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Starting Anew Ch 3

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Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Hard
With the death of not only his third in command but also most of his peasant army, Lord Maier is forced to bargain with a small, unorganized African Tribe. Lord Maier agrees to give the tribe the body of Giovanni (their tormentor) and the city of Lio, but on one condition: That the tribe turn the bridge of Corza, an old roman bridge, and the ancient ruins of the old city of Corza over to Maier. The tribe agrees, and Giovanni and the key to gate of the city is sent to the tribe. However, a month passes, and the tribe does not respond, nor do Maier's men return. Lord Maier decides the tribe lied, and gathers up every man he can find and continues along the beach as fast as he can. The land becomes more arid and large fields of grass begin to come to an end. He reaches the river mouth near Corza, and learns that the tribe he had been dealing with is fortifying the bridge against attack. At the same time, scouts of Giovanni's old army are seen, questioned and killed. Lord Maier assumes control of Corza and constructs a dock for transporting goods. His men build a boat, small and leaky, but a boat nonetheless. Maier and a handful of men board, and sail west to Malta, where Maier buys the help of a merchant flotilla. The merchants promise to give economic support to the town of Corza and Maier begins sailing back to the river mouth. Lord Maier left his second in command in charge of securing the bridge. The orders: 1. Secure and hold the bridge at all costs and 2. Keep the city of Corza standing. The second in command, Louis of France, gives food to the peasants in the hope of having woodsmen join his cause, and proceeds to the bridge. Lord Maier's forces sudden arrival in the region goes unnoticed until a tiny scout party comes to Corza, and surprises Lord Maier's men. The time to take the bridge is now! But in the back of Louis' mind, he knows the chances holding out against large numbers of proffesional, Italian trained moslem troops on an old roman bridge are next to nothing...

Notes and Hints:
The bridge is the major choke point on the map, but if an invasion should come from the other signpost, make sure you have your troops always ready to change position. There are three invasions, and you have three engineers. You can always give them more oil, but first you have to mobilize the fledgling economy of Corza. You lose if corza is destroyed, even though you cant build military units, be prepared to fight to the last man. Also, in the beginning, use your horsemen to kill the first outpost and the two engineers going to the fire ballista. Mobilize as fast as possible and take the bridge before the first invasion. One month into the mission, you get 11 archers and 1 monk. Hold these men back until the bridge is taken, and then place the archers on the towers of the bridge. Good luck and good fun!

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monkcrazy5 Uh, Hobbithole, you can't lose this, you forgot to put a lsoe condition
File Author
oops. ill update!
AZ ViTrAzhAs It didn't matter actually... the third chapter was the hardest even without the lose condition.
AZ ViTrAzhAs i will review this chapter when it is updated ok ? I have to admit this was the most creative and the hardest chapter from the first three..
File Author
updated and ready to roll all
AZ ViTrAzhAs
Map Design4.5
Playability: 4.5
(This is the hardest challenge for sure. I had to restart the game a couple of times. The idea was extraordinary! A little bogey was the scouts archers. You can't know where they will arrive. ( If they come from the north, near the castle, the mission gets much more easier) The defending of the castle is very hard, the engineers are the most important troops here. But i couldn't use the oil smelter ( the most important building in this mission), there was always a different problem. ( Pitch, iron or the lack of engineers). The other thing that didn't add up was the gold. I actually achieved a lot of gold but i didn't know where to use it. The castle defending was really fun. )

Balance: 5
(There was enough space to build pitch, woodcutters ( they really helped me defending) The resources were placed perfectly, there was enough space to manoeuvre with the army etc.. . )

Creativity: 5
(This was the most creative chapter. I truly admire the style of this mission. I had capture the tower, manoeuvre with my army and control the economy. In the end killing the last enemy troops with a couple ow swordsmen and pikemen was quite hard. )

Map Design: 4.5
(Again a great work with the design. Pretty oasis, realistic resources, the towers are placed well, and the cranky bridge is looking great. Well maybe the sea isn't that perfect.. )

Story/Instructions: 5
(A good interesting and thrilling story, like always. Great! .)

Additional Comments:
The chapters 4 and 5 should be a blast...

[Edited on 07/07/07 @ 05:50 AM]

von Schmidt AZ ViTrAzhAs is right... The third one is definetly the hardest! I made my swordsmen and pikemen follow after the enigneers, but they weren't fast enough, and I had to battle the fire ballistae. I killed all the enemys in the first tower, but didn't go after the ones in the second. The giant slave army that first came just ran onto my swords... then I took the swordsmen and fought the enemy in a head-on battle. I was able to survive pretty good, but then an army came from the north. I charged into them and killed everyone of my swordsmen. I thought I had no men left but Then I noticed four pikemen that hadn't gone with the rest of my army. I sent them over and they all died. I used the engineers' oil, but even that didn't save me. I had no oil, but yet i couldn't take my men down and kill them! The stairs to the tower had been ruined. I lost. But that was my first try. I'll make another attempt today.
AZ ViTrAzhAs von Schmidt i actually passed this mission playing differently: i used the tower for the defense, and the narrow path to my castle was filled with pitch, any survivors were killed by the swordsmen; after the third invasion i finished the mission by eliminating enemies in the towers.
File Author
I took what i think is the easiest approach: Defending the bridge. i used my swordsmen, pikemen, and spearmen all together to defeat any slaves that came from north and then used an engineer on the swordsmen before they even corssed the bridge (usually the swordsmen come from the south. I continued that, then i won. I thought i made it too simple, so i did add some extra swordsmen for the enemy invasions before i added it.
AZ ViTrAzhAs Well Hobbithole you are the author so you know the best way to win, but still the mission isn't easy, i think i will try your tactics today.

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Map Design4.5
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Size:495.25 KB