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Tranquility Broken

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
*UPDATE* Defend your provincial capitol from an ambitious and twisted neighboring monarch. Your people work hard to prepare for the coming metal and leather storm, but will it be enough?

Full prelude story included in Zip file
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
airboy80 Hum. This looks like a very intresting map.
I will rate soon.
airboy80 Playability: 3
Hum. Playability...
Well, the playability was ok. The resources that were ever needed to create troops,(or anything else for that matter), was is or near the castle, so it proved little to no chalange to produce troops and pitch.

The castle was big and hard to protect. Just how i like it. Since the castle was so big, it took alot of troops to defend it. There wasn't a whole lot of chokepoints in the castle, so i wasn't every easy to kill the enemy troops.(which i thought made the map fun)

Balance: 3
Well, since there was so much time aloted to prepare the castle for the upcoming invasion, i was able to build a lot of base defenders. The castle helped the balance because it was big and hard to defend.
Since most of the needed buildings for a strong economy was already on the map, i didn't have much of a chalange of sustaining an economy so i could build up my defence for the invasion.

Creativity: 4
The creativity was pretty good. There was Eye-Candy every here-and-there, and the overall castle looked good.
I personaly like the town square thing towords the to of the map near the upper walls of the castle. I thought it made the castle look more realistick.

Map Design: 3
Well, to be Honest, the terrain wasn't the best, but it certaintly wasnt bad. The overall terrain was bleak, and seemed lacking in detail. The terrain surrounding the river seemed blank. It could have use more rocks and diffrent types of trees.
The terrain inside the castle wasnt bad, but it could have been better. the river that went around the outside of the castle didn't make much sence to me, but the terrain near the town square was ok.

Story/Instructions: 2
Well, the story was good, but way to short. If the story was made longer and more desciptive, you would certaintly would get a higher rating.

Additional Comments: Well, overall, i ejoyed the map. If there was a raring for overall enjoyment, this map would score at least a four.
I'm sorry if i have been to harsh, or if i have not been very specifik. I still have a few things to learn about reviewing.

File Author
Thanks Airboy 80. I placed this map some time ago and didn't know that it hab been accepted. Since then i've been tweaking it just for practice. I'll take into account what you ssaid (thanks it really helps) and I will upload an updated version of this map. The story I written for it is somewhat long for a pretext so it will be included in the ZIP. Again thanks for taking the time to try it.
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
Tranquility Broken is, in effect, a typical invasion scenario. You have some quite significant work to do during the first half of the map, building up your troop levels, ensuring that your economy can support the large castle and its' inhabitants, before facing three large and potent invasions. There is a fair bit to do, which held my interest and meant I never felt I could sit on my laurels, as it were. The invasions were varied and set up in such a way that access to the castle, despite its' vast walls and towers, was more easily achieved than I had hoped. The invasions were well scripted, although I found a significant number of engineers sitting around at the end with nothing to do. Similarly, the knights were a handful at the end, but seemed to give up after a period and I had to actively 'chase them' to ensure I met the win criteria. I noticed that there were two 'eliminate all enemy units' events in order to win. Having only the one, 'no enemy and invasions left' should suffice here. This was a really good effort on the part of the designer though, large-scale and lots to do.

Balance: 4
This was a tricky one to score. Having played through on various difficulty settings (with the review based on the 'normal' setting as per the download description page), the map posed a challenge across both combat and economic areas, but with careful positioning of your troops, including falling back to the inner keep area, I was able to hold off the invasions at all difficulty levels. More experienced players may wish to try this on hard setting. I liked the fact that the AI kept you on your toes, trying to decide which side of the castle the invasions would strike at and moving troops around to defend a multiple of possible attack routes. Good effort here.

Creativity: 3
There is nothing significantly new about the scenario, based on a tried and trusted method, but everything works pretty much how it should. One or two small touches stood out for me, such as having the option to destroy the 'good things' some way from the castle, as these are placed in the black colour option and therefore have an effect on the potency of the attacking Wolf's troops. The castle layout is complex, with a good attempt at creating a defended settlement. As above, with a number of options for the AI to take in terms of where to attack (siege tower, attacking gatehouses, laddermen, walls to destroy, etc), the map flowed well enough. Creativity is bolstered by the excellent story (see below).

Map Design: 3
As much as I liked playing this scenario (which will hang around on my hard drive for a while yet!), the map design was only averagem which was a shame compared to the other elements of the submission. The castle was reasonably well rendered, with an interesting layout and pretty vast in scale. The landscaping was okay, but again there were rather large, open areas with minimal signs of terrain modelling. Whilst not strictly needed, it would have helped to increase the score with a bit more attention to detail. Eye candy is not, and should not, be a prerequisite in a map, and any tricks or 'beautification' should be a bonus. There were one or two small areas of eye candy to please the masses, which were done well. The market place area, with the apothecaries, was nice to see.

Story/Instructions: 5
What else could anyone award for such a humourous, sardonic, witty and distinctly un-medieval story?! The author has a wry take on what story writing for Stronghold should be, which I absolutely love. It explains the scenario, hints at what is to follow and provides nothing short of an essential text that everyone who downloads this map should read thoroughly! Comments on the download description page point towards this within the zip file, which is fine.

Additional Comments:
A distinct improvement over 'Massacre Notch', and a great invasion map with lots to do throughout the life of the scenario. Could have been made a little harder by more invasions. Map design was okay, but really needs a bit more time spent on features. Either way, recommended. Keep up the good work, there's a stunning map somewhere just waiting to get out! :)
File Author
Thank you very much Sulis for your time and excellent input. I will as stated in the thread, take every thing into account when designing future maps. The score for the story as unexpected as were your gracious comments. I have downloaded some of your maps and hope you don't mind if I take a page or two from your playbook.

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Map Design3.0
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