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Pending for trust

Author File Description
Lord of Vilnius
File Details
Map Size: 200x200 (Small)
Difficulty: Hard
Pending for trust

The kingdom is under rule by cruel and greedy King Albart. The people are angry and exhausted. The granarys are empty, nothing on the stockpiles, orchards are neglected. But one Lord started a rebellion in his county. He tried to convince the people to rise against The King, but people were tired and negative.However, some of the peasants joined The Lord, but not enough. Lord called his trusted friends to join him. The rebellion sides grew. The headquarters were in The Lord's castle. But just when the rebels started weapon production, King Albart found out about this organization against him. He gone mad and sent his main force to put out the fire, which could burn his tyranny to the ashes.
The rebels were forced to move quickly and hide, until they can produce enough weapons and troops to resist King's army. So the rebels found a canyon, where they settled and started to construct a castle. Just when the keep was built, a scout appeared and appealed to The Lord:
-Sire, Kings army is marching towards us, we have about thirteen years to complete our quest and attack Kings castle!
Suddenly, the main army commander stepped forward and said:
-My Lord, these are terrible news, now we will need to go quietly around the Kings troops in order to kill The King in his keep when he's unprepared!
-You are a vise man,-Lord said to the commander-, and we will do like u said.In the end, our quest is to kill The King and end his tyranny in these lands,-Lord started to shout to people,-People will have food, ale, land, money and will live happily like in the old days!

None of the people even thought, who will be crowned when King will die....

I want to expailn some things:
when the weapons will be collected and ale drinking will be at 100%,a writing "time until wictory" will appear in the left top of the screen. U will have 60 months to maintain the ale drinking at 100%, if the drinking decreases
to 99% or less, the time will be started to count from the begining. When you ensure 100% drinking at 60 months in a row, you will win the quest.
Try to win until 1229 December :D.
Good luck!

Please add comments and rate my map, so I can learn from my mistakes and know, if my map gave you any joy.

Yours faithfully,
Lord of Vilnius
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Map Design3.0
Pending for trust

When I started playing this interesting map the first time, I didn’t make out the two dairy farms down by the banks of the ravine. The lions there were permanently killing my dairy farmers on their way to their workshops and this kept me busy for a while in order to eliminate those annoying troublemakers. Thus, I decided to pause the game to figure out how the basic situation was.

I liked the keep’s exposed location, the granary’s placement and the restricted capacity of the stockpiles in a hardly accessible hilly landscape. If you take those demanded objectives (25 amours, swords, leather arms, and maces each) into consideration, you should choose wisely and efficiently your position for your armory and your weapon production as well.
The map itself works smoothly and you are absolutely free to ensure your food production or military development. I have to point out a nice assortment of different suitable buildings, well-selected farms and iron or stone resources, a good choice of military units and intelligent trading options. All these things are adding a special touch to this decent map.
I’ve also been taken with the fact that I wasn’t allowed to go hunting, even though there were huge herds of deer on the scene. These animals have been very decorative and of course, I had pity on the (almost lazy) lions when I was watching them in chasing deer in the desert, because they needed food badly …!

Nevertheless, I’ve been fairly surprised that I never experienced any major problems concerning balance. However, I wouldn’t say that it has been a rather one-sided affair. I had lots of time to recruit a huge army consisting of archers and spearmen while awaiting the final onslaught … Finally, the enemy appeared, and they actually came in masses as I had expected to be. Oddly enough, they remained idle arrayed around either signpost apparently waiting for a signal to attack, but this never happened. This circumstance made it easier for me to wipe them out without any resistance.
Occasional bandit attacks, fires, theft, crop failures mad cow disease, plagues kept the interest up, and I never felt bored throughout the game. Creativity is nearly flawless, it is just a great pity that the final invasion as a “challenging climax” as I personally would say, didn’t take place … don’t ask me why. Perhaps others might be relieved if they can spare the bitter cup of a battle close to the end.

The terrain displays a relatively fertile landscape, not being in shape of a “classic desert” with dry or barren land. There’s a river diagonally running through the scenery and a few tributaries floating down the hills over terraced waterfalls are separating the plain green areas which are connected by fords and destined to your agricultural use. A nicely done ruined village and another green oasis on the southern edge are two significant eye-candies of a stylistically average map.
Apart from several spelling mistakes, I appreciate this fancy and entertaining story, and the additional short explanation concerning the triggered timer at the end.

I recommend playing “Pending for Trust”; it’s worth to get to it, and no worries about the difficulty level – it is more in the normal range than hard …


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Map Design3.0
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