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Europe and Asia Will Kneel

Author File Description
AZ ViTrAzhAs
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
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Vytautas the Great was the greatest and best known duke of the Great Duchy of Lithuania (GDL), (today Lithuanian Republic). He reigned from 1392 to 1432. Through these forty years GDL became a very large and strong country, covering about 967000 km². It spread from the coast of the Baltic Sea to the deep Black sea. GDL controlled territories which nowadays belong to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Poland.
In XV century the Teutonic was the biggest problem for GDL. Lithuanians were pagan so it was a great pretext to start a crusade and usurp the lands of the heathen. There were many fights, especially near the west borderline. Lithuanians were christened later, in 1387, by duce Jogaila and Vytautas. In 1410 the Grunvald Battle (It is a Polish territory now) crusaders were smashed and their force has disappeared, opening the way for the Great Duchy of Lithuania to collaborate with the western Europe countries. It was a big defeat for the Teutonic and one the greatest battles in Lithuanian history, although Vytautas’ men presented only half of the army; Jogaila, king of Poland, was Vytautas’ ally.
When Vytautas reigned, cities like Vilnius, Kaunas, Trakai, Grodno, had expanded a lot. GDL became an educated western country. Vytautas also annexed Samogitia (Lower Lithuania), fought against Polish hegemony. Vytautas also invited Tartars to live in his country. They joined his army.
In 1430 duce Vytautas the Great had to be crowned (he would have become the second king in the Lithuanian history) but it wasn’t meant to be. He died in October 27, 1430.

The two following stories are fictional:

PART 1 : Europe (very hard)

After the Grunvald Battle crusaders are finely defeated and Vytautas can collaborate with the Western Europe but the countries aren’t very friendly. Soon the strongest rulers in Europe formed a coalition and Vytautas understood that a big war will begin sooner or later. It was obvious that Vytautas couldn’t fight against the strongest lords alone. Presently he found a trustful ally – The king of Sweden. Sweden sent a part of its army and some goods but just then Europe declared war and Vytautas had to struggle against the whole continent. It seemed that he was fighting a losing battle…

Mission: Vytautas the Great (human) against:
Richard the Lionheart
King Philip
Pig duce Truffe
Rat duce de Puce

Vytautas the Great - 3500
European lords – 3500

Starting goods: 100 wood, 48 stone, 10 hops, 2 iron, 5 pitch, 8 wheat, 35 bread, 25 cheese, 20 meat, 30 fruit and 5 bows.

These features are disabled:
• Low walls, perimeter, square and round towers, stables, ballista, mangonel, oil smelter, small gatehouse, killing pits, dig moat, drawbridge.
• Apple orchards and hop farms.
• Well, water pot, church, cathedral, bad things.
• Armorer’s workshop
• Catapult, trebuchet, fire ballista, knights, swordsmen, pikemen, crossbowmen, slaves, Arabian bows, slingers, horse archers.

Staring date – April, 1412

Part 2: Asia (hard)

Almost twenty years have passed from the beginning of the war in Europe. Now the whole continent kneels before Vytautas the Great, but the Asian rulers aren’t satisfied with the situation in Europe at all. Soon Vytautas faces powerful attacks of rovers and Arabian armies. Vytautas realizes that another campaign must be started and he gathers a huge army. Unfortunately Vytautas dies in 1430 and Asian rulers think that the danger has disappeared. Although the army lost its leader, Vytautas’ name lived in the hearts of his men.


Kill the strongest Arabian rulers: Caliph the Scorpion, Emir Omar, Wazir the Terrible and Nizar the Silent.

Gold: 2000
Troops: 657
Starting date – June, 1432


--- Don’t expect easy playability in the missions. Space and resources are very limited.

--- Don’t restart the missions! Quit the mission and then play it again.

--- In part two you will see the starting gold in the upper left corner, although it doesn’t matter because you receive your starting money anyway.

--- The minimap may look inaccurate and disproportionate, but you will find two other pictures which look more realistic.

AZ ViTrAzhAs
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Dido Cool!I played it first and I can say this is another great map from your "hunder".Well...Nice story, nice map, nice playability, all is nice.I'm geograph and I can say that you have made the map very realistic with mnayu details.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Here I am again pal.I played your maps and they are just amazing.I had a lot of fun on it and I even played it twice after I won it.Real nice war :)

Balance: 5
It's unbalanced, but this is normal according to the story and the ages.I don't take many points for balance, because this isn't important for me.But anayway...

Creativity: 5
I think I have seen this map idea before, but it's very cool and you better have an atlas or map on the whole world (recomnended)

Map Design: 5
The design must have 6, but there isn't rate like this.It's very realistic, man!It's very difficult to make map with real details.I have tryed few times, but a mess happened.So you must be very good map maker to make map like this.i congratulate you for this!

Story/Instructions: 5
Well...You have quite large story and it's true, I think.It got a five from me.

Additional Comments:
WOA!!!One of the best invasions I've ever seen.Well done.I don't make many maps, becasue I have the pleasure to play them and rate them earlier.So I'm very exited what will be your next map.

All the health,
Dido, BG
Mr Reaper Playability: 3.5
The space to build a good castle was to narrow, but it was still not so bad to play the map.

Balance: 4
Some lords had way more space and resources then other. But the balance could have been worse if you hadn't made map so realistic.

Creativity: 4
The creativity was very good. Europe looks very realistic and the desert is nice to.

Map Design: 4
Bough maps were design pritty well. Europe and that desert were made with style.

Story/Instructions: 4
Long and I think historical. Are you sure you didn't copied it somewhere? I give you 4 because I'm a good guy, but if I wasn't I would just write you "nothing attractive" and give you 2 just like you did to my map.

Additional Comments:


Mr Reaper admits in a subsequent post (now deleted) that this review was written without ever playing the map. This is totally unacceptable and I have retracted the score.


[Edited on 03/24/07 @ 09:09 AM]

AZ ViTrAzhAs
File Author
Thanks for the ratings guys :) Mr reaper as you can see the story was written by me (i had to spend a lot of time translating) but i see a lack of sarkasm in the rating though, anyway thanks, i really appretiate that you played my maps.
younghappy you should get shc, i am plaing this game from 2002, i think, and i can't stop :)


[Edited on 03/20/07 @ 02:47 AM]

Dido Actually, Az Vitrazhas's right!I would gave him 6 for the story if I had this chance.This is long story, maybe boring for som,e people, but ity's very hard to transle it to English.I think Mr.Reaper is just angry, because Az have rated his maps with low rates.As I did to Duc Camembert, when one time he called one of my maps "rubbish".I think the map is very interesting and enjoyable.
Staisy15 WWOOOOOOWWWW!!!!!! Nice looking map you got there.:) You make such great maps.
younghappy This is a great map. Whoever actually made it, well done. [edited by Sparrow]

[Edited on 03/24/07 @ 09:21 AM]

Red King Mr Reaper, Aliq and Az, Aliq and Staisy 15, i found out that you created another account withe the nickname War Zealot. I recodnized your nickname, it is obvious that you are the same person because of the few writen commnets, language style and grammatical mistakes, rating style and execration to AZ ViTrAzhAs. As is mentioned earlier you copied your storie from the copywrighted web page and now you are doing user spamming, creating the fifth account. I think that other users noticed it too, the moderators of this site should really warn you about your misbehaviour or just give you an ip ban.

[Edited on 04/11/07 @ 02:32 PM]

Dido Actually I did the same mistake Red King.I thought him for the Reaper, but he isn't.See the comments on map Reckless Hate - Part 2 and edit your comment, before you get banned too.
Lord Karpathea Red King, War Zealot has done NOTHING to deserve this treatment. Whether or not he is reaper (which he is most likely not) you can't start trash talking every person who shows up on this site. Please stop, and try to forget reaper, he's gone. His IP was banned, so he can't make another profile.
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