bakeries and mills is a really good idea as supplying as many people as you need with apples is next to impossible. As long as you have over 60 spears by 3/4 of the way, and wells in place, then it is safe to build a few spearmen to defend your farms against slaves.
Good luck!
-The Hobbit
Be sure to keep an eye out for chapters 2 to 5.
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von Schmidt Awsome! i'll download, mabye review.

[Edited on 02/19/07 @ 06:11 PM]

von Schmidt Wow! No offense, but did you try to make that map possible or impossible? In a few seconds Arabians had attacked, lions had ravaged my lands, I had lost all of my archers! only a few pikemen were left. Its quite a challenge, definetly not for a beginner.
AZ ViTrAzhAs
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Passed it easily, only the fire made some damage. Forgot all about the danger of getting destroyed by flames:D The beginning looked hard enough but later it turned out to be a nice, quite interesting mission. I liked the idea that you couldn't build a large castle because of the marsh and other geographical objects. The resources were well placed, so it was easy enough to raise the economy. Making a lot of lions was a good idea, they helped in the beginning to defend ( they also ate my men though). All in all a good and interesting playability( Liked it a lot) Great work!

Balance: 5
Great! The resources were made to look very realistic (i like that). There can't be placed many quarries or iron mines, the space for building a castle isn't big (Clever, like that). As i mentioned the resources are well placed, there a lot of trees and oasis so food and wood isn't a big headache.

Creativity: 5
Truly a creative mission, especially the beginning! A lion attack and an invasion are mixed up making an unusual start of the game. The island is very interesting, i liked the fjords( there were many of them so i couldn't know were the enemy will strike). Of course there could have been more invasions and harder Win conditions, but still i liked the idea very much, Nice work :)

Map Design: 5
A glorious design! Very realistic, the coast and the whole island looks very pretty: narrow rivers, well placed hills, perfectly designed resources, snazzy oasis grass make a wonderful map design. I think this is the strongest side of this map. ( i don't know what other people think). In the end the design is very good, hope you will make a skirmish map similar to this.

Story/Instructions: 5
An interesting thrilling story, fits great to the map. (enjoyed reading). I like that you put some notes ( actually i read only the story, i play missions without hints). Still the story is another feature which makes this mission a really good one.

Additional Comments:
A great mission, i can't wait for the next 4 chapters, good luck with them ! :)
AZ ViTrAzhAs

[Edited on 02/19/07 @ 12:46 PM]

File Author
thank you for your ratings! and the map is definitely not for beginners, however the campaign becomes easier for the next two but then the last two missions (ive got most of the maps finished, just have to edit the scenarios and write stories) are pretty much as-hard-as-they-get-down-to-the-last-man kinda things. Good luck and good fun!
AZ ViTrAzhAs Your welcome, great map! Can't wait for the others (I will rate them for sure)
File Author
i have to completely rebuild the fourth chapter, sorry for the slight pause in chapters... also, i have a map pack that i threw together and uploaded. its some of my early work, when i first got the game so a couple of years
Map Design4.0
All in all a nice eco-map, however objectively speaking, its previous 5.0 rating seems to be a bit overrated. The achievement of those three objectives (300 wood, 50 iron, 100 spears) doesn’t cause any major problems, as all required resources are available in abundance. In deed, the scenario starts out extremely tough, and you have to apply all your skills and cleverness not to lose your initial contingent of troops in struggle against ferocious lions or attacking Arabian invaders.
I regret though that the player is being forced to act without his Lord who is missing during the entire game. By the way, it would be easy to reset the Lord in the editor: Just press the keys “Strg + V”; this will bring the Lord back onto the map.

Once you have survived the most difficult phase at the beginning, you have to tackle the mission’s objectives: The exploitation of stone and iron isn’t problematic at all and there’s sufficient space to heat up food or weapon production. Don’t worry about fire damage; You can quickly deal with it if you’re prepared by placing 5-6 wells in an early stage. Of course, no chance to expand widely, but this is not of the essence. It’s sufficient to protect the slowly growing settlement by erecting a gatehouse and one or two towers each adjacent to the neuralgic spots around your keep. A steady mustering of archers and swordsmen will keep those arsonists (slaves) under control. Pitch from the bogs will also support your endeavors for an efficient defense.
The bandits quickly approached and fled surprisingly once they arrived in front of my castle. Besides, I suggest canceling some trading options: You shouldn’t be allowed to trade with wood, wheat and flour for the sake of an improved challenge.

Man, how I like maps like this one, where you have to cope with strategically unfavorable terrain/locations. A continuously thriving food supply despite the scarce farmland is a welcome challenge, anyway not too hard in this special case. Generally, the concept convinced me, and I appreciate such a solid work, however, I would have added another defeat condition: “Your Lord dies” – after resetting the Lord as mentioned above.

Map Design:
What can I say? On the whole, it’s a realistically modeled landscape, especially the coastal zone or the rugged hilly elevations around the central oasis. The swampy areas along the river on either side look very authentic, harmonically fit into the terrain. Nevertheless, I personally would have restricted the numerous trees right from the scratch, i. e. by 50 %.

It’s a good imaginative story, covered by some welcome hints (helpful to “weaker” players). Unfortunately, I can’t give the maximum score of 5 points here because of a few spelling mistakes. Anyway, well done, Hobbithole!

peter2008 Stratego's review is most adequate.
The map looks absolutely stunning, both from the minimap and in detail. It's a present to play in such beautiful a landscape.
The start is among the best opening scenes I've ever played. Your two small armies are fighting against lions fighting against invaders fighting against ... and so on. The single lions appearing at the keep to carry off the peasants don't seem to end.
Building the completed castle walls with restricted measures is exciting, too (and will be rewarded!). Reorganizing the crapped pre-built settlement was also fun.
With lots of starting gold and abundant of trees, boosting up the economy is easy. Had over-production in every section. This side of the mission could have been created more difficult. - Great mission.

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Map Design4.5
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