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Taurage Castle

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Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Hard
XII century.In the southern part of Lithuania was a very substantial castle.Taurage castle was substantial for LDK,because it was in a good geaographic condition.But one day,suddenly the people of the castle heard the sound of horn and they saw many cross order troops in front of castle on the hill.Everyone was scared and started to panic,because they knew that they will be killed.After two days of bloody and violent battle castle was captured by the cross order troops.Everyone was killed except for one man who managed to ran to a village which was near the castle.He told everything ,to the village duke and the duke sent a letter to the Lithuania's capital-Vilnius.After one week an army came,with brave Lithuanian swordsmen and eagle-eye Karaite archers....
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AZ ViTrAzhAs
Map Design4.0
Taurage Castle

Playability: 5
It’s nice to find maps which show history of our motherland (Mine is Lithuania). I liked the idea very much. The win and lose conditions worked fine. I played your mission twice and it was very thrilling. First, I tried to pass the mission with silent tactics (It’s not very interesting, and takes a lot of time, but the mission is passed with minimum loss). The tactic is based on hiding my archers and shooting at enemy troops with minimum accuracy. Sooner or later, the enemy dies without noticing, who caused this. I used this strategy and passed the mission, I also killed all enemy troops. I had 40 Arabian bows and 20 archers left and lots of swordsmen, too. Sadly, but my macemen and knights fell in battle. I used the catapults to clear the walls from shields and archers. Still I wasn’t satisfied with this victory, and tried a different tactic. In the beginning, I used the few catapult rocks to destroy the shields on walls. Then I sent my archers, bows and shields near the round tower, which is created from walls (The east part of the castle). I killed the enemy archers, knights and macemen broke the corner of the wall and I rushed in with my army. While my bows (They were protected by shields a little) were fighting with the enemy archers and crossbowmen, I destroyed both gatehouses, using the catapults. Then macemen filled the drawbridge moat and my swordsmen did the rest. The mission was interesting and ingenious. I think I will play your invasion later, attacking from the South West side.

Balance: 4.5
The enemy had a quite strong castle but, maybe, too little troops, especially on the East part of the castle. Although it had the round tower and some archers on walls, it wasn’t hard to clear the defense. Maybe you could have added a siege tower in my army… Still the balance was good; the castle held quite well, there were no errors. Enemy troops defended their castle as hard as they could. Well done!

Creativity: 3.5
The idea of making a historic fortress was interesting. I really don’t know if the Taurage castle looked like that, but you are the author, you know the best. I liked the creative castle design; the round part of the castle was circled with water. The round tower with shields on top was nice, too. I like that there are many strategies to achieve victory. Still, the mission needed a longer playing time and something more original (It’s only my opinion).

Map Design: 4
I should divide the map into two parts to analyze the design. First part: The wastelands. You created the poor soil using the driven sand and adding a hill, little shrub and ruins, although it needed a few more rocks, shrub, maybe little grass, a few hills… Without many details the wasteland looks empty. Second part: The river and the castle. The river ran near the castle (A part of the fortress was surrounded by water) and later ended in the lakes. A part of the river ran further, though. The lakes were pretty, the farmland was realistic (It had shrub, stones, trees etc.). I’ve also noticed a waterfall; boulders and iron ore were situated on high plain. You could have mixed them with rocks a little. I liked the castle design the most. You have worked a lot with it. Bravo!

Story/Instructions: 3.5
Well the story wasn’t based on real facts (I think) but it revealed the map idea and that’s the most important. Maybe it could have been a little longer. I really enjoyed freeing the Lithuanian lands from Teutonic. The story had some grammatical mistakes, but it was understandable.

Additional Comments: Well I would offer every Lithuanian, who plays Stronghold Crusader, to pass this mission and recapture the substantial castle of Taurage. Well done!

AZ ViTrAzhAs

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Map Design4.0
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