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Swamp of Death

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Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Hard
I made missions it several days. It play and it evaluate! Rich land to rich raw materials by enemy plagued! Make? Inhabitants have run on fine idea.

Apologize for errors english not know well < goods (right) :(

This land was plagued wars and continuous attacks of unfriends. Picturesque village was rich to raw materials but < cure > inhabitants of its (her) unhappy. Certainly < obvious > enemy which (who) was cause for any (every) price want conquest it land (earth) skrawek in order to dry with its (her) natural raw material golden < gold >. There they did not know inhabitants as ago be preclude (prevent) house yet . Land (earth) . They have run on idea certain day in order to ask king about support hardy. Army could preclude (prevent) plaguing of their land (earth) by bandits only . So, they have sent goñca in order to ask king about assistance. He (it) has returned for (after) several with positive news weeks of journeys. King has agreed but not for nothing. So, there was poor demand to raw materials country iron , tars and stone. Inhabitants without moment of thinking begin mining raw material. Swamps on which (who) long ago so not walk blow grimness (danger) as there impure power prowled according to they. They must ago as remedy. Mobilize handful of their troop be throw about after whole region to one which (who) place must also in order to it protected them kings. Even several of they hide be in forest in tower of bandit some unit imprisoned headquarters (seats) near .


- it seek lost units on map
- it ease from hostile tower of people
- it pile stocks


- can help for production of beer
- leavings material and elevation of popularity it locate farms
- exactly or orchards in order to take advantage lands (earth) maximum it protect engineers before enemy
- because they are sole in this village
- One is in country only archer! It protect him (it) as eye in head!

Please, it play and it evaluate :)
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Map Design4.0
Swamp of Death:

The map starts off very impressively. This is somewhat an ecovasion type scenario. Over 20 years of game play but some balance issues however made the game a little tidious and unexciting towards the end.

PLayability: From the beginning you will get a feel of rush to start setting up your economy before the first few waves of invasions follow. Plenty of wood can be gathered for that. There's no means for you to harvest wheat crops so apple & hop farms are ideal here as the author has suggested. Hop farms are disabled so the only single farm to the south of the keep has to be well guarded by a few of the melee troops provided. No option for recuiting additional troops (both European and Arabian).There's only one signpost to the southeast corner. Stratey is key here. I started out by regrouping my troops which were sitting at far off corners. Some monks,a few knights, some macemen, swordsmen and an archers will be the only army you will have to survive the growing,subsequent attacks.The objectives are to acquire some 500 pitch, 400 stone and 120 iron.Collecting all of that took alot of time. The replay value of the map is average.

Balance: For my skill level the game is okay.It a bit unexciting towards the end gathering and stockpiling goods to meet the objectives and to just sit and wait for Victory. There's no option for constucting walls, towers so the incoming enemy is best dealt with using either killing pits, or by placing pitches. The only purpose of the archer as i see it, is to light the pitches. I used houses to create a maze, placing pitches in the gaps. Doing that used up all my stock of pitches, and had to have it restocked time and again.Resources (stone, oil fields) are close by. There are hardly any events other than the recurring invasions. Between the rapidly growing invasions the calm periods will have to be used properly for your advantage. Tactics must be well thought-out. Balance is average.

Creativity & Design: A really good concept which marks the author's skill level. I like the idea ofsustaining the economy over a long period of growing invasions with little of what is provided to you.You will have to find a good way to manage your resources as there's limited production options. Oil, stone are plentiful. Achieving the objectives is not diffcult but surviving the invasion is. The landscape design is good. It is done with a good combination of shruberry and terrain tools, Towers, ruins giving it a desolated look. I feel it needs gentler brush strokes and better terrain shaping. The river stream looks a bit unusual.


Story is average.There is some description of the event and background information provided. Most of which didn't make sense to me.Reading all of it is a bit tidious, the use of too much of brackets made it even more confusing and frankly is a bit annoying.I decided to give it a 3 for a good attempt at writting up a story and the accompanying hints/instructions. I like the fact that u provided hints/suggestions. It doesn't apply for all skill levels but it's helpful.

Additional comments: I hardly ever play eco-scenarios but i had fun playing this map.


[Edited on 04/24/07 @ 03:42 PM]

Map Design4.0
Swamp of Death – black death for the enemies!

Playability: 4.5

A challenging eco-invasion. You start under very unfamiliar and exciting restrictions. Most buildings are disabled. You have no market(!), no weapons workshops, no walls & towers, and no farms besides for apples and cheese. On the other hand, there's a lot of trees, and if you start with chopping the palms, the olive trees will have much time to spread out.
Given for defence are a small number of soldiers whom you have to regroup. Among them are knights and maces who dispose of high speed.
Started the economy with many wood cutters and – one hops farmer. Far from the keep, aside of the route from the signpost, you will find a single hops farm set to sleep. Using and preserving it may be crucial during the game. I needed some restarts to find the proper measures.
Concerning economy, you can choose between two main strategies. Both need ale supply as an important pillar. Let your population grow very high and give half rations by the time. Or you can "limit" your population to about 82 but enforce their working power with a high fear factor. I'm rather proud having been able to maintain a -5 fear factor throughout the entire game :). Sometimes I had to give extra rations to equal some lack of ale.
Only in the very end, hops supply at been interrupted for too long and I suffered a drastic drop in popularity. Had to disband and leave many workers. Luckily I needed only some more stones to meet the last request. - Not managing the inner economy well might lead into a fiasko.

How about fighting? Although your few troops look just like cosmetics they can all be used with their special features.
I liked to place many pitch rigs (very recommendable) and thus visited the marsh first to clear it of unwelcome guests. The entrance to your area, at the centre of the map, will of course be a centre of defence. Layers of wooden and pitch traps will grow. Let my knights ride along to guess the ways the invaders would take. Found some thrilling jobs to do. To invent various systems of pitch traps. An economic map allows to place them in a far wider distance from the keep than an invasion map. Used this possibility. Also lured raiding enemy units into other sides of the plain or away from the hops farm. And what a fun to just ride down the next group of slaves (while somewhere else hostile melees are still walking into their doom).

Balance: 4

Great. With a small fixed force you have to withstand all invasions. Small ones bring slaves. Huge ones consist of strong melee units who split into several directions heading for your buildings and troops outside the keep area. Compare the author's slightly similar "My Home My Castle".
Balance of sustaining popularity is also great here. Supply of hops is scarce and highly endangered. Without wheat farms it is hard to get a higher – or more heavily working – population.

Creativity: 4.5

The concept is radical: no market and no possibility to get fresh troops (including no cathedral), and no wheat chain to raise an endlees population.
The map is planned well in its dimensions. A green field allows to place some apple orchards. The single hops farm can sustain three inns - in peace time circumstances.
The marsh is huge, inviting for ever more pitch rigs. (The idea of men in the marsh may be "stolen" from "Deaden valley" or maybe not.)
All the planks of wood, every basket of hops, every iron bar (10 for a smelter) count significantly.

Creativity of the player is challenged. Following the demands of the author one still has to develop own strategical skills.

It may be the price for this outstanding concept that there are no events happening inside the settlement. The author might have thought that the fragile balance of econmy would not stand many ups and downs.

Map Design: 4

The concept of the map is clearly visible. In some respects it shines through the surface too visibly. The marsh seems too big and ugly. Some single tiles there (a tree, a tile of soil) provide a welcome vivid variety. The "oasis" should have been shaped more smoothingly at its edges. There's no greenery along the streams. For me, this is unexcusable in an eco scenario.
The rocky and dunes parts look rather alright. The ruins, though far in the corners, add to the atmosphere of forlorn hope.

While the band of slaves appears repeatedly, the strong invasions are scripted to encrease in number. And they work well. The entire armies start approaching from the signpost (well, the "gate" is wide open for them).

One aspect is tricky and irritating. In the east a group of soldiers cannot leave a Perimeter Turret, and the player cannot smash it. The towers belongs to a different player from the editor.

Story/Instructions: 2

It is all there, obviously sounding really interesting, but hardly understandable. The form of the text is impertinent. I remember a scene in a children's novel where they are flying with a helicopter and can understand single words only. An author with such clever a user name could have asked friends or teachers for help. Or a mate from the site because this is his third map submitted.

Additional Comments:

Playing this map provides fun and a very worthy experience. Seldom games do not use a market at all in Crusader!
If you like this mission, you'll like SnakeTHEhunterPL's "My Home My castle", too.

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Map Design4.0
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