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Starting Anew Ch 2

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Map Size: 200x200 (Small)
Difficulty: Normal
After ransacing the forces of an unknown, but very angry enemy, with a massive peasant army, Lord Maier begins to seek out and question enemy forces. He discovers, after much 'questioning' that a rogue, moslem Italian man named Giovanni, has been incited attacks on Europeans and shipping in the area. Maier learns that Giovanni has partially rebuilt the ancient mountain top stronghold of Lio. Locals say that the castle itself was layed down by the romans, but after so many decades of unrepair the keep and fortifications simply fell apart. One man, who Maier continues to put trust in, tells Maier that when the peasants say 'rebuilt' they mean that the city is has been remanned, but the walls are still in desperate need of repair. Lord Maier, being a soldier, gives orders for his army to march along the beach until the city is spotted. However, he does not give any immediate plans to attack. Lord Maier still has a lack of skilled engineers and has no siege equipment at hand. He gives command of his army to his third in command, Stennenbruch, a man who would rather charge and die on the battlefield than have food in his stomach. Lord Maier's third in command, along with most of the peasant army but with very few veterans, sets out and arrives at an outpost of Lio within a month. He eradicates the outpost and questions workers in the Lio quarry. The workers say almost nothing and Stennenbruch has them executed, and their bodies dumped in the sea. He sends word to Maier that he will take the city as quickly as possible. Stennenbruch writes up plans to leave the economy of the city intact for use afterward, then leaves the reply from his Lord unopened, and charges the high, but crumbling city walls of Lio.

This mission will consume much of your amry's lives, but to lessen casualties sacrifice your archers to get rid of as many fire throwers as possible. Also, destroying the economy of the city will take too much time, so concentrate your forces as quickly as possible on killing Giovanni and seizing the keep. Their is also a surprise: A massive slave army appears at the top of the map! I recommend staying away from the main gate, and going after the smaller gatehouse on the beach. You will have to fight more troops inside the city, and the walk to the keep is a little longer, but you wont be exposed to as much missle fire as missle fire devastates your spearmen. You have no siege weapons, so taking down the walls will be that much harder. You have three game years to win, good luck!
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File Author
where's the review? i dont see it. anyway the third one is up, i just have to update and add a lose condition, and the maps for the last two are finished. ...mostly. Keep a lookout posted!
AZ ViTrAzhAs Playability: 5
Nice invasion mission, a great castle to siege. ( it’s not very strong BUT a lot of passages to take it down, I like that. You can attack from a couple of different positions, try other tactics). At first I chose the path by the sea. I think it was the easiest road to achieve the victory, although a gatehouse with a few Arabian bows, swordsmen and I fire thrower was in the way. A tower with a couple of bows was a problem too. The most important thing in this mission was to use the 16 archers cleverly. I divided them in to two parties and hid behind the rocks. They made a lot of damage ( i killed the archers on the turret, cleared the gatehouse) It took a lot of time though. As I see you thought about this hint and gave little time for the siege. That was great, a good challenge, I had to restart the mission a couple of times. When archers had finished their job I destroyed the gatehouse with pikemen and broke in. I was worried a little about the defense near the king ( 60 % of my spearmen were transfixed with arrows) but in the end the lord was defeated. It was a very good and interesting siege, the number of starting units was perfect. (The invasion of the slaves didn’t effect the mission though) I think I will try assault the castle from the other side ( it’s harder because of the bows and slingers).

Balance: 5
It was quite hard to move my army near the castle, because of the short distance from the castle and narrow paths. The number of units was almost even. ( the castle defense and my army). The fortress had access to all the map parts and resources ( actually it doesn’t matter for the attacker, but still the whole castle and the mission looks more realistic).

Creativity: 4.5
Well I think that chapters one and three were more creative. Although this mission is very interesting too. As I mentioned earlier I especially liked the idea of attacking the castle from different positions. The castle is misleading ( great idea), it’s hard to choose which side of the stronghold should be attacked. Another great thing is the win timer; you don’t have time to think about which tactic would be the best. Here are some other creative details I liked:
• The fortress is built in the middle of the hills and rocks, it gives the fortress a natural defense, but also can be used against the castle defenders.
• The river in front of the castle makes it harder to attack, because the path across the river has to be chosen wisely.
• A big fracture in the North West side of the castle. It is a nice looking path to the castle, too bad I can’t use it to get inside the fortress… Also the swordsman and the archer are on the tower, I didn’t notice them in the beginning.

Map Design: 4.5
Fantastic work with the rocks and hills. They show your mapmaking skills. The oasis grass looks very nice. I noticed that you use a lot of shrubs, bushes, I like that very much, the map looks more realistic. Again - great job with the resources, they truly glamorize the map design. The castle structures are well done, especially the towers. The only objects which needed a little more work are the sea and the river. The sea and the river were too straight, and the river should end in the sea with a delta or an estuary. But the fjords were done well. All in all it’s a good, eye catching map design.

Story/Instructions: 5
Again a well written story, explains the map perfectly. Lord Maier is a very interesting person, can't wait to read the next chapters. The hints are given wisely ( i read them only when i passed the mission) Well done.

Additional Comments:
Creative and interesting invasion. Great work i will review the chapter three later.
File Author
I updated both ch.s 1 and 2, but i dont think they are showing. And i think i may have accidently switched the updated maps around too...hmm.
von Schmidt Chapter two is definetly easiest. I played and I like won on my first try! I used my archers to kill the archers in the first tower, then used the swordsmen to destroy the gatehouse, then kill all the archers. Then I rushed the place with all my spearmen and killed the lord.
File Author
i just used my archers to kill the firethrower, and i won with 2 spearmen and a swordsman left.
AZ ViTrAzhAs As i mentioned earlier, i played this mission a couple of times. Playing the mission the third time i had about 30 spearmen and 5 swordsmen left, all the archers were dead though.

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